The Speed Reading Monster Course - Accelerate Your Reading And Learning Abilities To The Extreme! AAA+++

The Speed Reading Monster Course - Accelerate Your Reading And Learning Abilities To The Extreme! AAA+++

by Peter Smith

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Alvin Tofler, author of Third Wave, contends that we are now in the information age. It is said that power belongs to those who have the knowledge and information. This we would like to dispute.
Being in the information age, so many data and inputs are available. Tons and tons of materials are readily available with just one click of the mouse. Numerous data are readily available to all people. Yet, how come not all of these people who have access to mountains of materials are considered powerful?
It is our contention that those who are able to wade through tons of information, comprehend, and make use of that knowledge for meaningful purposes IN A SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME are the ones who hold the key to power. Speed is the key.
This reality reinforced the need to update our skills in speed reading. The need to accelerate our reading and learning abilities to the extreme resulted to this book. This book offers techniques that you can make use to hasten the skill in reading and comprehension. It presents scientific explanation on the causes of slow reading. It explains how the practice of hearing your “inner voice” actually saying the words you are reading can drastically slow you down.
Speed reading basically covers two areas: reading and comprehension. These go hand in hand. It is useless to study speed reading if you have trouble in absorbing information. You should already be an able reader before you try to speed read. Speed reading will not help you if you have problems in understanding the meaning of the words. To be able to enjoy the full benefits of speed reading, you must have the necessary facilities in understanding college-level materials.
Before starting on speed reading exercises, you must have the condition of your eyes checked. You might want to adjust your reading glasses. Speed reading will “exercise” your eyes, and would not unduly strain them and hamper your improvement. Consult the eye doctor for possible advice on how to take care of your eyes. They will provide advice on the best position while reading, proper position of the lamp or light source, what to do when you experience eye strain, etc.
Apart from these, the speed of learning speed reading (excuse the pun!) is heavily dependent on four other factors. Ask yourself these important questions:
• Why do you want to improve your reading? The purpose determines the motivating factors that will inspire you to go through and complete the whole program.
• How much do you want to improve? Do you want to increase it from 300 words per minute to 800 wpm then to 1,000 wpm? You have to set a target to be able to determine the extent of your growth.
• How much time do you have for the exercises? Practice make perfect. It is not enough for you to know the skills, but you should devote time to practice and upgrade your skills faster.
• How open are you to new techniques? This report requires you to have an open mind to be able to see and recognize the usefulness of new and scientific techniques in speed reading. This report incorporates new practices such as reading a report from the computer.
It is said that speed readers are considered impatient readers. So, what are you waiting for? Let the lessons begin …

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