The Storied Ice: Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in Antarctica's Peninsula Region

The Storied Ice: Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in Antarctica's Peninsula Region

by Joan Boothe

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The Storied Ice: Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in Antarctica's Peninsula Region recounts mankind's dramatic history—from Magellan through the first years of the twenty-first century—in the part of the Antarctic regions below South America and the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the world, by far the most visited portion of the south polar regions, is not only a place of staggering scenic beauty and amazing wildlife, but also a locale with a long and fascinating human history.

Several expeditions to Antarctica's Peninsula Region are well known, in particular, the amazing story of Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition. The Storied Ice dramatically retells that story, along with many other less familiar, but fascinating, adventures—tales of early explorers, sealers, whalers, seven expeditions (including Endurance) during Antarctica's 1897-1917 Heroic Age, pioneer aviators, and scientists. . . . All this is woven together into a coherent whole, placing the individually exciting tales in a historical context that breathes new life into even the best known of them. Abundant quotes from the explorers' accounts enrich the text, as do the nearly 100 illustrations and more than 30 maps. The Storied Ice is unique in the rich literature on Antarctica, the only modern comprehensive Antarctic history work that both focuses specifically on the historically exciting Antarctic Peninsula and tells its complete story.

The upcoming Antarctic summer of 2011-12 marks the centennial of numerous momentous events in Antarctica's Heroic Age of exploration. Among these: Roald Amundsen's December 1911 reaching the South Pole; Robert Falcon Scott's achieving the same goal five weeks later, in January 1912, and then dying, along with all of his polar team, on the journey back; Douglas Mawson's establishing a base in East Antarctica at a place he later called "The Home of the Blizzard" and "This Accursed Land"; and Wilhelm Filchner's strife-ridden expedition into the Weddell Sea that laid the groundwork for what became Shackleton's Endurance expedition three years later. Further, it also marks the mid-point of the centennial of the entire Heroic Age. Reflecting these centennials, interest in the exciting adventures of Antarctic history has never been higher, as evidenced by the number of Antarctic-related books, both popular and scholarly, that that have come out in the past several years.

The Storied Ice is a worthy addition to the best of these, a history written for the educated layperson with scholarly accuracy and documentation. But this is not "just one more" Antarctic book. The Storied Ice is unique in that it concentrates on the portion of the Antarctic regions whose history has often been overshadowed by events in the Ross Sea Region, such as "Race for the South Pole." As such, it offers the reader not only new adventures, but also context for the known stories that greatly enriches them.

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About the Author

Joan N. Boothe has been fascinated with stories of Antarctic adventure and exploration since childhood. In 1995, after many years working in the worlds of economics, finance, and teaching business administration to graduate business students, she at last made her first trip to Antarctica and saw where so many things she had read about had taken place. Ms. Boothe has returned to the Antarctic regions many times since, including making a 67-day circumnavigation of the entire Antarctic continent aboard an icebreaker. In 2010, she taught a course on Antarctica's Heroic Age for Stanford University's continuing studies program. Ms. Boothe has two children, both raised in San Francisco, California, where she and her husband have lived since 1970.

Table of Contents

Ch.  1—In Search of a Southern Continent: Efforts Prior to 18199
Ch.  2—The Continent Found: 1819-182127
Ch.  3—The Sealers' Age of Discovery: 1821-183941
Ch.  4—Three Great National Expeditions: 1837-184357
Ch.  5—Quiet Decades in the South; the New Hunters: 1844-189672
Ch.  6—De Gerlache and the First Antarctic Night: 1897-189984
Ch.  7—Nordenskjöld's Saga of Survival: 1901-190399
Ch.  8—Bruce and the Scotia, Bagpipes in the South: 1902-1904116
Ch.  9—Charcot and the Français Explore the Antarctic Peninsula: 1903-1905127
Ch. 10—Whalers and Politics: 1904-1918139
Ch. 11—Charcot's Return with the Pourquoi-Pas?: 1908-1910151
Ch. 12—Filchner's Battles in the Weddell Sea: 1911-1912164
Ch. 13—Endurance, Shackleton's Triumphant Failure: 1914-1916177
Ch. 14—The Decade Following World War I: 1919-1927198
Ch. 15—The First Aviators Arrive: 1928-1936213
Ch. 16—The Wintering Explorers Return: 1934-1941231
Ch. 17—World War II, New Bases, and Political Conflict: 1940-1955249
Ch. 18—The International Geophysical Year and the Antarctic Treaty: 1955-1959268
Ch. 19—The Antarctic Treaty Era: Antarctica After 1959278
Appendix A: Antarctic Timeline305
Appendix B: Antarctic Firsts315
Appendix C: Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms327
Sources and Notes331
Literature Cited349

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