The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook: 75 Authentic Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet

The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook: 75 Authentic Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet

by Yiota Giannakopoulou

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Modernized Recipes Passed Down Through Generations!

With an emphasis on the use of fresh ingredients, limited use of processed raw ingredients, and a generous dose of olive oil in almost every dish, this is a cookbook that moves focus away from weight-management enthusiasts, toward the more health-conscious foodie.

In The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook, you will find recipes for colorful, vibrant salads, delicious specialty breads, an array of dips for every occasion, and an abundance of desserts influenced by Greece’s geographical position as a checkpoint between the East and the West. Fragrant syrups, eastern spices, and heartwarming custards adorn the pages of this contemporary, yet traditional cookbook. Recipes include:


  • Vine leaf and rice rolls
  • Shrimp in tomato and ouzo sauce
  • Lemon chicken with rice
  • Spinach and feta cheese pie
  • Yellow split pea dip
  • Black olive bread
  • Granddad Georgio's garlic potatoes
  • And many more!



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ISBN-13: 9781510742031
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 04/16/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 168
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About the Author

Yiota Giannakopoulou grew up in Nafplio, Peloponnese, where she learned to appreciate the generous fruit of the fertile soil. Fruit and vegetables were available in abundance from her granddad’s extensive garden plot: eggplants, zucchinis, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, you name it! Watching her parents cook helped her gain a variety of skills and keep up with tradition. Yiota currently resides in the United Kingdom with her husband, her two cats Sheldon and Hugo, and their two rabbits Beatrice and Rincewind.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Appetizers and Salads 5

Vine Leaf and Rice Rolls (Ντολμαδáκια Γιαλαντζι) 6

Butter Beans (Γíγαντες Γιαχνι) 8

Traditional Lettuce Salad with a Vinaigrette Sauce (Μαρουλοσαλατα) 10

Peasants' Salad (Χωριáτικη Σαλáτα) 12

Honey and Sesame Cheese (Σαγανáκι) 14

Seafood Salad (Σαλáτα με Θαλασσινá) 16

Swirly Cheese Pie (Στριφτη Τυρττιτα) 18

Shrimp in a Tomato and Ouzo Sauce (Γαριδες Σαγανáκι) 20

Bulgur Wheat and Feta Cheese Salad (Σαλáτα με Πλιγουρι και Τυρí Φ ετα) 22

Puy Lentil, Tuna, and Rice Salad (Σαλáτα με Φακες Τóνο και Ρυζι.) 24

Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt (Πατατοσαλáτα με Στραγγιστó Γιαουρτι) 26

Main Dishes 29

Garden Peas with Carrots and Potatoes (Αρακáς) 30

Chickpea Soup (Ρεβυθóσουττα) 32

Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie (Σττανακóττιτα) 34

Stuffed Squid (Γεμιστá Καλαμαρáκια) 37

Quick and Easy Leftover Pork and Orzo Pasta Stew 40

Cauliflower and Rice (Κουνουττιδι με Ρúζι) 42

Puy Lentil Stew (Φακεç) 44

Quick and Easy Green Beans (Φασολáκια) 46

Bean Broth (Φασολáδα) 48

Mum's Chicken and Rice Soup with a Lemon and Egg Sauce (Κοτóσουττα Αυγολεμονο) 50

Smyrna Meatballs (Σουτζουκακια Σμυρνεικα) 52

Lemon Chicken with Rice (Κοτóττουλο Λεμονατο) 54

Mince Pie (Κιμαδóττιτα) 56

Chicken Giouvetsi (Κοτóττουλο Γιουβετσι) 58

Yiota's Chicken Kebab (Γυρος Κοτóττουλο) 60

Family Pork Roast (Χοιρινó στη Γαστρα) 62

Steamed Mussels (Μυδια Αχνιστα) 64

Mama Vivi's Haddock with Leeks (Μττακαλιαρος με Πρασο της Μαμας Βιβης) 66

Trout Fillet with Spinach (Γοφαρι με Σττανακι) 68

Sea Bream with Vegetables and Potatoes (Φαγκρι με Λαχανικá και Πατατες) 70

Moussaka (Μουσακας) 72

Pasta Pie (Παστιτσιο) 76

Chicken Breast with Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables (Μττριαμ με Κοτóττουλο) 78

Halloumi Pita with Salad and Black Forest Ham (Μττριαμ με Κοτóττουλο) 80

Okras Gianni (Μτταμιες) 82

Beef Stifado (Μοσχαρι Στιφαδο) 84

Mum's Stuffed Vegetables (Γεμιστα) 86

Wine and Tomato Chicken with Linguine (Κóκορας Κρασατος) 88

Linguine with Homemade Pesto (Λινγκουινι με Στιιτικó Πεστο) 90

Dips 93

Tzatziki (Τζατζικι) 94

Eggplant Dip (Μελιτζανοσαλáτα) 96

Yellow Split Pea Dip (Φαβα) 98

Hummus (Χουμοους) 100

Feta Cheese and Sweet Red Pepper Dip (Ντιττ με Φετα και Κóκκινη Πιττεριá 102

Sweet Red Pepper Salsa Dip (Σαλσα Κóκκινης Πιττεριας) 104

Harissa Dip (Ντíττ με Χαρισα) 106

Sesame Paste (Ταχíνι) 108

Granddad Georgios's Garlic Potatoes (Σκορδαλια) 110

Breads 113

Greek Pita Bread (Πιτα) 114

Halloumi Pie (Χαλλουμωτη) 116

Lagana Bread (Λαγανα) 118

Black Olive Bread (Ελιóψωμο) 120

Seeded Bread with Sultanas and Raisins (Πολυσττορο Ψωμι με Μαúρες Σταφιδες και Σουλτανινες) 122

Sweets 125

Cream-filled Filo Pastry Pie (Μττουγατσα) 126

Hard Christmas Cookies (Κουραμττιεδες) 128

Fried Filo Pastry Bites in Syrup (Κουρκουμττινια) 130

Greek Doughnuts (Λουκουμαδες) 132

Twice-Baked Greek Style Biscotti (Διττλοφουρνιστα Παξιμαδια) 134

Ravani (Ραβανι)

Greek Soft Christmas Honey Cookies (Μελομακαρονα) 138

Auntie Sofia's Sweet Pumpkin Pie (Κολοκυθενια) 140

Greek Churros (Τουλουμττακια) 142

Index 145

Conversion Charts 155

Acknowledgments 157

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