The Seven Motivations of Life: Taking Your Leadership to a Higher Level

The Seven Motivations of Life: Taking Your Leadership to a Higher Level

by Mark Oliver


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The Seven Motivations of Life helps you to answer big questions in your life, such as: who am I and how can I lead myself and others more effectively? This book predicts human behaviours while giving clear and practical ways to be more effective both professionally and personally. It defines the key characteristics of 'being human' while shedding light on common life experiences. This theory gives major and sometimes surprising insights into being human and humanity. It identifies the four, and only four ways, to lead and it fully explains the empirical results of what makes a great leader which were identified by Jim Collins in his bestselling book: GOOD TO GREAT. In many ways, Collins' book provides the facts while this book provides the theory.
For instance, Graham Robertson (VP & MD, McCormick Foods Australia) commented: 'A fascinating simple in concept yet so powerful in its application to leadership learning and development...this book is a fantastic read'

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ISBN-13: 9780244714345
Publication date: 12/14/2018
Pages: 334
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