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The Social Power of Music

The Social Power of Music


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Product Details

Release Date: 02/22/2019
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
UPC: 0093074023129
catalogNumber: 74023
Rank: 147761


Disc 1

  1. We Shall Overcome
  2. This Land is Your Land
  3. De Colores/(Made) of Colors
  4. Union Maid
  5. If I Had a Hammer
  6. Reclaim the Night
  7. Estoy Aquí (I Am Here)
  8. Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)
  9. We Are the Children
  10. I Woke Up This Morning
  11. I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die
  12. El Pobre Sigue Sufriendo (The Poor Keep On Suffering)
  13. Ballad of the ERA
  14. Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
  15. Blowing in the Wind
  16. Quihubo Raza (What's Happening People)
  17. Solidarity Forever
  18. Joe Hill
  19. Joaquin Murrieta
  20. Which Side Are You On?
  21. Legal/Illegal
  22. It Isn't Nice

Disc 2

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Come by Here
  3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  4. Peace In The Valley
  5. Many Eagle Set Sun Dance Song
  6. Zuni Rain Dance
  7. Calvary
  8. The Northfield
  9. The Call to Prayer/Adhan
  10. Zikr (Excerpt)
  11. Buddhist Chants and Prayers
  12. Kol Nidre
  13. Dayeinu
  14. Night Chant
  15. Hark, Hark
  16. The Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  17. The Old Rugged Cross
  18. Madre de Dolores
  19. San Miguel (Saint Michael)
  20. I'll Fly Away

Disc 3

  1. Party Down at the Blue Angel Club
  2. San Antonio Rose
  3. Jolie blonde
  4. Shake Your Moneymaker
  5. Beer-Drinking Polka
  6. In Heaven There Is No Beer
  7. SAM (Get Down)
  8. Golden Slippers/The Butterfly Whirl
  9. Sligo Indians/Paddy Clancy's/Larry Redican's/The Rambling Pitchfork
  10. La entrega de los novios
  11. Rock Dance Song (Cree/Metis)
  12. Pow Wow Song
  13. Mary Mack
  14. Johnny Cuckoo
  15. Rooster Call
  16. Joy to the World
  17. Oylupnuv Obrutch (The Broken Hoop Song)
  18. Liberty Funeral March
  19. Junkanoos #1
  20. The Star Spangled Banner
  21. Mardi Gras Medley (Excerpt)

Disc 4

  1. Viva la Quince Brigada
  2. Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful)
  3. A Desalambrar (Tear Down the Fences)
  4. Muato Mua N’Gola (Women of Angola)
  5. Un gigante que despierta
  6. Hasret
  7. Prisioneros somos
  8. Funeral do lavrador
  9. Izakunyatheli Afrika Verwoerd (Africa Is Going to Trample on You, Verwo
  10. The Boy with the Sunlit Smile
  11. Hidup di Bui
  12. Man and Buffalo (Kon Gap Kwai)
  13. Why Need We Cry?
  14. El Palomo (The Dove)
  15. Hvem Sidder Dér Bag Skærmen (The Roadmaker)
  16. Mon’ etu ua Kassule
  17. Le temps des cerises
  18. Chongsun Arirang
  19. The Passport
  20. Inno della Resistenza

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mike Auldridge   Dobro
Clifton Chenier   Accordion,Vocals
Ewan MacColl   Vocals
Hazel Dickens   Vocals
Woody Guthrie   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Seeger   Vocals
Peggy Seeger   Concertina,Vocals
Pete Seeger   Banjo,Vocals
Happy Traum   Guitar,Vocals
Yves Montand   Vocals
Paul Robeson   Vocals
Chambers Brothers   Vocals
Paul Barbarin   Snare Drums
Barbara Dane   Vocals
Alma   Guitar,Vocals
Almanac Singers   Vocals
Sammy Walker   Guitar,Vocals
Lilly Tchiumba   Vocals
Ray Park   Fiddle
Alan Mills   Vocals
Suni Paz   Guitar,Vocals,Charango
Kristen Lems   Guitar,Vocals
Mikis Theodorakis   Performing Ensemble
Vern Williams   Mandolin,Vocals
Zelia Barbosa   Vocals
Inger Nielsen   Guitar,Vocals
Raasche   Vocals
Freedom Singers   Vocals
Joe Glazer   Guitar,Vocals
Fannie Lou Hamer   Vocals
Marcel Khalife   Vocals,Oud
Kermit Ruffins   Trumpet
Nieves Quintero   cuatro
Joseph Allen   Drums
Leonard Allen   Saw
Keith Anderson   Trombone
Kenneth Austin   Snare Drums
Lucien Barbarin   Trombone
Arella Barlev   Tambourine,Vocals
Gloria Itman M.A. Blum   Tambourine,Vocals
Willie Chambers   Guitar
Cleveland Chenier   Rubboard
Maynard Chatters   Trombone
C.J. Chenier   Alto Saxophone
Tony DeMarco   Fiddle
Joseph Dean   Vocals
Flaco Jiménez   Accordion
Philip Frazier   Tuba
Rumel Fuentes   Guitar,Vocals
Alice Gerrard   Vocals
Tom Gray   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Lamar Grier   Vocals
Max Hediguer   Bass
Monroe Jones   Guitar
Roger Lewis   Alto Saxophone
Keith Little   Banjo,Vocals
Calum MacColl   Guitar
Rose Maddox   Vocals
Molly Mason   Dulcimer
Quincy McCrary   Organ,Moog Synthesizer,fender rhodes
Country Joe McDonald   Guitar,Kazoo,Vocals
John Mealing   Vocals
Alvin Nichols   Bass
Robert Peter   Drums
Austin Pitre   Accordion,Vocals
Clyde Price   Vocals
Robert Pulliam   Tenor Saxophone
Archie Reynolds   Vocals
J.D. Rhynes   Bass
Sherman Robertson   Guitar
Tracy Schwarz   Vocals
Booker Sidgrave   Drums
Jay Ungar   Banjo,Viola
Delbert Williams   Guitar,Vocals
J.B. Williams   Vocals
Willie Young   Tenor Saxophone
Wendell Brunious   Trumpet
Pepe Sanchez   Guitar
Lorenzo Martinez   Fiddle,Vocals
Elizabeth Mitchell   Vocals
Bruce White   Drums,Vocals
David Harris   Trombone
Maria Farantouri   Vocals
David Jimenez   Drums
Dwayne Burns   Trumpet
Max Baca   Bajo Sexto
Quetzal Flores   Requinto
Cayetano Hingle   Bass Drums
Vilson Vasconcelos   Ungal
Indian Bottom Association Members   Vocals
Leon Sam   Organ,Vocals
Gil Turner   Guitar,Vocals
Nobuko Miyamoto   Vocals
Pete White   Drums,Vocals
Princely Players   Vocals
Tu Huyen   Vocals
Clem Waldmann   Percussion,Drums
Leo J. Wilkie   Drums,Vocals
Fionn Ó Lochlainn   Guitar
Hai Phat   Vocals
Tylana Enomoto   Violin
Andy Mendoza   Drums
Ramiro Fernandez   Bombo
Kerry Lewis   Baritone Saxophone
Charles Allen   Maracas
Dave Bradley   Bass
Gardner Ray Green   Trumpet
Andrés Jiménez   Guitar,Vocals
Augustin Lira   Guitar,Vocals
Cornelius Wright   Bandleader
Edgar Aguilar "El Narquillo"   Bongos,Vocals
Peter Jacobsen   Cello
Nelson Serra DeCastro   Percussion
Boni Raposo   Drums,Djembe,Guira,Atabal
Martha González   Vocals
Joe Fayant   Drums,Vocals
Alice Atherton   Piano
Lester Bradley   Guitar,Bird Calls
Nina Paulino   Vocals
Calvin Sam   Rubboard
Glen Sam   Bass
Rodney Sam   Drums
Ravi Knypstra   Bass,Vocals
Douglas Kingbird   Drums,Vocals
Randy Kingbird   Drums,Vocals
Hai Dat   Vocals
John Little John   Guitar,Vocals
Janie Hunter   Vocals
Bobbie McGee   Guitar,Vocals
Francia Reyes   Vocals
Daniel Littleton   Guitar,Piano
Alan Bennett   Banjo
Paschall Brothers   Vocals
Delores Dixion   Guitar,Vocals
Óscar García   Bass
Greg Gilbertson   Guitar
William Johnson   Vocals
Alan Booth   Piano
Eduardo Canto   Viola
Storey Littleton   Vocals
Alejandro Tenore   Conga
Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy   Guitar,Vocals
Junior Lopez   Viola
Gregory Stafford   Trumpet
Grupo Mancotal   Guitar,Vocals
Reginald Stewart   Trombone
Miguel Poventud   Quinto
Carl Sam   Guitar
Jo Zettler   Vocals
Gabriel González   Vocals
Armando Ibarra   Bombo
Papi Andino   Bongos
Dimitri Smith   Sousaphone
Keith Frazier   Cymbals,Contrabass Drum
Alonzo Johnson   Bass
Camilo Moreno   Guira,Tambor,Maracones
Chris Lijima   Guitar,Vocals
Cava González   Vocals
Raul Martinez   Flute
Jose Tenorio   Drums
Michael White   Clarinet
Melike Demirag   Vocals
Juan Pérez   Bass
Daniel Farrow   Tenor Saxophone
Allen Jones   Background Vocals
Patricia Wells Solorzano   Guitar,Vocals
Sandoval Begay   Vocals
Luis Godoy   Guitar,Vocals
Choir of Fln Fighters   Choir, Chorus
Ahmad Al Alawi   Vocals
Tam Thu   Vocals
Cantor Abraham Brun   Organ,Guitar,Vocals
Sixto Cajina M.   Cello
Robyn Selman   Background Vocals
Ramón Febre   Timbales
Pedro Nieves   Bass
Pat Mackenzie   Background Vocals
Odis Brown   Vocals
Weimar Serrano   Piano
Warren Cesar   Trumpet
Sue Norwell   Background Vocals
Slendang Betawi   Vocals
Charlie Vinson   Background Vocals
Bruce Bollerud   Accordion,Vocals
Alvaro Trigueiros   Cabasa
Raquel Chaves   Guitar
Elder Brown   Background Vocals
Kenneth Rahming   Conga
Craig Kitchens   Guitar
Marilyn Evans   Background Vocals
Marcel Robidas   Fiddle
Manuel Sanches   Ngoma
Luis Emilio Martinez Rodriguez   Bass
William "Charlie" Chin   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
K. Wendall Whitford   Fiddle
Junior Davey   Bodhran
Joe Whym   Claves
Joe Gloro   Accordion
Harold Gonzalez Herrera   Saxophone
Gambang Kromong   Vocals
Francis Eagle Heart Cree   Drums,Vocals
Francia De La Cruz   Vocals
Flora Santiago   Guiro
Bob Cohen   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Ewan MacColl   Composer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Malvina Reynolds   Composer
Peggy Seeger   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Yves Montand   Instrumentation
Barbara Dane   Composer
Earl Robinson   Composer
John Hall   Composer
Lilly Tchiumba   Composer
Suni Paz   Composer,Dance Steps
Kristen Lems   Composer
Mikis Theodorakis   Composer
Marcel Khalife   Composer
Robert Blum   Instrumentation
Joshua David Burk   Instrumentation
Rumel Fuentes   Composer
Douglas Gerstein MD   Instrumentation
Lee Hays   Composer
Liya Kushnirskaya Hoefling   Instrumentation
David Multack   Instrumentation
John Newton   Composer
Jeff Place   Producer,Writer,Essay
Nathan Segal   Instrumentation
Isaac Watts   Composer
Clark Welsh   Instrumentation
David Wise   Instrumentation
Roberta Wollons PhD   Instrumentation
Deborah Wong   Writer,Essay
Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey   Composer
Anthony Seeger   Writer,Essay
Albert E. Brumley   Composer
Chico Buarque de Hollanda   Composer
Quetzal Flores   Composer
Jeremiah Ingalls   Composer
Juan Mata   Composer
Huib Schippers   Director,Producer,Writer,Essay
Antoine Renard   Composer
Osvaldo Torres   Composer
Brendan Behan   Composer
George Bernard   Composer
Ralph Chaplin   Composer
Joao Cabral de Melo Neto   Composer
Nobuko Miyamoto   Composer
Ruy Mingas   Composer
Tu Huyen   Instrumentation
Mahmoud Darwish   Composer
Hai Phat   Instrumentation
D.A. Sonneborn   Writer,Essay
Jean Baptiste Clement   Composer
Andrés Jiménez   Composer
Augustin Lira   Composer
Martin Hoffman   Composer
Hai Dat   Instrumentation
Charles H. Gabriel   Composer
Florence Reece   Composer
Jack Manischewitz   Writer
Sanar Yurdatapan   Composer
Alfred Hayes   Composer
Jeppe Aakjær   Composer
Daniel Read   Composer
Mohamed Fawzi   Composer
Mario de Andrade   Composer
Joe McDonald   Composer
Robert Dylan   Composer
Cuarto Menguante   Producer
Ada Habershon   Composer
Chris Lijima   Composer
Moufdi Zakaria   Composer
Melike Demirag   Instrumentation
Wallace Willis   Composer
Bartje Van Houten   Composer
Meredith Holmgren   Writer
Vasilis Rotas   Composer
Robert Zellner   Arranger
Hakki Yucel   Composer
Luis Godoy   Composer
Tam Thu   Instrumentation
Aubrey Swartz   Instrumentation
Sabrina Lynn Motley   Director,Writer
Visa Kantap   Composer
Somkit Singson   Composer
Barry Blum   Instrumentation
Minerva Wills   Composer

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