The Spiritual Condition of the Christian World Today

The Spiritual Condition of the Christian World Today

by Frank "Buddy" Vaiden


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What is the situation? The Christian Bible was dormant for almost 2,000 years. It's time has now come. It is now active, and we are catching all kinds of serious problems here on the earth. To fulfill the final prophecies of the apostle John's writings, in the "Revelation", scripturally is recorded as "the time of the end.

The time is now to put a halt to any personal emphasis on your part, to build your treasures on earth. The scriptures say that is where moth, and rust, consume, and thieves break in, and steal.

Well, this has been going on since Cain murdered Able, but never to the extremes of gross sin that is today. Catastrophic events, called "Acts of God" for some reason, is seriously brutalizing our way of life.

It is February 20, 2015, and everyday I watch the weather reports. the news is that this winter has broken virtually every temperature, and snow record. The weatherman says it has simply gotten out of control, and there is still more to come. Now, apply this mindset to the beginnings of the prophecies of Revelation. According to scripture, we have not seen anything yet.

God has some very valid reasons for having had 2,000 years of patience. Also, very valid reasons, to call mankind on the carpet, and finally let us have it.The scripture says that now God has unchained the plagues. Hurricanes Sandy, and Katrina, mere child's play. Earthquakes that are so powerful, it is hard to fathom the damage, and loss of life.

Ebola, measles, and a new super bacteria that simply refuses to respond to the strongest medicines.

The intensity of droughts in California, that have been stated as the worse in 1200 years. Starvation, and man's brutality to man, on unheard of scales. The scale of the earth being ruined by mankind, unfathomable.

Those who have been chosen, by vote or force, to lead, politically, socially, and religiously, are being brought down for their past sins. As each one hits the ground, there is a very loud thud! Whether that thud is loudest because of the trust that was given to them, or the sinking hearts of so many who feel personally violated, and used!

Am I making this up? I am not that creative. But two things are happening.

First, that all these plagues are being ignored, to the point of not letting any of these events cause them to ponder, and turn to "God". Second, that the Word of God promises even greater pain, sorrow, and death. When it is called "The end of times", can any one of you doubt it?

To what end? There is no end now, as Revelation is about a sixth of the way fulfilled, and we ain't seen nothing yet.

This Book I, of the trilogy, is to bring you up to date, to the point where you have a very healthy suspicion, that maybe I am on to something here. When did these things start to occur, who is responsible for it, and how all the information, scripturally, and literally, has been notarized by God, as true.
People are anxious to find the answers to all of these things. Well, welcome to the club. The answers are in this series of "Spiritual Condition" books. To read them will not prevent any of the horrors promised in Revelation, but they will open the door, to your eternal salvation.

There is a difference between ignorance, and stupidity.

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About the Author

All "Touched" series books use the reader as the introduction.

The guts of this book will be a primal struggle between you, and God. I am only a messenger.

The conclusion of this, or any "Touched" book, will be you, because not one "Touched" series book has a conclusion to itself. The series is still far from over.

What you will see, as you read the "Touched" series of books, is that you, not the books, will bring about your own conclusion. Or, act to receive the eternal prize, that comes after them.

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