The Vocabulary Builder: The Practically Painless Way to a Larger Vocabulary

The Vocabulary Builder: The Practically Painless Way to a Larger Vocabulary

by Judi Kesselman-Turkel, Franklynn Peterson


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THE STUDY SMART SERIES, designed for students from junior high school through lifelong learning programs, teaches skills for research and note-taking, provides exercises to improve grammar, and reveals secrets for putting these skills together in great essays.

The Vocabulary Builder offers entertaining crossword, fill-in-the-answer, multiple choice, and other word puzzles (with answers!) to help students learn a selection of 600 well-used but often misunderstood words.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780299192044
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Series: Study Smart Ser.
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Judi Kesselman-Turkel and Franklynn Peterson write and publish the newsletter CPA Computer Report. They have written hundreds of articles and more than twenty books including The Author's Handbook, Good Writing, and The Magazine Writer's Handbook. They live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Table of Contents

1.For starters2
2.It's all in how3
3.Mystery istory5
4.Alphabet soup crossword6
5.End play #17
6.How verbal are you #18
7.First spotlight9
8.Distant relatives10
9.Scrambled maxims #111
10.Ods and ends13
11.Meet the press #114
12.Word twins15
13.How does it look?17
14.It's personal18
15.Second spotlight19
16.Melodrama matrix20
17.Substitutions #122
18.Focus on idioms23
19.Strong roots24
20.Pros and cons25
21.Meet the press #226
22.In a word28
23.Make-a-word #129
24.Onion crossword30
25.Hors d'oeuvres32
26.Double threat32
27.Theater talk33
28.Substitutions #234
29.Battle plan36
30.Loaded language36
31.The animal kingdom38
32.How verbal are you #238
33.Third spotlight39
34.In-telligence test40
35.Scrambled maxims #241
36.After-dinner talk43
37.Ad stumper43
39.Anty matter45
40.A family resemblance46
41.Meet the press #347
42.Scrambled maxims #349
43.Desultory crossword50
44.Four-letter words52
45.Make-a-word #253
46.Small talk54
47.Common ents55
48.Meet the press #456
49.Double trouble57
50.Scrambled maxims #461
51.Fourth spotlight61
52.Substitutions #362
53.True or false64
54.More family resemblances65
55.Shades of meaning65
56.Meet the press #567
57.Scrambled maxims #569
59.No matter70
60.How verbal are you #371
61.A nation of ations72
62.Current events73
63.Shades of meaning #275
64.Some more personalities77
66.Make-a-word #379
67.X marks the spot crossword80
68.Meet the press #682
69.Scrambled maxims #684
70.It's about time85
71.Family resemblances #386
72.Why y? Why not?86
73.How verbal are you #488
74.Cat's play89
75.Substitutions #489
76.Double threat #291
77.O-o crossword92
78.Scrambled maxims #794
79.Look-alikes #295
80.Fifth spotlight96
82.Back problems98
83.Word twins #299
84.Word work-out100
85.4-D crossword102
86.Scrambled maxims #8104
87.Meet the press #7104
88.Words of one syllable106
89.Sixth spotlight108
90.Some more euphemisms109
91.Double-takes crossword110
92.How verbal are you #5112
93.It's personal #2113
94.Words, words, words114
95.End play #2115
96.Loaded words #2116

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