The Synagogue Savant

The Synagogue Savant

by Lance Randall


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In 1910, the Zionist movement, resisted by Arabs, driven by Jewish hardliners, and supported by Christians, is growing in influence. Three groups of extremists chase a powerful symbol of Jewish nationalism across the Atlantic and throughout modern day Israel. An aging businessman, an orphaned craftsman, and a beautiful young woman resist the forces struggling over Palestine and find excitement, purpose, and love. The Synagogue Savant raises questions and exposes possibilities that are issues even today.

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ISBN-13: 9781614347224
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 11/02/2011
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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As the dust settled over the commander's crushed body, the dead man's eyes remained open, reflecting the terror of the last few moments. His lieutenant, Vilna, lay on his side near the lifeless body, his own legs crushed beneath a huge chunk of roof that had collapsed only moments earlier. If Vilna could have reached him, he would have pressed the man's eyelids closed; but he couldn't. Vilna could only watch as the grit and powder filling the air settled down and coagulated on the moist unseeing orbs of his friend and leader. Eventually the muddy film blocked out the hazel color of the man's irises.

The irony that he was alive to witness the death of his friend here in this cavern was not lost on him. As he waited for his own injuries to take their final toll, Vilna relived the search that had taken him halfway around the world for the Zionist cause.

The priceless golden object the men had pursued for months lie safe just beyond his grasp. He longed to touch the gleaming, glittering surface before he died, but any effort to stretch out his arms brought fresh waves of excruciating pain from his pinned legs.

Protected in a little alcove formed from the collapsing rock, the heavy gold box rested as though carefully placed in its niche by gentle hands. The light from one of the discarded electric lanterns pointed directly at it, causing the reflected light to cast a golden glow in the small spaces left from the mayhem of the mountain's collapse.

Vilna faintly heard two men's voices far away. He knew who they were and wondered how they had survived the cavern's collapse. If they survived, would they ever return for the beautiful creation before him? he wondered.

His fading eyes remained locked on the sacred article he had worked so hard to capture. As his breathing labored, the battery-powered light faded, leaving only darkness. He closed his eyes, conscious that no one remained to press his eyelids shut when the life went out of them. The last sound he heard was laughter.

In the darkness, the men's bodies would decay and turn to dust, but the golden ark would rest unharmed in its hidden nook until it was needed.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Break-In1
Chapter Two - The Breakout56
Chapter Three - The Break Up103
Chapter Four - The Breakdown143
Chapter Five - The Breakthrough186

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