The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook

The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook


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New from the bestselling author of My Bread: A clear, illustrated guide to making sourdough and the Italian-inspired café dishes from one of Manhattan’s best bakeries.

Founded in 1994, Sullivan Street Bakery is renowned for its outstanding bread, which graces the tables of New York’s most celebrated restaurants. The bread at Sullivan Street Bakery, crackling brown on the outside and light and aromatic on the inside, is inspired by the dark, crusty loaves that James Beard Award–winning baker Jim Lahey discovered in Rome.

Jim builds on the revolutionary no-knead recipe he developed for his first book, My Bread, to outline his no-fuss system for making sourdough at home. Applying his Italian-inspired method to his repertoire of pizzas, pastries, egg dishes, and café classics, The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook delivers the flavors of a bakery Ruth Reichl once called “a church of bread.”

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ISBN-13: 9780393247282
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 11/07/2017
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 93,454
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jim Lahey has received two James Beard Awards and is the author of The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook, My Bread, and My Pizza. He lives in New York City with his wife and coauthor, Maya Joseph.

Table of Contents

1 Sullivan Street 11

2 Baking with Sourdough 19

Ingredients 28

Equipment 31

A Baker's Reference 35

3 Making A Starter 41

A simple liquid starter 43

A faster liquid starter 44

Refreshing the starter 47

"Jim's biga" - a stiff starter 51

Making more biga 53

4 Sullivan Street Breads 55

Pane al latte - milk bread 58

Pane di lino - golden flax bread 63

Pizza bianca alia romana, version 1 - Handmade Pizza with Salt and Olive Oil, As Made in Rome 65

Pane toscano - Tuscan bread 71

Pane pugliese - pugliese-style bread 76

Ciabatta - open, airy slipper loaves 85

Pane bianco - simple no-knead white sourdough 89

Truccio saré - whole wheat sourdough 93

Faster truccio - whole wheat sourdough 97

Multigrani - seed and grain bread 99

Hamilton buns -sweet whole wheat 101

Whole wheat pita bread 105

No-knead, naturally leavened brioche - a light and buttery bread 107

"wastED" bread - bread from bread 112

5 Sullivan Street Pizza 115

Pizza bianca alia romana, version 2 118

Capicola - capicola pizza with fermented chile peppers 121

Mele e finocchio - apple-fennel pizza 124

Carota - carrot pizza with Clementines and olives 127

Asparagus pizza 129

6 Breakfast at the Bakery 131

Uovo in coppetta - poached eggs and toast 133

Panini d'uovo -egg sandwiches 138

Tortino di crusca - bran and blackberry muffins 140

Torta d'olio d'oliva - orange olive-oil cake 142

Oianda - banana chocolate-chip cake 145

Spirali di cannella - cardamom cinnamon buns 147

Chocolate swirl brioche loaf 150

Bomboloni - Italian doughnuts 153

Crema pasticcera - vanilla pastry cream 156

Cornetti - no-knead sourdough croissants 157

Budino di mele e pane - apple bread pudding 160

7 Slow-Cooking and Roasting 163

Pasilla agresivo - chili 165

Pasta al forno - oven-baked pasta 167

I'amico di polio - Roasted Japanese Turnips 170

Le patate arrosto al aglio - garlic roast potatoes 171

Polio arrosto - roast chicken 172

Punta di petto di tè - brisket braised in black tea 174

Roast beef with smoked paprika 179

8 Sandwiches, Salads, and Condiments 181

Sandwiches 182

Panini di ceci - chickpea fritter and tahini sandwiches 183

Panini di polio postmoderno - chicken, avocado, and kimchi sandwiches 185

Tramezzini di polio - chicken club sandwiches 187

Panini di petto - braised brisket sandwiches with slaw 188

Panini di manzo - roast beef sandwiches with spicy mayo 190

Salads and Condiments 191

Apple-celery salad 193

Tomato and arugula salad 194

Quick-pickled red onions 195

Quick-pickled fennel 196

Original mustard - lacto-fermented mustard 197

Lacto-fermented chile peppers - natural Sriracha 198

Cetrioli - Lacto-Fermented Cucumber Pickles 200

Pomodori secchi al forno - oven-dried tomatoes 201

9 Dolci 203

Scozzese-shortbread cookies 205

Caprino - Goat Cheese and Rhubarb Cookies 207

Ossi di morti -bones of the dead 208

Colpa degno - Flourless Triple-Chocolate Cookies 211

Ciambella - ring cake 212

Crostata integrali -Tart Crust with Whole wheat 215

Crostata di marmalata - quick tart with marmalade or jam 216

Crostata di ricotta - tart with ricotta, orange, and chocolate chips 218

Pinolata - pine nut and custard pie 220

Focaccia fiorentina - brioche with Cream 223

Panettone -a grand bread 225

Resources 230

Acknowledgments 231

Index 232


"Unlike some other, very technical bread books, the tone... is warm, encouraging, funny—sometimes even striving for poetic—as much as it is educational.... But beyond the purple prose are excellent recipes with exacting instructions. For the crisp-crusted, nicely oily pizza bianca, you’ll know that the dough has been kneaded enough when it is trying to climb up the mixer paddle. Helpful visual cues like this abound.”—Melissa Clark, The New York Times

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