The Warriors of Anbar: The Marines Who Crushed Al Qaeda--the Greatest Untold Story of the Iraq War

The Warriors of Anbar: The Marines Who Crushed Al Qaeda--the Greatest Untold Story of the Iraq War


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A riveting, edge-of-your seat account of how a battalion of Marines faced off against the most brutal of Al Qaeda at its most desperate and vicious moment—and how the Marines decisively crushed the terrorists

When the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment ("2/3") arrived in the little-known "Haditha Triad" region of western Iraq's Al Anbar Province in September of 2006, the region exploded in a storm of terrorist violence. The most battle-hardened of Al Qaeda had fled to the Triad, and, taking their last, desperate gasps for survival after years of bloody war, lashed out at the battalion with everything they could muster. The Marines sent into this firestorm of violence immediately lunged into a complex, double-edged mission: crush Al Qaeda and help the locals rebuild their terrorist-smashed lives and homes. After months of grueling, fearsome battle—and the loss of twenty-three of their ranks—the warriors of 2/3 stood tall in victory. This is their incredible story.

Warriors of Anbar is one of the greatest untold stories of modern war, one of grit, incredible courage, and utmost sacrifice. It is a story that illustrates the U.S. Marine Corps at its very finest.

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ISBN-13: 9780306922657
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 539,420
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Ed Darack is the author of six previous books, including the critically acclaimed Victory Point about Operations Red Wings and Whalers, and The Final Mission of Extortion 17, the story behind the single deadliest day for US troops in the War in Afghanistan. He has embedded with US forces four times in Afghanistan and twice in Iraq, where he did the field work for Warriors of Anbar. Darack is the author of hundreds of feature articles on a broad spectrum of topics for publications including the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Smithsonian's Air & Space (where he's a contributing editor), Leatherneck, Marine Corps Gazette, Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute, Foreign Policy, Weatherwise (where he's a contributing editor), and many others.

Table of Contents

Foreword Colonel James E. Donnellan, USMC (Ret.) vii

Introduction: The Toughest, Most Brutal Fight 1

Prologue: Against an Army of Phantoms on a Battlefield of Shadows 5

1 Swirling Winds 9

2 Toward the Battle Handover 21

3 The Exploding Storm 33

4 Over Before It Even Really Began? 41

5 Brothers of the Fight 51

6 The Everyday Fight 61

7 AO on Fire 73

8 Fly Like a Winged Bat Monkey from Hell 79

9 "Drill"ing Snipers with a Shotgun 87

10 Whiskey's Opening Fight 93

11 Mirrors of Trust and Deceit 103

12 COIN and the Jump Command Post 111

13 Glimmers and Darkness 119

14 The Intimacy of It All 129

15 A Haven of Scum and Villainy 133

16 A Breeze of Change 141

17 Nature of the Fight 149

18 Life, Death 159

19 River City 167

20 Dynamic AO 171

21 To the Breaking Point 177

22 Shifting Winds of Perseverance and Strength 183

23 Christmas 189

24 At War with a Spreadsheet and a Map 201

25 Flare-ups of Tragedy Amid a Dying Firestorm 209

26 COIN Culmination and a Caravan 213

27 Colors and Crying 221

Epilogue: Legacy 227

Sources 231

Index 235


Central Command (CENTCOM) 11

Iraq Regional 12

Euphrates River Corridor 13

Haditha Triad 27

Battalion Structure and Command Hierarchy 28

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