The Sins of King David: A New History of a Biblical Icon

The Sins of King David: A New History of a Biblical Icon

by Gary Greenberg


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The common view of King David is of a young boy full of courage, piety and humility who grew to be a goodly king. Not so, writes Gary Greenberg in this stunning history of the world�s most beloved monarch. In actuality, David arranged the murder of Saul, the popular first king of Israel; had Saul�s seven sons hanged; did not slay Goliath; and had an affair with Bathsheba, impregnated her, and arranged the murder of her husband. Finally, David allied himself with the Philistines, the enemies of Israel. In sum, he was deceitful, corrupt, a tyrant and a murderer.

Drawing on the latest historical research, as well as detailed biblical analysis, this book represents a groundbreaking new look at one of our culture�s most revered figures. Greenberg takes a fresh look at the biblical stories of David, unraveling the written skeins and hidden truths that weave through the biblical texts.

About the Author: Gary Greenberg is president of the Biblical Archeology Society of New York and author of 101 Myths of the Bible and The Moses Mystery: The African Origins of the Jewish People. He is a Senior Trial Attorney for the Criminal Division of the Legal Aid Society in New York City, where he lives.

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