The War Against Socialism

The War Against Socialism

by Thom Lord


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At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What have you wrought?"

He answered, ". . . a republic, if you can keep it."

A concerned citizen is fed up as he watches the Democratic Party turn into a radical anti-American socialist organization bent on the destruction of his country. Mr. Lord writes: my country is in danger! It is being invaded by an organized group of socialists (and communists) that want to destroy this great nation and turn it into the Socialist States of America. This invasion is not from any foreign land, but from within the country. Many of these anti-American socialists are leaders in our government.

The War against Socialism exposes the menacing threat to America's economic, military, political, and social infrastructure. It is the author's belief that the majority of problems in the United States today are the result of the evil concept of socialism.

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Publication date: 04/28/2007
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