The Strange Death of Republican America: Chronicles of a Collapsing Party

The Strange Death of Republican America: Chronicles of a Collapsing Party

by Sidney Blumenthal

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Sidney Blumenthal—trenchant analyst, best-selling author, and senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton (and more recently, Hillary)—offers a penetrating journalistic and historical examination of the ongoing collapse of Republicanism. Closely charting the Party’s imploding reputation in America and the world, as well as the potential consequences of George W. Bush’s radical presidency for the 2008 election, The Strange Death of Republican America will be required reading for anyone interested in politics and concerned about the fate of the nation. In these essays and opinion columns written by Blumenthal over the past few years for The Guardian of London and, along with a new and stimulating introduction, Blumenthal provides a unifying and overarching perspective on the Bush years.
Blumenthal scrutinizes the past and present state of the Republican Party, which he believes portends the incipient demise of their vaunted political machine and the Republican era since the Nixon administration. The issues on the table range from the legacy of Nixon’s imperial presidency and its influence on Dick Cheney to Karl Rove’s failed strategy for political realignment, as well as conflicts within the military and intelligence communities over Bush’s policies, and the underlying political shifts that are demonstrably weakening the once-strong foundations of Republican philosophy and governance.
These essays have the cumulative effect of an irresistible factual and historical tide—a portrait of a party in self-destructive decline that will grab the attention of anyone fascinated by the world of politics. A selection of the Progressive Book Club.


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ISBN-13: 9781402774515
Publisher: Union Square Press
Publication date: 01/25/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 675 KB

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Strange Death of Republican America     1
Implosion: From Stephen Colbert's Monologue to Mark Foley's Emails     15
The Fool     17
Coup at the CIA     19
The Nativist Revolt     25
Defeat Through Victory     27
The War Paradigm     32
The Bush Way of War     34
"Mission Accomplished" in a Business Suit     40
Surrealpolitik     42
The Avoiding of the President     50
Judgment Day     52
A Pantomime Presidency     58
The Emperor's New Veto     60
Splitting the Republican Cell     65
Birth Pangs     68
Ring of Fire     70
Axis of Failure     75
Father and Son     79
Remembrance of Things Past     81
The Enabler     86
Dreamland     88
A Radical Temperament     94
Where Torture Got Him     96
In Denial     98
The Bob Woodward Version     102
Instant Messages     108
Queer and Loathing on Capitol Hill     111
The Intervention     113
Rove's Last Campaign     116
Repudiation: From the 2006 Elections to the Baker-Hamilton Report     119
Downfall of the Culture War     121
Realignments     127
Deep Currents     129
All the Father's Men     137
"The business about a graceful exit"     139
The Prime of Ms. Jeane Kirkpatrick     145
The Escalation of Delusion     152
No Time to Heal     157
Washington's Political Cleansing     163
Delusion: From the Trial of I. Lewis Libby to the Testimony of General David Petraeus     169
Contortions of Power     171
Preparing for Failure     176
United States v. I. Lewis Libby: Washington Anthropology     180
United States v. I. Lewis Libby: Closing Arguments     185
United States v. I. Lewis Libby: The Verdict     192
The History Book Club     193
The Assassination of Dick Cheney     197
All Roads Lead to Rove     201
Law and Disorder     207
The Passion of the Judas     212
The Republican Grand Experiment     217
Dances With Wolfowitz     221
Torture Kitsch     225
Spooked     232
Royal Crush      236
Loyalty and Betrayal     238
Wolfowitz's Tomb     243
The Libby Lobby     249
Fugue State     254
Null and Void     258
The Imperial Vice Presidency     264
"The Administration of Justice"     268
Marketing, Muslims, and Methodists     271
Stab in the Back     274
The Code of Silence     281
Colin Powell's Ghost     287
Rove's Fall     291
The War of Memory     296
Fredo's End     301
Top Secret     304
The General Testifies     310
The Many Victories of George W. Bush     315
A Republic, If You Can Keep it     321
Acknowledgments     327
Index     329

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