The Weekly Curriculum Book: 52 Complete Preschool Themes

The Weekly Curriculum Book: 52 Complete Preschool Themes

Paperback(New Edition)

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What's your plan? If you're not sure, this great big book has the answer! With 52 weekly plans, it's easy to come up with appropriate learning experiences that children will love. This essential classroom resource covers special holidays, seasonal topics, everyday plans, and other things you've probably never thought of, such as National Pretzel Month or National Pancake Day!

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ISBN-13: 9780876592823
Publisher: Gryphon House Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 520,765
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Barbara Backer, M.Ed., is an early childhood consultant and freelance writer who taught preschool for 20 years. For the past 11 years she has written extensively for preschool teachers and parents of preschool children. She has authored more than a dozen books and published over one hundred articles in magazines such as Woman's Day, Parent & Child, First Teacher, Highlights for Children, and Early Childhood News. Barbara received an award for Distinguished Merit in Education Publishing from the Education Press of America (EdPress) and a journalism award from the National Stuttering Foundation of America.

Table of Contents

Special Days and Holidays17
The First Week of School18
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme18
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary18
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities19
Using Modeling Dough (Art)19
Using Crayons and Markers (Art)19
Drawing Self Portraits (Art)19
Using Paste (Art, Math, and Music)20
School Tour (Field Trip)21
Farmer in the Dell (Games)21
Children in Our Group (Games)21
Getting Acquainted (Language)22
Taking Care of Books (Language)23
Cleaning Up the Room (Music)24
Playing Chase (Outdoors)24
Easy Snacks (Snack/Cooking)25
Learning Center Ideas25
Related Books25
Second Week of School26
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme26
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary26
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities27
Celebrate National Playdough Day (Art)27
Block Pals (Blocks)27
VIP Visitor (Classroom Visitor)27
Around the Building (Field Trip)28
Remembering Faces (Games)28
Chase Me! (Games and Outdoors)29
Friends-O (Music)29
Basic Tag (Outdoors)30
A Week of Do-It-Yourself Snacks (Snack/Cooking)30
Learning Center Ideas32
Related Books32
October Is National Pretzel Month33
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme33
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary33
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities34
Pretzel Practice (Art)34
Pretzel People (Art and Snack/Cooking)34
Can You Make A Pretzel? (Construction/ Manipulatives Area)34
Pretzel Letters (Language)35
Pretzel Shapes (Math)35
Exploring Three (Math)36
Pretzel Patterns (Math)36
We Like Pretzels (Music)37
Making Pretzels (Science and Snack/Cooking)37
Banana and Pretzel Rolls (Snack/Cooking)38
Cold, Crunchy, and Salty (Snack/Cooking)38
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)39
Related Books39
Third Week in November--Children's Book Week40
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme40
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary40
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities41
Point of View--Big Book (Art and Language)41
Circle Book (Art and Math)41
Bookmobile (Field Trip)42
Visit a Local Bookstore (Field Trip)43
Who Said That? (Games and Language)43
Real and Make Believe (Language)43
Estimation Activities (Language and Math)44
How Do They Move? (Movement)44
Our Favorite Songs (Music)44
Outdoor Story Time (Outdoor)45
Exploring Same and Different (Science)45
Story Time Snacks (Snack/Cooking)46
Making Books (Writing)46
Learning Center Ideas (Literacy Area)46
Related Books46
December 6--Mitten Tree Day47
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme47
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary47
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities48
Story Props for Re-telling The Mitten Story (Art and Language)49
Mitten Tree (Language)49
Mitten Tree Song (Language)50
Animals and Mittens (Math)50
How Many? (Music)51
I like Mittens (Music)51
Str-e-e-e-tching a Mitten (Science)52
Oven Mitts and Mittens--What Do They Do? (Science)52
Insulation and Layers (Science)52
More About Insulation and Layers (Science)52
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)53
Related Books53
January 21--Hugging Day54
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme54
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary54
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities55
Hugs on the Ceiling--A Mural (Art)55
A Hug for You (Art)55
Hugging Book (Language)56
Communicating Without Words (Language)56
The "Ug" Family (Language)56
My Hug Is This Big (Math)57
Estimating Kisses and Hugs (Math)58
Hugging Song (Music)58
Hugging Roll-'Em-Ups (Snack/Cooking)59
Rigatoni Hugs (Snack/Cooking)59
Learning Center Ideas (Reading Area)60
Related Books60
4th Week of January--Think Warm Thoughts Week61
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme61
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary61
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities62
Summer Clouds (Art)62
Ice Cream Parlor (Dramatic Play and Language)62
Summer and Winter Items: Same and Different (Language)63
Seasonal Sports (Language)63
Summer Flowers (Math)64
Jumping Frogs (Movement)64
January Picnic (Outdoors)65
Summer at the Pond (Science)65
Fruit Ice (Snack/Cooking)66
Learning Center Ideas (Sensory Area)66
Sand Table--Summer at the Beach66
Related Books66
February Is Friendship Month67
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme67
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary67
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities68
Painting With a Friend (Art)68
Friendship Drawings (Art)69
Good Friends Bulletin Board (Bulletin Board)68
Friendship Carpets (Cooperation)69
Friend, May We? (Games and Outdoors)69
Autograph/Phone Books (Language)69
Best Friends--Q and U (Language)70
How Many? (Math and Cooperative)71
Friendship Dance (Movement)71
Friendship Song (Music)71
Hello, Friends (Music)72
Friend's Fingerprints (Science)72
Friendship Snack Mix (Snack/Cooking)73
Learning Center Ideas (Writing Area)73
Related Books73
February Is Dental Health Month74
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme74
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary74
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities75
Floss Painting (Art)75
Painting With Toothbrushes (Art)75
I Brushed My Teeth Today (Language)75
Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth (Language and Science)76
I Like This Toothpaste Best (Math)76
Germ, Germ, Toothbrush (Movement)77
I Brushed My Teeth Today (Music)78
Stained Eggs (Science)78
What Snacks Are Healthy for My Teeth? (Snack/Cooking)79
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)80
Dentist's Office80
Related Books80
February 2--Groundhog Day81
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme81
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary81
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities82
Groundhogs and Their Burrows (Art)82
Groundhog Poem (Language)83
Groundhogs and Burrows Matching Game (Math)84
Passage of Time (Math)84
Groundhog Patterns (Math)85
Groundhog's Home (Movement--Indoors or Outdoors)85
Groundhog Song (Music)86
Hibernation (Science)86
Groundhogs in the Ground (Snack/Cooking)86
Edible Groundhogs (Snack/Cooking)87
Learning Center Ideas (Science Area)87
Related Books87
March 2nd--Dr. Seuss's Birthday88
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme88
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary88
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities89
The Cat's Hat (Art)89
Dr. Seuss's Birthday (Bulletin Board and Language)89
Seussville (Dramatic Play)90
Fish Tic-Tac-Toe (Games)90
When We Need Help (Language)91
Opposites (Language)91
Rhyming Names (Language)92
How Many Apples? (Math)92
Fish Patterns (Math)92
Counting Apples (Math)93
Apple Seeds (Math and Snack/Cooking)93
Green Eggs and Ham (Music)94
Exploring Small Things (Science)94
Ten Apples Applesauce (Snack/Cooking)95
Learning Center Ideas (Art and Writing Areas)95
Related Books95
March 25--National Pancake Day96
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme96
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary96
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities97
Funny Faces (Art and Snack/Cooking)97
Pancake Restaurant (Field Trip)97
What Is Round? (Language)98
Measuring and Mixing (Math and Snack/Cooking)99
Number Book (Math)100
Another Point of View (Movement)100
I Like Pancakes (Music)100
Changes and More Changes (Science)101
Jams, Jellies, and Preserves (Science)101
Still More Pancakes (Science and Snack/Cooking)102
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)102
Related Books102
April 22--Earth Day103
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme103
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary103
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities104
Is This the Earth? (Art)104
County Extension Office (Class Visitor)104
A Walk in the Neighborhood (Field Trip)104
Writing With Water (Language)105
Countdown to Earth Day (Math)105
Recycling Song (Music)106
Polluted Water (Science)106
Watering Plants (Science)107
Recycling for Animal Friends (Science)107
Products of the Earth (Snack/Cooking)107
Learning Center Ideas (Art and Construction Areas)108
Related Books108
Second Sunday in May--Mother's Day109
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme109
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary109
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities110
Picture of My Mom (Art)110
Remembering Mama (Games)110
All About Mom (Language)110
My Mother's Mother (Language)111
Storybook Seriation (Math)112
How Mothers Move (Movement)112
Mother's Day Song (Music)112
I Love Mommy (Music)113
Mother's Day Dinner (Snack/Cooking)113
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)114
Related Books114
Third Sunday in June--Father's Day115
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme115
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary115
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities116
What Dads Can Do (Art and Language)116
My Father's Father (Language)116
My Dad Drives (Math)116
Moving Like Dad (Movement)117
A Song for Dad (Music)117
I Love Daddy (Music)118
Backrubs (Science)118
Dad's Favorite: P-B-&-J (Snack/Cooking)118
Pineapple Cream Cheese and Crackers (Snack/Cooking)119
Special Visitors119
Learning Center Ideas (Dramatic Play Area)120
Related Books120
Third Week of July--Chill Out Week121
Introducing the Weekly Curriculum Theme121
Weekly Curriculum Vocabulary121
Weekly Curriculum Extension Activities122
Painting With Snowballs (Art)122
Merry Mittens (Art)122
On a Cold, Cold Day (Language)123
Snowflakes (Math)123
Snowball Fight (Movement)124
Summer Snow Song (Music)125
Summer Snow People and Their Pets (Outdoors)125


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