The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends, Feed Your Family, Feed Yourself

The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends, Feed Your Family, Feed Yourself


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Four busy moms share not only their formula for starting a soup club--which gives you at least three meals every month when you don't have to worry about dinner--but also 150 fantastic recipes for soups and sides and storing tips for stretching those meals across the week.
The Soup Club began when four friends (who, between them, have four husbands and ten hungry kids and several jobs) realized that they didn’t actually have to cook at home every night to take pleasure in a home-cooked meal. They simply had to join forces and share meals, even if they weren’t actually eating them together. Caroline, Courtney, Julie, and Tina happen to be neighbors, but a soup club is for anyone: colleagues, a group of workout buddies, a book club. All you need are a few people who simply want to have more home-cooked food in their lives.

In a soup club each person takes a turn making soup. Soup is forgiving, versatile, and perfect for sharing; it can be spiced to taste, topped elaborately or not at all, and dressed up or down. It travels well and reheats beautifully. The Soup Club Cookbook also has dozens of tips for cooking in quantity and for tailoring soup to individual tastes and needs. Here, too, are simple guidelines for starting your own soup club, anecdotes, and a few cautionary tales  that will inspire anyone to share food and eat well.
Recipes include quick and easies, classics, twist on favorites, and dozens of flavor-rich new crowd pleasers, including:  

   • Carrot Coconut and Chicken Chili,
   • Senegalese Peanut Soup
   • Faux Ramen
   • Red Lentil Curry Soup
   • Potato Cheddar Soup
   • Sun Dried Tomato Soup
   • Jeweled Rice Salad
   • Cheddar Cornbread,
   • Summer Corn Hash
   • Soy Simmered Chicken Wings

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ISBN-13: 9780770434625
Publisher: Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Publication date: 01/13/2015
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 718,297
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About the Author

Courtney Allison, Tina Carr, Caroline Laskow, and Julie Peacock are neighbors in New York City. They have been food-sharing for many years and this is their first cookbook. They recently appeared on Good Morning America to share their tips for sharing soup with friends.

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The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends, Feed Your Family, Feed Yourself 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
iblog4books More than 1 year ago
I love soup, and the idea of sharing soup with other families through a soup club sounds like a genius idea! The first section of the book does a great job explaining how these four families do soup club and offers suggestions for how you can do something similar with your own people. There are tons of recipes in this book—everything from broths and dressings to soups (duh!), a few other main dishes, sides, and snacks. Each recipe is accompanied by a few details or a story behind why it's a favorite for the club. There are also tons of helpful tips about prepping, cooking, packaging, and delivering mixed in throughout. Very practical and helpful cookbook. The main drawback I see is that the majority of these recipes involve a lot of steps and a lot of ingredients. I'm sure you could eliminate some of this based on whether you buy fresh or pre-packaged ingredients, but if you're hoping to simply follow a recipe as is, be prepared to spend several hours cooking. I look forward to trying these recipes. There are several that I know now we will love. There are many others that will be more adventurous "tries" for us, but I look forward to trying these new soups and hopefully finding a few to add into our permanent rotation. Now to just find a few more families to form a soup club with! [4 stars] I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.
mrskbookstogo More than 1 year ago
Everything to get started is carefully outlined. These women have come up with such a unique option for everyone whose schedule is "unbelievably" busy. Who wouldn't want three nights off with a great meal for their family? I appreciated their "voices" as they told you about their choices. It was refreshing to be "included" in their thoughts as they outline the making of their soups throughout the seasons. "What we do is simple. We take turns cooking big posts of soup, enough to feed our four families. We drop off the soup, along with sides and garnishes, at the homes of our three other club members. This happens once a week, which means we cook our big pot of soup once a month." With few rules, it seems that a commitment to cooking at home on a schedule leads to the joy of sharing with others. Of course we are all cooking on a schedule... we are all committed to providing "yummy" meals for our families. What we rarely do is share those meals beyond our tables. I adore this idea. I will be sharing this idea with my daughters and a few neighbors with the hope that I can experience, at least for one month, the joy of discovering "what's for dinner" in someone's kitchen. Even if I can't get three others willing to try a soup month with me, I like the idea that I could share eight quarts of my favorite soup with my book club at least once a year. Just a few hi-lights to "tantalize" your taste buds: Discover the ease of creating your own soup broths (pgs. 30-31) Try the Roasted Boccoli soup, there is an undiscovered sweetness in the flavoring (pg. 80) What about a Potato Cheddar soup, yummy comfort on a chilly day (pg. 81) No one will turn down the Sun-Dried Tomato soup, maybe it's the grilled cheese croutons that inspired this "yum" (pg.98) Chilled soups for the hotter months (pgs.119-120) Don't forget the Jewish Chicken Noodle soup, complete with Matzo ball goodness (pg. 135) Perfected Italian Wedding soup to warm everyone's heart (pg. 147) Beyond the soups... think salads with endless possibilities (pgs. 152-162) Choosing and using the freshest of vegetables in the soups or as a side (pgs. 165-177) Consideration of which bread, grain, or pasta for the meals touch of perfection (pgs. 179-199) Big food favorites are dishes meant for get-together meals (pgs.201-217) The organization for each recipe is brilliant, easy to follow, with added inspirations or "trial & error" perspectives. No detail is left out of their first year of discoveries (some are even humorous). Each recipe has notations for delivery, for serving, and for what they have done to make it a better soup and/or experience. You will also discover how to add different types of toppings (pgs. 43-51), how to stock your pantry (pgs. 21-25), expert Firefighter tips about cooking in quantity (pg. 143), and of course... never forget the cook's snacks (pgs. 225-235). Don't forget the best part of preparing the soup... might just be the choice of the music, MrsK mrskbookstogo.blogspot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't wait to try these delicious sounding recipes! The photos and illustrations are beautiful and I love the food-sharing concept & how-to tips.