The Ultimate Ferdinand Magellan Collection

The Ultimate Ferdinand Magellan Collection

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•Charles River Editors’ original biography of Ferdinand Magellan
•Magellan’s Voyage Round the World by a Genoese pilot, one of two contemporary accounts of the voyage
•The Story of Magellan and the Discovery of the Philippines by Hezekiah Butterworth

“Most versed in nautical charts, he knew better than any other the true art of navigation, of which it is certain proof that he by his genius, and his intrepidity, without anyone having given him the example, how to attempt the circuit of the globe which he had almost completed... The glory of Magellan will survive him.” – Antonio Pigafetta

Ferdinand Magellan, known in his native Portugal as Fernão de Magalhães and in Spain, where he moved later in life, as Fernando de Magallanes, was unquestionably one of the more remarkable figures of the so-called Age of Discovery, a period in which Europeans spread their political and commercial influence around the globe. Accordingly, his name is often invoked alongside that of Columbus, but the nature of his achievements has sometimes been misunderstood. Magellan has sometimes been credited with “proving the world was round,” since he and his crew were the first Europeans to reach Asia via a westward route. But such a claim is based on a popular misconception, referred to by historian Jeffrey Burton Russell as the “myth of the flat earth”: the belief that medieval Europe had erroneously believed the earth was flat. In reality, essentially no educated Europeans of the late 15th and early 16th centuries doubted the spherical shape of the earth, which had been persuasively established by the scientists of ancient Greece – even down to Eratosthenes’s relatively accurate measurement of its circumference in the third century B.C. It is also not quite true that Magellan himself circumnavigated the globe – in fact, he died in combat in the Philippines, leaving his surviving crew to complete the voyage. It is, on the other hand, certainly the case that Magellan was one of the most accomplished navigators of his time, and that he crucially charted territories previously unexplored by Europeans.

The Ultimate Ferdinand Magellan Collection chronicles Magellan’s life and his historic expedition, analyzing the aftermath of his expeditions and his legacy. It includes Charles River Editors’ original biography, the history of the voyage as recorded by a Genoese pilot, and an account of the expedition written by Butterworth. It also includes pictures and a Table of Contents.

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