The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

by Jasmine Guillory

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The new exhilarating New York Times bestselling romance from author of The Proposal, Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick!

Maddie and Theo have two things in common:

1. Alexa is their best friend
2. They hate each other

After an “oops, we made a mistake” night together, neither one can stop thinking about the other. With Alexa's wedding rapidly approaching, Maddie and Theo both share bridal party responsibilities that require more interaction with each other than they're comfortable with. Underneath the sharp barbs they toss at each other is a simmering attraction that won't fade. It builds until they find themselves sneaking off together to release some tension when Alexa isn't looking, agreeing they would end it once the wedding is over. When it’s suddenly pushed up and they only have a few months left of secret rendezvouses, they find themselves regretting that the end is near. Two people this different can’t possibly have a connection other than the purely physical, right?

But as with any engagement with a nemesis, there are unspoken rules that must be abided by. First and foremost, don't fall in love.

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ISBN-13: 9781984802200
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/16/2019
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 5,580
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jasmine Guillory is a lawyer, a graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford Law School, and a Bay Area native who lives in Oakland, California. She has been published in The Toast and The Hairpin, has towering stacks of books in her living room, a cake for every occasion, and upwards of fifty lipsticks. She is The New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Date and The Proposal. Visit her online at and

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Chapter One


Maddie Forest didn't want to go to this birthday party. She didn't like parties in the first place-they were always too loud, there were always annoying people who she had to pretend to be nice to, and there were never enough snacks. But she especially didn't want to go to Theo Stephens's party. It was likely to be as boring, self-important, and pedantic as the guest of honor.


But, unfortunately, one of Theo's best friends was her best friend, Alexa, and Alexa had asked Maddie to come with her to the party. Alexa's brief fling with some doctor in L.A. had just ended badly, and Maddie could tell she was still upset about it. So instead of being either snug at home in a caftan watching House Hunters and eating delivery pizza, or out somewhere with Alexa, drinking wine and eating fancy pizza, she was looking for parking in one of the worst neighborhoods in San Francisco in which to find parking.


"Don't worry, we don't have to stay all night," Alexa said as they circled the block. "I know you'd rather be watching HGTV, but I couldn't skip Theo's birthday and I wasn't in the mood to come alone."


Alexa must have been desperate to have her there, because she'd told Maddie if she came, she would wear whatever Maddie wanted. There were few things Maddie loved more than when she got to style conservative Alexa in something edgy and force her to branch out.


"I'll protect you from the bros. Just give me the nod whenever you want to take off," Maddie said.


"Not all of Theo's friends are bros!" Alexa said. "Not even most of them. There are just a few who rub me the wrong way. His brother should be there tonight-he's kind of a bro, but also hilarious and Theo's opposite. You'll like him. Anyway, thanks for coming. I know this isn't really your thing."


Maddie sped up as she spotted a parking space down the street.


"You'll pay me back for this next time I need a buddy. Just don't make me wear a shift dress and a cardigan that time, please."


Alexa looked down at herself as Maddie pulled into the parking spot.


"Speaking of, are you sure about this outfit? I have way too much cleavage with this dress."


Maddie turned off the car. Too much cleavage? Please. Alexa had been corrupted by her conservative work wardrobe, and now she thought even the hint of a breast was shocking in public, especially if she was around people who knew she was the chief of staff to the mayor. Her dress had barely any cleavage, come on.


Well. Okay. That wasn't quite true. But it was barely any cleavage in comparison to other dresses Maddie could have put her in.


"I'm very sure. I'm a professional, remember? That dress has just the right amount of cleavage for a Saturday night out at a bar." She checked her makeup in her car mirror. Yes, she'd put the perfect amount of highlighter on her brown skin; just enough so she looked like she'd been at the beach earlier that day, but not so much that she looked like C-3PO.


She got out of the car and linked arms with Alexa.


"And stop tugging at that dress. You look fantastic. Let's go dazzle these men."


When they walked into the bar, Maddie surveyed the crowd. Lots of jeans and hoodies, as she'd suspected. She shook her head and followed Alexa to the back of the bar, where the party presumably was. Oh, yep, there was Theo. The one good thing about Theo: you could always count on him to dress well. He had on well-fitting dark jeans and a soft blue button-down. He greeted Alexa with a big hug.


"You made it!"


"Happy birthday! I wouldn't have missed it for the world," Alexa said as she hugged him back.


Theo pulled back from Alexa and saw Maddie, and the grin dropped from his face.


"Maddie." He nodded at her. "Thanks for coming."


"Theo." She nodded back. Ugh, she guessed she had to say it. "Happy birthday."


He raised his eyebrows and smirked at her.


"Thanks. I'm delighted you're here."


She and Theo both knew he was as delighted to have her here as she was to be here.


She'd first met Theo three years before, at Alexa's birthday party. Theo had recently started as the mayor's communications director, and when Maddie had seen both how cute he was and his excellent pin-striped shirt, she'd thought maybe there might finally be a spark between her and one of Alexa's nerdy friends.


She could not have been more wrong.


After a few minutes of chat about what kind of pizza and beer they should order, she'd asked him where he'd been before coming to the mayor's office.


Theo had sat up a little straighter.


"Well, after I left Harvard," he'd started. Ugh, of course he was that guy. He went on to talk for ten straight minutes about himself.


Finally, he'd climbed out of his own asshole and asked her where she went to college. When she'd said she'd started at the local community college and then moved on to UCLA, he responded with, "Good for you!" in the most condescending way possible. Then he asked what she did. When she told him she was in the process of starting her own personal styling business, he'd asked, "Why would anyone pay you to help them get dressed?"


She'd looked at him and smiled.


"You know, I couldn't decide how you'd react to that. I was torn between condescending to me about my career, or mansplaining my job to me. Considering the rest of our conversation, it was touch and go which one it would be, but you landed on the first. Congratulations, I guess, on being so predictable."


While he tried to find a comeback, she'd moved to the other side of the table to talk to someone else. She didn't often let herself be that bitchy anymore, but few things infuriated her more than when people looked down on her job.


They'd barely spoken to each other since that night, even though they were both frequently in the same room because of Alexa. Why she was so close to Theo, Maddie would never understand.


Maddie shrugged. She didn't care about Theo or any of his ill-dressed friends; she was just here to help her best friend recover from that Drew guy she'd clearly liked a lot more than she was willing to admit.


"Who wants a drink?" Theo asked.


Alexa's hand shot in the air.


"I'm not as quick on the draw as Hermione over here, but I want one, too," Maddie said. If she was going to be here, she might as well get a free drink out of this.


Theo put his arm around Alexa and started walking toward the bar, leaving Maddie to follow them.


"Come with me. The bartender is supposed to be serving my friends first, but we'll see if that actually works."


Five minutes later, both she and Alexa had gin and tonics in their hands. Thank God they did, because Alexa forced her to circulate around the party.


"Come on, there's good networking here! See, I told you not all of Theo's friends are bros; there are lots of women here. I bet you a drink you can pick up a client or two at this party. Did you bring your business cards?"


Maddie rolled her eyes at her best friend as she pulled her card case out of her jacket pocket.


"You trained me well. Of course I brought them."


She followed Alexa around the room and watched her network.


"Four weddings to go to in the next month? Oh God, I've been there!" Alexa said to the girlfriend of some friend of Theo's. "Thank God I had Maddie-I had no idea what to wear to any of those weddings, and now with Instagram, you can't wear the same dress to all four weddings or people will think you only own one dress. Maddie helped me find outfits and negotiate all of the weird dress codes people come up with."


"Oh my God, the dress codes!" the woman said. "What does 'beach chic' mean? Or 'farm formal'? Those are just two of the annoying dress codes for these weddings, and I have no idea what these people want from me. Just tell me if I need to wear a cocktail dress or if I can wear a sundress! Heels or cute sandals or comfortable sandals? I don't know!" The woman turned to Maddie. "So what is it you do? Is she right that you know what these dress codes mean?"


Maddie launched into her elevator pitch.


"I'm a stylist, which means I help people find outfits for all sorts of events, whether it's work or weddings or anything in between. And yes, I've successfully dressed clients for those exact dress codes and ones that sounded even wackier."


Alexa grinned at Maddie. See, this was when having a wing woman was key. Who cared about having one to help out with men? It was for this kind of stuff where having Alexa by her side and pumping her up was most important. Alexa walked off to join Theo, while Maddie went in for the kill.


Ten minutes later, Maddie presented Alexa with a gin martini.


"We have an appointment next week," she said. "Thanks for that."


Alexa grinned back at her.


Just then, a tall white guy in a button-down shirt, who was way too attractive for his own good, came up to their group. Oh God, yet another bro.




Wait a minute. From the look on Alexa's face, this wasn't just yet another bro. Why did she have that look on her face for some guy that Maddie didn't recognize?


"Drew? What are you doing here?"


This was Drew? No wonder Alexa had been so upset when their thing had fizzled out.


Maddie looked from Alexa to Drew. It was her turn to be a wing woman. She plucked Alexa's martini out of her hand, grabbed Theo by the arm, and pulled him over to the other side of the bar.


"Who the hell is that, and why did you . . . Oh!" Theo stared at Alexa and Drew, who had moved into the far corner of the bar. "That guy she went to the wedding with?"


At least Theo caught on quickly.


"Yeah, it's definitely that guy," Maddie said.


"What's he doing here?" Theo asked.


Maddie sipped Alexa's abandoned martini.


"I have no idea, but he sure seemed happy to see her."


Theo turned to her.


"Do you think she's okay over there? Do we need to go rescue her?"


The one good thing Maddie could say about Theo was she knew he was firmly on Team Alexa.


Maddie looked over to the corner of the bar. Alexa did not look like she wanted or needed rescuing. At least, for now.


"She's okay. She knows we're here if she needs us."


Neither of them moved. They obviously had to stay close by. Just in case Alexa needed them. But they couldn't keep staring at Alexa and Drew; that was creepy. They both turned away from the corner of the room at the same time and looked at each other. Maddie tried to think of something to say.


"So, Maddie," Theo said, "watching any good TV lately?"


She spent a moment trying to decide if she should give him the real answer and let him make fun of her, or list all the boring and stressful prestige TV shows she knew a pretentious guy like Theo would be into, just so she didn't have to deal. Sure, she wouldn't be able to have a conversation about any of those shows about terrible men doing terrible things in very poorly lit rooms, but men usually didn't care about having an actual conversation about their favorite TV shows; they just wanted you to listen to them talk about them.


Hell with it. She didn't care enough about Theo's opinion of her to lie to him.


"I watch a lot of House Hunters these days, actually."


He laughed. Served her right for actually engaging in conversation with Theo.


"I love House Hunters," he said. Wait, what? "I'm kind of obsessed with it. The people infuriate me, and look, I know the whole thing is fake, but I don't care!"


That was a surprise.


"You? Watching House Hunters? You don't spend all your time watching C-SPAN or documentaries or all of those shows about drug dealers or whatever?"


He shook his head.


"I deal with enough depressing and stressful stuff at work." He took a sip of his drink and shrugged. "Okay, fine, I have been known to watch a documentary or two in my time, but . . ."


Maddie pointed at him.


"I knew it!"


He shook his head and put his hand on her shoulder.


"But, as I was saying, I only do that when I'm in a really bad mood and want to lean into it. Otherwise, it's lots of house shopping and renovating shows. I find them so soothing."


Well, that was something she never would have expected to find out tonight.


"There you are!" A black guy in jeans, a black T-shirt, and very cool sneakers bounded over to them. "Happy birthday, dude."


"Oh, so my little brother finally shows up," Theo said as he smacked hands with his brother. "How many hours late are you this time?"


"Hours?" The brother looked at Maddie for support. "Back me up on this, beautiful woman I've never met before-I'm, like, barely an hour late."


Maddie grinned despite herself. Theo's brother had definitely gotten the lion's share of the family charm.


"Well . . . as much as I want to be on your side here, brother of Theo whose name I don't know, from what I was told, the party started at eight, and it's now almost ten, so . . ."


"That's ridiculous. No party starts at eight. No brother of mine would have a party that started at eight. You must be mistaken."


He reached out and shook her hand.


"And I'm Benjamin Stephens, but my friends all call me Ben, and I hope you and I will be friends."


Theo sighed.


"Maddie, this is my brother, Ben. He's shameless. Please feel free to ignore or snub or smack him whenever he says something worthy of one of those things. Ben, this is Maddie. She's Alexa's friend. Please don't embarrass me more than you already have."


Ben slapped his brother on the back and grinned at Maddie.


"Anything for you on your birthday. Speaking of, what are you drinking? I'll get you another."


Ben turned and looked over at the bar.


"Oh, wow, they have some great bourbon here!" He made a beeline for the bar without waiting to hear Theo's answer.

Reading Group Guide

THE WEDDING PARTY by Jasmine Guillory
Reader's Guide
Questions for Discussion

1. When Theo and Maddie initially meet, he judges her based on her career, something that people often do without realizing it. Have you experienced either side of this?

2. Drew and Alexa getting married is a big step for them, and it affects Theo and Maddie as well. Have you ever had a friendship change because of your friend’s love life? If so, how did you handle it?

3. Maddie puts on a certain persona because she thinks that’s what the potential TV job requires. Have you ever behaved in a way that isn’t really you for the sake of a job?

4. In retrospect, do you think Maddie and Theo were bad at hiding their secret fling? Did the ending surprise you?

5. Have you ever disliked someone at first, only to become good friends (or significant others) in the end?

6. Both Maddie and Theo talk about how their mothers sac-rificed a lot for them growing up, not thinking about their own needs and desires to provide for their children. Can you relate to this in any way?

7. Being a bridesmaid or groomsman comes with many obli-gations. Were you ever part of a wedding party? What was the experience like?

8. On the surface, Maddie and Theo are two very different people: Maddie is more casual and relaxed; Theo is a bit of a control freak and very organized. Do you think this is a case of “opposites attract” or are they more alike than they appear?

Customer Reviews

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The Wedding Party 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous 22 days ago
Sex scenes could be more detailed, less rushed. Overall a good book.
AllieTheLibrarian 24 days ago
I really like Jasmine's work. The Wedding Party is no exception. I love how she gives her characters unique professions. These woman feel real. They are dealing with real insecurities and real family dynamics. It's not all fluff. I love all the sexytime. It was hella sexy. I appreciate a good dirty text message scene. While this book is the third, I think it could be read as a stand alone. The two previous books just show the romance of two couples that show up in this novel. But I have been told I am too lenient in regard to reading books out of order.
JW88 30 days ago
Maddie and Theo have had a dislike for one another for quite some time. But when an engagement party is thrown for their mutual friend Alexa, they soon find that perhaps they were a little too judgmental in their original feelings for one another. There is definitely mutual sexual attraction between the two - and a desire to pursue a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. The relationship soon blooms into something more substantial. The Wedding Party is the third instalment in the Wedding Date series, but can easily be read as a standalone book. It is an easy read with a somewhat predictable storyline, but entertaining nonetheless. I was a little distracted, and somewhat confused, with the fact that this couple eats pizza almost exclusively (I swear almost every chapter) and have no idea why the author didn’t change up their delivery food choices. On a more serious note, I appreciate the fact that the author shows the benevolence of her characters and the impact that their work has on others. I enjoyed the book and rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5.
Cortingbooks 3 months ago
“It’s always complicated. The complications don’t matter.” Maddie and Theo are in a secret relationship and things get complicated. These two were so much fun. They had me laughing and smiling the whole time. I’m torn. I just might love Maddie and Theo almost as much as I love Carlos and Nik from The Proposal. Only time will tell.
aharey 3 months ago
Maddie has been Alexa's best friend forever and will do anything for her. Theo has been Alexa's best friend since they started working together in the mayor's office. Maddie and Theo hate each other... or do they? Maddie and Theo agree to have a secret fling, if only to rid themselves of the attraction they have for each other. But, they agree it must be kept a secret from Alexa and that they end it as soon as Alexa's wedding is over. But things aren't ever that simple. I really enjoyed The Wedding Party- it was light and fun and a great read. I enjoyed seeing Alexa and Drew from The Wedding Date as they move towards their wedding, although I wish there was more of Nik and Carlos from The Proposal. Guillory's writing improves with each book and I look forward to reading more from her.
bfaajs 3 months ago
I won this book from Goodreads. Another pleasant read from the author. I found the book to be pleasant but predictable. A great beach read.
marongm8 3 months ago
This book was received as an ARC from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. I was excited to read The Wedding Party due to being in the Wedding vibe myself getting married in a few months. As I read this book, the book that immediately jumped into my head was Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. The Wedding Party has many similarities to this book but the concept was executed in a much different way and went into a completely different direction than expected and that is what I liked most about this book. We all have had secret crushes but when it is your best friend and in this case, your worst enemy, you are in a bit of a dilemma and sometimes the best case scenario is to stay out but we all obviously know in these books, that is not going to happen. An action packed book filled with drama and romance that is a real page turner and I could not put it down. We will consider adding this title to our Fiction/Romance collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
LeighKramer 3 months ago
Before I get in to why this book didn’t work for me, I want to mention something that did: Alexa and Maddie’s friendship, particularly the way Maddie processed how Alexa’s engagement and marriage could change their friendship. It is a big adjustment when your best friend gets involved with someone, especially if you’re not also in a serious relationship, and I liked how the story delved into this. It reminded me of conversations I had with my closest friends before they got married and really rang true. Plus, it’s just fun to see how Alexa and Maddie were there for one another, throughout the wedding preparations. Also, this book is going to make you want to eat all the pizza. Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes but the reason the characters are enemies has to make sense. It has to be more than finding the other person annoying after a brief conversation. Theo and Maddie had a simple misunderstanding where neither of them came across well but I did not see how it added up to the vitriol between them. But we all react toward people in ways that don’t always make sense so I rolled with it. However, they both came across as incredibly immature as the book progressed. I did not understand their insistence on not telling Alexa what was happening, nor their willful belief that she’d never catch on. (COME ON.) They were incredibly mean to one another at various points, which did not do either any favor. More than anything, I simply became tired of their protests that they were just hooking up short-term when it was clear from the start something more was between them. A few plot decisions made little sense to me and became too much for me to suspend disbelief. Other people seem to be enjoying this one. For me, The Wedding Date remains the most successful of her novels but it still is romance novel-lite. If you don’t read much romance, Jasmine Guillory’s books will be enjoyable enough. They're a good choice particularly for people who prefer closed door heat levels (it's not entirely closed door but the sex scenes shown are not explicit.) But if you are a romance reader, you can’t help but see the ways they fall short and this one much more than the others. CW: reference to racial microaggressions, fatshaming, protest violence, concussion, brief hospitalization Disclosure: I received an advanced copy from Berkley in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Maddie and Theo are both chosen to be in the wedding party of their best friend, Alexis. Trouble is, they hate each other. Trouble is, also, that they shared an incredible night together. Big mistake; must never happen again. Trouble is, it does. So they decide to have a secret affair, with the wedding as its expiration date. The best laid plans....
book_junkee 3 months ago
This was definitely my favorite of the series. I loved Maddie and Theo. They’re both perfectionists and maybe a little prickly, but their banter was fun. Even if I spent the entire book alternating between wanting to slap the stupid out of them and mashing their faces together. Of course it was fun to see Alexa and Drew and Nik and Carlos again. Plot wise, it was easy and comfortable and that may have been the best part. I loved how compatible Maddie and Theo were. It was great to see the beginning of this story overlap a bit with things that happened in the other books. As always, this sort of story would be easily fixed if they would sit down and have a conversation, but the fun in this one is how each of them recognize that and argue with themselves about actually doing it. Overall, it was a quick and fun read with an excellent ending {and maybe the best scene of being locked in a closet}. I would have loved an epilogue, but I think I’m just being greedy now. **Huge thanks to Berkley for providing the arc free of charge**
AmyM43 3 months ago
Maddie and Theo don't have much in common. In fact, besides the fact that they're both best friends with Alexa Monroe (and are both about to be apart of her bridal party), the only other thing they have in common is the fact that they dislike each other. But after attending Theo's birthday party, the pair somehow wind up in bed together. Then again a few months later, and again a few months after that until they come up with the idea that they just need to get this surprising attraction out of their systems. They agree to continue seeing each other until after Alexa's wedding. What happens along the way is Theo and Maddie unintentionally begin to have feelings for one another. Will they be able to get past their initial dislike of each other to give a relationship a chance? I really liked how this story revolves around Alexa and the first book in the series The Wedding Date but not overshadowing this story. We kind of get to see a few brief differing perspectives on what happens in the first book, but what I loved was seeing the solid - and at first divided - friendship between Maddie, Alexa, and Theo. I thought this particular entry in the series was sexier as far as all the interactions between Theo and Maddie went. I don't know if it's the fact that they're at first seeing each other under a cloak of secrecy or if it's that there's are quite a few steamy scenes as that's kinda how their relationship starts off before slowly building into something more. I don't know, but it's sexy. Speaking of, I really loved the seamless way Maddie and Theo's relationship transitions from just sex to something more. How their preconceived ideas about each other don't show the full picture of who they are. You almost don't even realize the progression until you're right in the middle of it. This idea of perception is something that you can see mirrored in both Maddie and Theo's professions, but I'd say mainly with Maddie in how she styles people to present their best selves for whatever situation they're in whether it's a job interview or a special event party. How the right look, or just the right clothes/style can not only put forth a picture of capability, but also has the power to give people confidence in themselves. I think this has been my favorite of the series thus far, and I'm absolutely looking forward to Maddie's mother getting her own story with Royal Holiday. She was on the smaller side of a secondary character, but Vivian Forest really jumped off the page! You definitely don't have to read the other books in the series to enjoy The Wedding Party, but Jasmine Guillory hit the literary scene running when she released The Wedding Date last year and it doesn't look like she's slowing down any time soon which is an extremely good thing. She's quickly become an author I can rely on. You won't be disappointed with The Wedding Party or this series.
BarbTRC 3 months ago
The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory is the 3rd book in her The Wedding Date series. This story revolves around Maddie Forest and Theo Stephens whom we met in the previous books. Alexa, our 1st book heroine, is getting married, and both Maddie and Theo are her best friends; except they both hate each other. Theo is a bit arrogant, and Maddie, though very smart and outgoing. With Alexa depending on them for help, and that Maddie is a bridesmaid, and Theo a bridesman, they try to get along for her sake, and which forces them to be around each other a lot. One night, after spending time with Alexa and their friends, one gives the other a ride home, and out of nowhere, they end up in bed with each other. To their shock, they enjoy the hot steamy sex and make a deal to enjoy the fun, but keep it a secret from everyone, including Alexa, at least until after the wedding is over. What follows is an enemies to lovers romance that was fun, as well as very steamy. They both look forward to trysts, as they cannot resist the passion between them. As the wedding draws nearer, will they admit to each other about their growing feelings? It was fun to watch them slowly learn more about each other, and see things in a different light, as well as become aware that they have begun to fall hard. I loved seeing Alexa and Drew, as well as Carlos & Nik (2nd book), as well as Alexa’s sister; as they all made a fun group. A misunderstanding will break things up, but it was pretty funny when Alexa and their friends pulled a fast one on Maddie and Theo, to bring them back together, as the secret was never a secret all along. LOL You will need to read this part to enjoy. The Wedding Party was a fast, fun and enjoyable romance. This does read well as a standalone, but why miss the fun, and start with the first book, The Wedding Date.
kozbisa 3 months ago
Both Maddie and Theo adored their mutual best friend, Alexa, but they only tolerated each other. Maddie thought Theo was a condescending mansplainer with a stick up his butt, while Theo though Maddie was a shallow party girl only interested in her appearance. The two, however, agreed that they were physically attracted to one another, and when a one night stand turned into more, no one was more surprised than they were. I became an instant Guillory fan after reading The Wedding Date. I have no problem becoming attached to her characters, and her tales are always the perfect combination of fun, flirty, and fabulous. Once again, Guillory has gifted me with a story, that had me hooked and happy from beginning to end. It was great being back in this world, and I loved how Guillory took me full circle. I got to see Drew & Alexa get together in The Wedding Date, get engaged in The Proposal, and now, I finally got to see them say "I do". I liked how they, and their romance, was the common thread in all three books, but I also absolutely adored seeing this couple find their HEA in The Wedding Party. The beginning of the book starts with a few flashback-snapshots. These were moments from the previous books, where Maddie and Theo gave into their attraction. I thought it was fantastic the way Guillory took me back, and showed me where it all began. But, there was so much more to Maddie and Theo than steamy hookups. It was easy to see they were falling for each other. There were all these small and sweet things they did for each other, as well as these bigger moments of need, where I saw how much they cared. I won't pretend that their insecurities about each other didn't drive me batty, but I accepted it, and was happy with the way it all played out. I also really liked both Maddie and Theo. They, at first, seemed so mismatched, but they had much more in common than they anticipated. Both had some great ambitions, and they were working hard to make them come to fruition. They also shared a love of pizza, reality shows, and quiet nights at home. I had no problem embracing their homebody life, though, because it was in those quiet moments, that they revealed so much of themselves, and I fell in love with them both individually and as a couple. I am definitely giving the author a round of applause for those final pages, as well. She made the wedding day and the conclusion to this romance a lot of fun. I smiled and laughed, and the whole thing was just perfect. I really hope I get to attend Theo and Maddie's wedding, because I think they are my favorite of Guillory's couples.