The Singles

The Singles

by GirlschoolGirlschool


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Although the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement was certainly male-dominated, that's not to say females didn't have their say too, as evidenced by the emergence of Girlschool at this time. Picture a heavier Runaways and you're not far off from the sound/style/approach Girlschool specialized in. And with their early releases becoming increasingly difficult to locate nowadays, a compilation such as the 2007 double-disc set The Singles comes in quite handy. The collection weighs in at a hefty 37 tracks total, and you'll quickly discover that Girlschool rocked just as ferociously as their male counterparts, and that the majority of their tunes had more in common with punk (in other words, few extended solos or fairy/dragon-esque lyrics are included). What you get is straight-to-the-point, kickass rock & roll -- as proven by a pair of tunes that see Girlschool paired with Motörhead ("Please Don't Touch" and a cover of Motörhead's "Bomber"). No ballads here, folks -- just loud and proud rock & roll, as heard on such standouts as "Take It All Away," "Emergency," "Nothing to Lose," and "C'mon Let's Go." While the world seemed transfixed by such melodic radio-friendly female rockers as Pat Benatar and Blondie during the early '80s, Girlschool were purposely keeping things gritty and raucous -- as heard throughout The Singles.

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Release Date: 06/19/2007
Label: Lemon Records Uk
UPC: 5013929770126
catalogNumber: 101
Rank: 43684


Disc 1

  1. Take It All Away
  2. It Could Be Better
  3. Emergency
  4. Furniture Fire
  5. Nothing to Lose
  6. Baby Doll
  7. Race with the Devil
  8. Take It All Away
  9. Yeah Right
  10. The Hunter
  11. Please Don' Touch (Headgirl)
  12. Bomber
  13. Hit and Run
  14. Tonight
  15. Tush
  16. C'mon Let's Go
  17. Tonight
  18. Demolition

Disc 2

  1. Wildlife
  2. Don't Call It Love
  3. Don't Stop
  4. 1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll
  5. Tush
  6. Don't Call It Love
  7. 1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll
  8. 20th Century Boy
  9. Breaking All the Rules
  10. Like It Like That
  11. Burning in the Heat
  12. Surrender
  13. I'm the Leader of the Gang
  14. Never Too Late
  15. I'm the Leader of the Gang
  16. Head Over Heals
  17. Action
  18. Nothing to Lose
  19. Not for Sale

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