THE VIRGIN OF THE SUN - An Adventure in the land of the Inca

THE VIRGIN OF THE SUN - An Adventure in the land of the Inca

by H. Rider Haggard

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Late 14th C.
Hubert of Hastings, a subject of Richard II of England (1367 – 1400), is shipwrecked upon a foreign shore. He discovers he is in a land the natives call TtahuatinSuyu, pronounced Tavantinsuyu, meaning “The Four Corners of the World.”

Early 20th C.
An eccentric collector, pottering around a houseful of antiques of dubious quality, spots an old chest -- and when he asks after it he's told it's not for sale...until, suddenly, it is. Buried in that wreck of a chest are the last relics of Hubert of Hastings, including his autobiography detailing the many adventures he had in this strange and mysterious land. He reads that Hubert  ended up in America, the West coast of South America to be more precise. Hubert has many adventures and ends up conquering Peru -- and that's hardly the half of the tale and the race to find the truth about “Hubert of Hastings” is on.

KEYWORDS/TAGS: Aleys, ancient, balsa, beautiful, Blanche, Chanca, Atlantic, Pacific, company, Cuzco, daughter, Deleroy, England, English, French, Gold, golden, Grimmer, Huaracha, Hubert of Hastings, Hurachi, Inca, Kari, King, Lady, Larico, London, Lord, Lord-from-the-Sea, marriage, Master, Moon, mother, Peru, prince, Quilla, Robert, ship, South America, Amazon, Sun, sword, Tavantinsuyu, Thorgrimmer, Upanqui, Urco, Wave-Flame, white, H Rider Haggard, Action, Adventure, mystery, archaeology, investigate, Richard II, Potts,  virgin, sun, oracle, Rimac

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About the Author

Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) was an English author of adventure novels set in exotic locales, predominantly Africa. King Solomon’s Mines, one of his best-known books, details the life of the explorer Allan Quartermain. She: A History of Adventure followed, introducing the character Ayesha. While much of Haggard’s reputation stems from those two books and their subsequent series, he also wrote nonfiction and short stories.

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