The Song of Life: Lessons, Tips, and Insights for Healing You and Your Universe

The Song of Life: Lessons, Tips, and Insights for Healing You and Your Universe

by George E. Samuels


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Geared toward those who need help or healing, The Song of Life provides twenty-seven lessons to propel you on the path to understanding what is really in your heart and mind. Author George E. Samuels, a spiritual master and coach, can help you become aware of your place in the world.

The Song of Life links you with the universe, as well as the universal consciousness with our own individual consciousness. Offering tips and insights, it helps you to see your connection to more than what you currently see-to open and expand your vision so that you recognize the universe as more than a science project, but instead as an introduction to your universal partnership.

The lessons focus on topics such as letting go, tasting the bitter, affirming the positive, understanding your mental and physical universe, and realizing the importance of meditation in this mix. The Song of Life seeks to help you heal, to show you your place in the universe, and to create a better universe for all.

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ISBN-13: 9781475972887
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/19/2013
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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The Song of Life

Lessons, Tips, and Insights for Healing You and Your Universe
By George E. Samuels

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 George E. Samuels
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-7288-7

Chapter One

Lesson One: You and Your Physical Universe

At a convention, I met Joe who came from a small town in middle USA. He looked lost since this was his first time in Los Angeles. It was the first time he had attended a New Age Spiritual Fair. He had an urging to attend and see why he felt the need to check it out. As he approached my booth, I saw he was nervous with a worried look on his face. I asked him why he was at the Fair. He nervously said, "oh just exploring". Then I asked him "who was he"? He states that his name is Joe. Again I asked him; "who was he? He bewildered said "I do not know". I asked him a second question; "why are you here and on Earth at this time"? Puzzled, he looked at me and said, "I am seeking to know that answer myself". I then stated that I was a spiritual advisor and could help him to find the information he was seeking. So we sat down, and I shared some information with him and also explained to him to meditate on the information he just received. Thanking me, he left to ponder the information he had received.

Why are you here?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Has anyone asked you this question? Have you answered this question? Do you know why you are here? This question has been asked by thousands of seekers on the path to understand why they were born and what are they bringing to the world or what are they to experience, learn, and know in this lifetime. This is for the many people who have come to share their unique gifts with us, and the world. We benefit from these gifted people being here walking amongst us. We say everyone is unique, but it requires us to delve deeper to find out how special because many times it is not that apparent.

How did you arrive?

Yes, we all know you were born, and now you are growing or all grown up. So why are you here? What are you doing here at this time, this lifetime or incarnation? The answer lies within you, and you need to know the answer. One of the lessons is to learn who you are and why you are here. Once you know this then you can understand why you were born this lifetime and will possibly understand your destiny.

Everyone has a birth name, and as a person grows up they try to figure out why they are here and what they are going to do with their lives. The problem lies in what is the truth and what goes beyond assumption. Are you here for one reason or are you here for more than the reason you think. We need to know why we are here to insure we are fulfilling what and why we were born at this time. We are to know what needs to be accomplished while we are here.

So where do we begin?

First let's understand where we are and what we need to begin to learn. We were born to learn lessons and experience life on the Earth plane and have grownup after being nurtured by our parents, extended family, friends, community and local environment. This has caused us to think we are who we are, and why we are here. This has helped stabilize our life so we could grow and prosper in this life. For some, this is quite grounding, and for others there is always a question in our minds as to "is this all there is" or "am I only what I appear to know or is there more I need to know" or "is there more that I need to learn and understand". In everything we do, we learn about ourselves.

For some of us, we are truly satisfied not knowing anymore, and for others we feel we need to learn and know much more which for some appears to be driven by some inner yearning for more information. For others, they are on a quest, to learn the real meaning of their life. For we then ask the question again, why are you here? If you truly want to know, the answer lies within you and you must begin the search within you for that is where the answer can be found.

How do we begin?

You have asked the question and now need to learn the answer. For each person, there is a different answer, but different circumstances will lead you to the same place to ask the question, and you want "your" answer that is for you only. For us to understand and learn this answer we must first understand a few things that we should cover.

See life

Life is everywhere and in everything we see. When you look at things you should see life, living pulsating, breathing, struggling to grow as it comes and goes. As we travel around the world, down to the valley, up to the mountaintop, across the plains, in the desert, across the vast waterways we see all that exists, and it is all-alive.

What do you see?

So what do you see, what can you see and what is it that you do not see? This is a huge statement that needs to be contemplated upon and then questioned, studied and understood, as we perceive the answers. Look real carefully, do you see life, energy, breath, plants breathing, insects running and jumping, animals doing their business, fish flying and things we catch out of the corner of our eyes. We have to look more carefully to see all that was there or here but did not see at first sight.


The physical appearance we can see is so easy that sometimes we take it for granted thinking, is this all there is and negate even what we see to the point that even the physical (what we see in front of our eyes) becomes invisible. It is so magnanimous that we think we cannot take it all in and that we only need to pay attention to that which interest us. Then forget the rest, waiting for the immediate moment we need to see it.

Is that all there is? Do we negate the obvious and the obscure? Do we pay close attention to the obvious and closer attention to the obscure questioning why there is obscurity since some of us have expanded vision, to see much more if not all there is to see? Why do we only see a small portion of what there is to preview? Is this by design or the tunnel of our vision? Is it only what we can handle at this time until we are able to grow and evolve our eyesight to see more?

Some say we see what we want to see and no more. Is this the beginning of our ignoring what is in front of us or besides us or are we only previewing what we can comprehend at the time? Physically we can see as much as our mind and heart allows us to see. This assumes we are looking and wanting to know as opposed to, "I do not care to see anymore". So do we limit our own vision and relegate it to what physically we can see in front of our face?


The physical universe created material, and we can see, feel, touch and sense it extremely easily. Most will say that it is all there is. Some call it the scientific approach and conclude that is all there is. Europeans thought the Earth was flat but that is because that was all they could see. When they decided to go beyond their limited vision, they found out there was much more and it also revealed that there is a multitude of things that are there, that heretofore they could not visualize. Many people say focus on the materials in front of your eyes and they then become attached to what they see as the material universe. They do not care or concern themselves with anything else. They can care less how we got the material, only that it is there and they can see, feel, touch, sense it and they can possess it for themselves as they begin to hoard all the materials they can find.

The belief that material only exist for them, and that they can possess it by any means necessary precludes the facts. In their brains, it only belongs to them under some unwritten rule. Grab all you can because all this material is ours and belongs to us, by any means necessary, some would say. But what is all this material, and who has made it, where did it come from, why is it here? There are those who will say, this is too many questions and state it just belongs to us, and we can have it, so what is missing? Who is all this material for? We know it is for us to live and use and enjoy in our daily lives, and we possess it just for that, and many do not care to know anything else. So what do you think about all of this, as we create more materials, more stuff and more toys?


When we say what do you think, we begin to go to a place outside of the material and beyond the physical barriers and delve into an area that is not by touch, feel, and the visual realm. This place is the mind and we are able to use this tool we associate with as the brain. We have figured how to use this ability called mind and continue to use it. Many connect the mind to the brain, but there are no visible connections we can point out. It is our first real hints that there is something beyond the physical that is invisible to the naked eye, and we have to use this tool to begin to understand what and who we are. Some find this difficult just as some find this easy, but most of us learn to use this invisible tool to begin to understand their physical world around them. I ask the question, can you touch the outer edge of your mind, can you see the mind, do you know where it begins and ends? Many people will ponder that question and reply with no answer. They only just think about it. The brain being a physical device has a multitude of functions. They are vital to life when we consider the nervous system and its functionality. The brain also does cognitive functions that reach beyond the basic physical function and intercedes between the mental functions that permeate our being, functioning every day on the physical plane and invisible to the naked eye using thought processes that emanate in our lives each and every moment.

We know or assume the mind exists but cannot qualify or quantify it. We take it for granted that it is ours, and all of us have this quality to use as required. To some, they view it as a physical tool and material substance (brain) and leave it at that. Scientist try to perceive but are stumped because they focus on the material and physical parts, namely the brain and stop there hoping no one asks the deeper questions that would cause them to go beyond the paper and pencil. Many also know that there is much more than the simple answers but are not sure where to go for the true answer and just speculate with the speculators.


There are those who have "gone beyond" the physical to speculate that there is indeed this connection between the mind and the physical and that the two are naming it the meta-physical. They also conclude the two work harmoniously together connecting, what you see to also what you do not see. To some this is a leap of faith. They know it is the right answer, but others do not care to know the details just that it works that way. We do not need written proof delegating it to the realm of "what is" or "what if" like the chicken and egg theory. While others ponder monkeys as the intelligent evolutionary beings. When you begin to make the connection that we are meta-physical beings, you then realize the earth is not flat but also there is a universe out there to perceive. This is before you realize there is also another universe within your own mind that needs to be perceived first. You can utilize this knowledge to begin to understand much more than what is known such as the heart-love connection.

For all, we know the mind is the universe or is larger than the universe. To know this, we must explore with an attitude, and openness that the earth is round and so is our thinking. There are those whose minds are flat, and it can be discerned in their behavior, how they live and communicate with themselves and each other. There are those who do not want to know anymore, and we must respect their wishes just as those who need or want to know should be able to explore, learn and know more.

When we begin this journey of exploration, it resembles the explorers leaving home to venture out and see what else is out there beyond our physical sight. We begin on a different but similar path, but can go far beyond, and begin to be open to receive and perceive what else there is, that we should see and know. This is an epic journey that begins to lead us to a place we know not, but is all too familiar for us not to know. Question is can we perceive it all and can we learn all we need to know. What is there waiting for us to see or ask. Another question is this our real journey to go beyond to learn our true being, our true meaning in order to answer the question, what else is there to know. Stepping out on faith or a deep yearning we must learn more about whom we are and what is there for us to know.

Tips, Techniques or Insights

Explore your physical universe and begin with you. Look at whom you are, what, why and how you got to this place in time. Look at what you presently see and what you do not. Look at your life and jot down what comes to mind. Reflect on your local environment, where you are currently living. Reflect on what you think about your "present, living conditions, and how you feel about it. What keeps coming to you that you should pay close attention? Ask yourself this question, "is this all there is"? Is there more for me to learn and know? List the things you want to know or learn now.

Chapter Two

Lesson Two: Family and You

The essence of humanity comes from the first man and woman that have bought us to this place via evolution in time. There are now billions of people who live and cover the Earth at this time. Are we whom we say we are or are we something greater? Does the sum of the parts equal to the whole?

Who Am I

Who are you? Can you answer this question? Yes, you can tell me your name without any hesitation and for most this appears to be sufficient. Again, who are you I continue to ask? What is the correct answer?

On the temple door it is written, "who am I"?

What does it mean and why do I ask? What is hidden, what is revealed? It is part of knowing who you truly are, and why are you here. Many people are being born at this time. They must learn to understand more about whom they are along with additional information, as to why they were born at this time. There are those who have tried to learn about themselves beyond what they can see in the mirror physically. They are gaining insight into information that will help them eventually. Am I the ego, or not the ego, namely who do I think I am. Am I some fancy title someone gave or told to me? Am I just this body or this mind? This is an essential step to learning or perceiving who you truly are.

So who are you, I ask again.

The answer is within, and when you ask the question you begin to look beyond the obvious, to understand more that is revealed when you begin to meditate on this very question. Seeking the answer will begin to open your mind to the possibly that there is more to learn about your life. For some, the answer will come easily, for some they will have to keep asking until they receive the answer and for others they will need some assistance to be able to get the correct answer. For most, this is about remembering!

Being You

In order to be you, you are requested to learn more about you. First you know the name that your parents gave you, and then as you begin to learn more and search for more information you are required to learn whom you are. Once that is completed you will begin to understand more, and you can begin to remember more that will help you to being and becoming you. Being you, will be one of the lessons learned that will provide an insight, and begin to assist you in explaining why you are here walking the Earth at this time. Many people wonder and question their existence because they think or sense there is more to know and remember.

You ask the question, how does knowing whom I am, will help me? Knowing who you are will provide information that will give you the ability to see and know more than you normally may have not realized, about yourself. This can make the difference between answering questions you had as a child or inner questions you may have that until now has not been answered. When many people receive answers, it helps complete those unanswered questions we seek. This can have a dramatically positive effect or affirmative agreement that they needed confirming. Have you felt like there was more in your life you needed to know and/or understand? The answers could provide a sense of satisfaction, completing an essential task that has finally been accomplished.


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