The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary, Sixth Edition: Diccionario Universidad de Chicago Ingles-Espanol, Sexta Edicion

The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary, Sixth Edition: Diccionario Universidad de Chicago Ingles-Espanol, Sexta Edicion

Paperback(Sixth Edition)

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For more than sixty years, The University of Chicago Spanish–English Dictionary has set the standard for concise bilingual dictionaries. Now thoroughly revised to reflect the most current vocabulary and usage in both languages, this dictionary enables users to find the precise equivalents of the words and phrases they seek.

Completely bilingual, the dictionary focuses on two contemporary international languages, American English and a worldwide Spanish rooted in both Latin American and Iberian sources.
The sixth edition has been updated with six thousand new words and meanings selected for their frequency of use, rising popularity, and situational necessity. In order to best represent the dynamic and increasingly connected cultures of three continents, this edition features enhanced coverage of the vocabulary associated with four areas of increasing global importance: medicine, business, digital technology, and sports.
Clear, precise, and easy to use, The University of Chicago Spanish–English Dictionary continues to serve as the essential reference for students, travelers, businesspeople, and everyone interested in building their linguistic proficiency in both Spanish and English.

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ISBN-13: 9780226666969
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 07/20/2012
Edition description: Sixth Edition
Pages: 626
Sales rank: 542,651
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

David A. Phariesis associate dean for humanities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor of Spanish at the University of Florida. He is the author of A Brief History of the Spanish Language and Breve historia de la lengua española, both published by the University of Chicago Press.

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The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary

By David A. Pharies

The University of Chicago Press

Copyright © 2012 The University of Chicago
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-226-66695-2

Chapter One


a PREP voy—Londres I'm going to London; te lo doy—ti I'm giving it to you; se sentó—la sombra she sat down in the shade; tumbarse—l sol to lie down in the sun; una soga—l cuello a rope around his neck; lo miraba—la luz de una vela she looked at him by the light of a candle;—dos pesetas cada uno at two pesetas each;—las tres y media at three-thirty; sentarse —la mesa to sit down at the table; prestar dinero—l 15% to lend money at 15%; en grupos de—cinco in groups of five; cocina—gas gas cooker; fotos—todo color full-color photos; nadie le gana—testmuda no one touches her for stubbornness; terminaron—puñetazos they ended up fighting; ¡—jugar! let's play! ¿—qué vienen? what are they coming for? veo-mi mamá I see my mother

AA [Alcohólicos Anónimos] F AA

abacá M manila

abad -esa M abbot; F abbess

abadejo M cod

abadía F abbey

abajo ADV (dirección) down; (posición relativa) below; mirar para—to look down; el piso de—the apartment below; véase—see below;—de under, underneath; Stefan está—del coche Stefan is under I underneath the car; ¡—el rey! down with the king!—firmante undersigned; echar—to knock down; río—downstream; venirse—to go to ruin

abalanzarse VI—sobre to lunge at, to swoop down upon

abanderado-da MF standard-bearer

abandonado ADJ abandoned; es una persona muy abandonada she's very unkempt

abandonar VT (a unapersona, a unafamilia) to leave, to desert; (el hogar, un partido) to abandon; (una competencia, el poder) to give up; (una competencia, a un enamorado, el hábito de fumar) to quit; (en los naipes) to fold; (un curso) to drop out of

abandono M (descuido) neglect; (acción de abandonar, condición de abandonado) abandonment;—de funciones dereliction of duties

abanicar VT (contra el calor) to fan; (en béisbol) to swing and miss

abanico M (accesorio) fan; (rango) array; (en béisbol) swing and amiss; abrirse en—to fan out

abaratar VT (bajar el precio) to lower the price of; (desprestigiar) to cheapen

abarcar VT (categorías) to embrace, to encompass; (tiempo) to span

abarrotería F Méx grocery store

abarrotero-ra MF Méx grocer

abarrotes M PL Méx groceries; tienda de—Méx grocery store

abastecedor—ora MF supplier

abastecer VT (un ejército, una ciudad) to supply; (unatienda) to stock

abastecimiento M supply

abasto M supply; mercado de—s farmers' market; yo sola no doy—I can't cope alone

abatido ADJ dejected, despondent, downcast

abatimiento M dejection, despondency

abatir VT (bajar) to lower; (derribar) to knock down; (desanimar) to depress; (matar a tiros) to shoot; —se to swoop down

abdicar VI/VT to abdicate

abdomen M abdomen

abdominal ADJ abdominal; M sit-up

abecedario M alphabet

abedul M birch

abeja F bee;—asesina killer bee

abejón M bumblebee

abejorro M bumblebee

aberración F aberration

abertura F (acción) opening; (cualidad) openness

abeto M fir

abierto ADJ (no cerrado, no determinado, destapado) open; (franco) frank;—de paren par wide open

abierto ver abrir

abigarrado ADJ motley

abigeato M cattle rustling

abismal ADJ abysmal

abismo M abyss, chasm;—generacional generadon gap

ablandar VT to soften

abnegación F self-denial

abobado ADJ silly

abocar VI to turn onto;—se a to devote oneself to

abochornar VT (avergonzar) to embarrass;—se to become embarrassed

abocinar VT to flare

abofetear VT to slap

abogacía F legal profession; estudiar—to study law

abogado-da MF lawyer, attorney;—tributarista tax attorney, tax lawyer

abogar VI—por to advocate, to plead for

abolengo M ancestry

abolición F abolition

abolir VT to abolish

abollado ADJ dented

abolladura F dent

abollar VT to dent;—se to become dented

abolsarse VI to sag

abombar VT to make bulge

abominable ADJ abominable, loathsome

abominación F abomination

abominar VT to detest

abonado -da MF subscriber

abonar VT (suscribir) to subscribe; (pagar) to make apayment; (ponerfertilizante) to fertilize;—se to subscribe;—a una cuenta credit an account

abono M (a una revista) subscription; (para una temporada deportiva) season ticket; (de autobús) pass; (para latierra)fertilizer; (de dinero) payment

abordar VT (un avión, mt buque) to board; (un problema) to tackle, to approach; (a una persona) to accost

aborigen ADJ aboriginal; rvtenative inhabitant; —australiano Australian aborigine

aborrascarse VI to become stormy

aborrecer VT to abhor, to loathe

aborrecible ADJ hateful, abhorrent

aborrecimiento M abhorrence

abrasador-ora MF abortionist

abortar VI (naturalmente) to miscarry, to have a miscarriage; VI/VT (intencionadamente) to abort

abortero-ra MF eabortionist

aborto M (espontáneo) miscarriage; (provocado. abortion;—espontbneo spontaneous abortion

abotargarse VI to bloat

abotonar VT to button;—se to button up

abovedar VT (unaiglesia) to vault, to cover with a vault; (una calle) to arch, to cover as a vault

abozalar VT to muzzle

abracadabra M abracadabra

abrasador ADJ burning

abrasar VT to burn;—se to be consumed

abrasión F abrasion;—cutanea dermabrasion

abrasivo ADJ abrasive

abrazadera F clamp

abrazar VT (rodear con los brazos) to hug, to embrace; (rodear una cosa sujetando) to clasp; (una opinión) to espouse

abrazo M hug, embrace

abrevadero M trough

abrevar VT (dar de beber) to water; (beber) to drink

abreviación F abbreviation

abreviar VT to abbreviate, to abridge

abreviatura F abbreviation

abridor M opener

abrigado ADJ (ropa) warm; (lugar) sheltered

abrigar VT (refugjados) to shelter; (emociones) to harbor;—se to bundle up

abrigo M (refugio) shelter; (prenda de vestir) coat, wrap;—impositivo tax shelter

abril M April

abrillantar VT to make shiny

abrir VI/VT (una puerta) to open; VT (un candado) to unlock; (un grifo) to turn on;—el apetito to whet one's appetite;—la sesión call a meeting to order;—paso to make way; M SG abrebotellas bottle opener; M SG abrelatas can opener; VI (el cielo) to clear up;—se to open up;—se paso to press through; en on—y cerrar de ojos in the twinkle of an eye

abrochar VT to fasten;—se to buckle [up]

abrogación F repeal

abrogar VT to repeal

abrojo M bur, sticker

abrumador ADJ overwhelming, overpowering

abrumar VT to overwhelm, to weigh down; —se to become foggy

abrupto ADJ abrupt

absceso M abscess

absolución F acquittal

absolutamente ADV, INTERJ absolutely

absoluto ADJ absolute; en—absolutely not

absolver VT to absolve, to acquit

absorbente ADJ absorbent

absorber VT to absorb

absorción F absorption

absorto ADJ absorbed, engrossed

abstemio-mia ADJ abstemious; MF teetotaler

abstención F abstention

abstenerse VI to abstain;—de to abstain from, to refrain from, to forego

abstinencia F abstinence

abstracción F abstraction

abstracto ADJ abstract

abstraer VT to abstract

abstracto ADJ lost in thought

absurdo ADJ absurd, preposterous; M absurdity

abuchear VI/VT to boo, to jeer

abucheo M boo, jeer

abuelo-la M grandfather; F grandmother;—s grandparents

abulia F apathy

abultado ADJ bulgy

abultar VI to bulge

abundancia F abundance, plenty

abundante ADJ abundant, plentiful

abundar VI to abound; -en to abound in

aburrido ADJ (sin entretenimiento) bored; (pesado) boring, tiresome

aburrimiento M boredom

aburrir VT to bore;—se to become bored

abusar VT—de to abuse; (sexualmente) to molest

abuso VT abuse;—conyugal spousal abuse;—de confianza breach of trust;—de drogas drug abuse;—de sustancias substance abuse

abyecto ADJ abject

acá ADV (en este lugar) here; (hacia este lugar) over here, lit hither;—y allá here and there

acabado ADJ finished; M finish

acabar VT to finish; VI to end; (llegar al orgasmo) vulg to come;—de comer to have just eaten; —por to end up by;—con (la corrupción) to put an end to; (las cucarachas) to get rid of; él y yo hemos acabado he and I are through; se acabaron los dulces the candy is all gone; se nos acabaron las ideas we ran out of ideas; y se acabó and that's that

academia F (corporación, escuela militar) academy; (centro privado de eased anza) private school

académico ADJ academic

acallar VT to silence, to quiet

acalorado ADJ heated

acaloramiento M sufrió un—he got too hot

acalorarse VI/VT (sofocarse) to overheat; (emocionarse) to get excited

acampada F camping trip

acampante MF camper

acampar VT to camp

acanalar VT to groove

acantilado ADJ sheer, steep; M bluff, cliff

acantonarse VT to be quartered

acaparar VT (productos) to hoard; (atención) to capture; (monopolizar) fam to hog;—el mercado to corner the market

acaramelar VT to candy

acariciar VT to caress;—una esperanza to harborahope

ácaro M mite

acarrear VT (transportar) to transport; (transportar en carro) to cart; (ocasionar) to bring about

acarreo M transport

acaso ADV perhaps; por si—just in case

acatamiento M compliance

acatar VT to abide by, to comply with

acatamar VI to chill;—se to catch cold

acaudalado ADJ wealthy

acceder VI—a (un pedido) to accede to; VI (una invitación) to accept

accesibilidad F accessibility

accesible ADJ accessible, convenient

acceso M (entrada) access; (de ira) fit;—a internet Internet access;—denegado access denied;—remoto remote access, remote login; de—prohibido off limits

accesorio ADJ & M accessory

accidentado -da ADJ (viaje) eventful; (terreno) uneven; MF accidentvictim

accidental ADJ accidental

accidentarse VI to have an accident

accidente M (suceso imprevisto) accident; (del terreno) feature; (automovilístico) wreck;—de tránsito traffic accident; por—by accident

acción F (acto) action; (valor de bolsa) share of stock;—de gracias thanksgiving; buenas acciones good deeds; acciones preferenciales preferred stock; acciones ordinarias common stock

actionable ADJ actionable

accionar VT to operate

accionista MF shareholder, stockholder

acebo M holly

acechar VT (emboscar) to lie in ambush; (amenazar) to stalk

acecho M rondar en—to prowl; estar al—to heinwait

amitar VT to oil

aceite M oil;—de linaza linseed oil;—de oliva olive oil;—de ricino castor oil;—vegetal vegetable oil

aceitera F (recipiente) oilcan; (fábrica) oil factory

aceitoso ADJ oily

aceituna F olive

aceleración F acceleration

acelerador M accelerator

acelerar VT to accelerate, to speed up; VI to accelerate, to step on the gas;—en vacío to rev, to race;—se Am to get nervous

acémila F pack animal

acento M (pronunciación, signo) accent; (intensidad mayor, de voz) stress

acentuar VT (aumentar) to accentuate; (poner tilde) to accent; (reforzar Is voz) to stress; —se to accentuate

acepción F gloss, meaning

aceptable ADJ acceptable

aceptación F acceptance

aceptar VT to accept;—entrega to take delivery

acequia F irrigation ditch

acera F sidewalk

acerado ADJ made of steel

acerar VT to steel

acerca PREP—de about, concerning

acercamiento M approach

acercar VT to bring near; os acercaa la estación I'll give you a ride to the station; —se to come near, to approach

acería F steel mill

acero M steel;—inoxidable stainless steel

acérrimo ADJ bitter

acertado ADJ right

acertar VT to hit; VI to be right;—con to hit upon;—a pasar to happen to go by; no—to miss the mark

acertijo M riddle, conundrum

acervo M heritage

acetaminofén M acetaminophen

acetona F acetone

achacar VI to blame

achamso ADJ infirm, ailing

achaparrado ADJ (planta) stunted; (persona) squat

achaque M affliction, ailment;—s aches and pains

achicado ADJ weak-kneed

achicar VT (de tamaño) to make small; (un vestido) to take in; (agua) to bail;—se (acobardarse) to feel intimidated; (empequeflecerse) to get smaller

achicoria F chicory

aciago ADJ unlucky

acicalado ADJ clean-cut

acicalarse VI to dress up

acicate M incentive

acidez F (de una solución) acidity; (del vinagre) sourness;—de estómago heartburn

ácido M acid;—s grasos fatty acids; ADJ (propio del ácido) acidic; (fruta) sour, tart

acierto M (contestación) right answer; (elección) felicitous choice

adamación F acclamation, acclaim; por—by acclamation

aclamar VT to acclaim, to hail

aclaración F clarification

aclarar VT (con explicaciones) to clarify; (con agua) to rinse; (lavoz) to clear; vi to dawn; aclaró después de la tormenta it cleared up after the storm;—se to lighten

aclimatar VT to acclimate

acné M acne

acobardar VT to intimidate

acogedor ADJ (persona) hospitable; (cuarto) cozy

acoger VT (una sugerencia) to receive; (a un refugiado) to shelter;—se to take refuge; —se a la ley to have recourse to the law

acogida F reception

acogimiento M reception

acolchar VT to pad

acollarar VT to collar

acometer VT (atacar) to attack; (emprender) to undertake


Excerpted from The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary by David A. Pharies Copyright © 2012 by The University of Chicago. Excerpted by permission of The University of Chicago Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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