The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

by William Still


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In the winter of 1852, a group of Philadelphia abolitionists dedicated to assisting runaway slaves in their flight to freedom formed a new assistance group to be part of the Underground Railroad-the General Vigilance Committee. William Still, himself a son of slaves, was named its secretary and executive director. Deeply moved by the stories of the fugitive slaves he helped conduct northward, Still took his committee record-keeping to a higher level. He wrote down, in eloquent narrative form, every detail of their stirring, often heartbreaking histories.

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About the Author

William Still (1821-1902) was an abolitionist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known as the “father of the Underground Railroad,” Still gave hundreds of escaped slaves refuge. He was a historian, writer, civil rights activist, and businessman. Still also worked for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society as a clerk. In 1847, Still married Letitia George, and together they had four children, one of which went on to become a notable doctor. Still published his book The Underground Railroad in 1872, detailing the experiences he witnessed while serving as a conductor of the Underground Railroad.

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