The Unboxed Set

The Unboxed Set

by Angry SamoansAngry Samoans


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The Unboxed Set is exactly what the title implies; a single disc compilation that includes all four of the Angry Samoans' official pre-breakup 12" releases, including their classic 1982 release, Back from Samoa. One of the truly great '80s punk bands, the music of the Angry Samoans contained all the right elements: juvenile humor, raging barre chords, snotty vocals, and most importantly, a strong sense of justice and the everyman (except, unfortunately, when it came to homosexuals). In addition, they also had an unusually tight rhythm section and great pop songwriting instincts that placed them several notches above their contemporaries. All this is in evidence here, from vocalist "Metal Mike Saunders'" primordial screams on "Ballad of Jerry Curlan" to the hilarious faux-folk of "STP not LSD." Also included in the package are truly inspired liner notes from guitarist Gregg Turner, which perfectly capture the band's recklessness, nihilism and uncompromising punk attitude.

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Release Date: 06/13/1995
Label: Triple X Records
UPC: 0021075119022
catalogNumber: 51190
Rank: 30235


  1. Right Side of My Mind
  2. Gimme Sopor
  3. Hot Cars
  4. Inside My Brain
  5. You Stupid Asshole
  6. Get off the Air
  7. My Old Man's a Fatso
  8. Carson Girls
  9. I'm a Pig
  10. Too Animalistic
  11. Right Side of My Mind
  12. Gas Chamber
  13. The Todd Killings
  14. Lights Out
  15. My Old Man's a Fatso
  16. Time Has Come Today
  17. They Saved Hitler's Cock
  18. Homo-Sexual
  19. Steak Knife
  20. Haizman's Brain Is Calling
  21. Tuna Taco
  22. Coffin Case
  23. You Stupid Jerk
  24. Ballad of Jerry Curlan
  25. Not of This Earth
  26. Different World
  27. Electrocution
  28. It's Raining Today
  29. Unhinged
  30. Psych-Out 129
  31. Somebody to Love
  32. I Lost (My Mind)
  33. Wild Hog Rhyde
  34. Laughing at Me
  35. STP Not LSD
  36. Staring at the Sun
  37. Death of Beewak
  38. Egyptomania
  39. Attack of the Mushroom People
  40. Feet on the Ground
  41. Garbage Pit
  42. (I'll Drink to This) Love Song
  43. Lost Highway

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