The Seekers (Krewe of Hunters Series #28)

The Seekers (Krewe of Hunters Series #28)

by Heather Graham

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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Kerri Wolf has joined the crew of The Seekers, a show that searches for paranormal phenomena, as they explore a supposedly haunted old inn on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The place is famous for its warm welcome—and infamous for being the site of an ax murder rampage in the 1920s. They’ve barely begun when a very real dead body is discovered in the basement. As a nonfiction author, Kerri is supposed to be the rational one, but she can’t explain a terrifying apparition that seems to be both a threat and a warning.

Former detective Joe Dunhill knows what she’s going through—the strange gift of being able to see and talk to the dead is a struggle he shares. A new member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, he’s on the team investigating the disturbing death. The town is steeped in old-fashioned superstition, and the deeper Joe and Kerri plunge into the dark secrets of the inn, the closer they get to a devastating truth. Will a bloody history be repeated? Or can the spirits of the past reach out to stop a killer?

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ISBN-13: 9780778309840
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 07/23/2019
Series: Krewe of Hunters Series , #28
Edition description: Original
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 13,011
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham has written more than a hundred novels. She's a winner of the RWA's Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Thriller Writers' Silver Bullet. She is an active member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. For more information, check out her websites:,, and You can also find Heather on Facebook.

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"The bodies were found in rooms throughout the inn. Four men, three women, each bludgeoned repeatedly with an ax, no fewer than ten blows on the least battered victim. Most lay sleeping in the rooms they had taken for the night. The proprietor, John Newby, was found behind the bar that served the tavern. It was also where he kept his books for his overnight guests.

"The coroner brought in several men to serve as witnesses in the subsequent inquest — Creighton Mariner, a journalist, Frank Gold, a local butcher, and local farmers Grant Fisher, Ethan Guttenberg and Bjorn Muller. Mariner wrote, 'The killings were so frenzied and brutal that blood and brain matter were found in many a room. Truly, the sight was so gruesome one could only think of the work of a demonic hellhound. Yet, none of this compared to the discoveries deep in the basement where it came to light that John Newby was ridding himself of unwanted servants and guests in the most ghastly way possible.'"

Keri Wolf, sitting at one of the hardwood tables in the Miller Inn and Tavern of York County, Pennsylvania, watched as Brad Holden gave his dramatic intro to the camera. She'd just met the man in person, but his ghost-hunter series had apparently become one of the hottest shows being independently produced on the internet. He had started off modestly, and — whether or not any of his "discoveries" were really true — he had managed, with his small group of paranormal investigators, to create his immense audience on his own. He was a slim, handsome, charismatic man, and it was easy to see how his enthusiasm transferred to a large audience onscreen.

So large, in fact, he had a second special guest on this investigation besides Keri: the popular young actor Carl Brentwood, fresh off his video documentary of the McLane House in Charleston. Carl had been so successful with his shows filmed at the McLane House that, if she was correct in reading between the lines, he had purchased the old Miller Inn and Tavern where they were "investigating" reports of paranormal activity today.

She was sure Brad's charm had been convincing when he'd approached Carmen Menendez, Keri's publicity agent, about joining in on this investigation. Which basically amounted to spending the night with ghost hunters at an inn where one of the most horrific crimes of the twentieth century had taken place. The exposure of working with the Truth Seekers could bring publicity for her books that could not be purchased at any price, Brad had promised.

Keri was equally sure that Carl, the enthusiastic young heartthrob, being involved had also swayed Carmen into thinking this was a guaranteed, amazing publicity opportunity, and it would be an exceptionally effective way to sell books.

And of course, it would be. Keri glanced across the table. Carl was seated with her; they were both to speak for the intro.

Also, at the table was Spencer Atkins, the man who had sold the historic inn to Carl. He had promised Carl to help him in any way, except for speaking during any project that had to do with ghosts or the paranormal. Atkins was still a nice man — Carl owned the property now and could do what he wanted, and he was welcome to lean in to the paranormal if he wanted. Atkins just wasn't going to be part of it. Atkins was simply watching the beginning of the project out of curiosity, and was due to head out at any time for an appointment in Philadelphia. He observed Brad Holden with patience and amusement.

Carl had planned this episode with a great deal of enthusiasm. He was a believer. He glanced at Keri and smiled and gave her a thumbs-up; she had to smile back. Despite his immense popularity and the fact that he certainly had the accolades that would justify him behaving like a true diva, he was simply a very nice young man.

They both glanced back at Brad as he gave the camera one of his big, we're-all-in-this-together smiles and continued, "Welcome, folks, to another fantastic voyage with the Truth Seekers. If you're joining us for the first time, I'm Brad Holden, and I and my fellow Truth Seekers — Eileen Falcon, Mike Lerner, Serena Nelson and Pete Wright — welcome you to our online programming, offering you investigations of myth, legend, perception ... and truth. We feel we'll be bringing you something extremely special with this investigation.

"We're here at the Miller Inn and Tavern, and we'll soon be settling in for the night. We're getting our cameras all set, and dark is falling. Now, the past of this inn is well documented. The building was opened to welcome weary travelers in 1770, just as the ferment of rebellion became strong in the American colonies. It's amazing just to think of those who stopped by — George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and even Patrick Henry stayed here, all enjoying the fabled hospitality of the Miller Inn and Tavern. While the inn already had a reputation for being haunted, luckily for America, those fine men survived."

Brad paused for a dramatic moment, allowing Mike Lerner, working the camera, to lower the lights. Then he continued, "It wasn't until 1926, when several gruesome murders occurred here, that the inn would be placed into the annals of the bizarre and yes, my friends, the paranormal." He turned to Keri, beckoning her before the camera.

Not sure if she should take his hand and smile or run as far as possible from him, Keri stood.

"The exceptionally lovely Keri Wolf, known for her The Way It Happened series, is here to join us for this investigation. Keri can tell us a little more about the history of this inn, her area of expertise, and why she found herself so fascinated by Pennsylvania Dutch hex stories — which led, we're told, to the events of 1926, and our paranormal search of this tavern tonight."

Keri still felt uncertain, but she found herself standing in the pool of light in front of the camera, taking Brad's hand.

Carmen had assured her the group really searched for the explainable — before determining if anything was paranormal.

Everyone knows Carl Brentwood! And Brad Holden is great. His video feeds of The Seekers garner millions of views. Between them, they have a huge audience. If we're lucky, we'll sell a tenth of their numbers in your books!

So, here she was.

She tried to smile as charmingly as Brad before speaking.

"We're between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh here, Brad, and as you said, there are many stories that go with the tavern, but the main story is this — on the night of June 27, 1926, a killer came in and brutally took the lives of seven people, among them Mr. Newby, the proprietor. The coroner, who was also the sheriff of the small county at the time, brought in five men to help with the inquest. In their thorough search of the premises, they discovered Newby had kept a torture chamber in his basement, along with all manner of paraphernalia dealing with witchcraft and Satanism."

"So, folks," Brad continued, "we'll be doing a thorough, room-by-room investigation. Our cameras are set to record throughout the tavern, including the infamous basement chamber, where it is estimated Newby tortured and killed at least ten young men and women, covered the remains with lime and buried them beneath the floor."

He was about to cut the introductory segment, so Keri spoke up quickly. "It's a complex and incredibly sad story, whether ghosts do or do not inhabit the tavern. It's believed Hank Bergen, the father of a young serving girl who had disappeared, lost his mind in rage and committed all the killings when he suspected Newby wasn't the respectable man he pretended to be. Bergen was caught by a lynch mob, and his guilt or innocence was never determined in a court of law.

"This story is further complicated by the fact the term Pennsylvania Dutch comes from Pennsylvania Deutsche and actually refers to the German population that settled this region. At the time of the incident, some locals had a strong belief that some of their neighbors were practicing witches. It was known Newby was of this creed. But until his chamber of horrors was discovered, it wasn't known that he'd also been an avid student of Aleister Crowley, the British occultist, taking to extremes the tenet do what thou wilt.

"As I said, the belief at the time and in the region in certain kinds of witchcraft — and the ability of one man to hex another — were broad. But the concepts espoused by Crowley and Newby's actual practice of Satanism were not in any way general. To this day, we don't know if Hank Bergen was the killer, or why he would kill the innocent guests at the tavern if he believed Newby had been the one to kill his daughter."

"And of course," Brad said, "you're researching that crime at this moment, with us here at the tavern. The spirit of Beatrice Bergen is one that many guests at the Miller Inn and Tavern have reported seeing. A young woman in a white dress, weeping. She's trapped between worlds, seeking justice for her death. Maybe the ghosts of the dead will come out, as so many guests have believed, and help you on your quest. Thank you, thank you ... And now!" Brad turned from her. "On to our man of the hour, the amazing Mr. Carl Brentwood."

Carl joined them in front of the camera. Keri was ready to slink back to her chair, but Carl grabbed her hand. "So, friends, rumor thus far, but true — I recently purchased the tavern, and that's how we've come to be here today. The historic value of this property is immense, and the possibility of it falling into disrepair was appalling to me. But since I've discovered so much lately about the paranormal, it seemed we needed to discover all the truths behind this fantastic place before doing a bit of upgrading and opening it to travelers from around the globe again.

"We won't be leaving here tonight. We'll be taking turns grabbing a few hours of sleep upstairs in room 207, where two of the victims were killed. Soon, all the rooms, including 207, will be available for those intrepid travelers who want to take a detour into a little piece of history — and mystery!"

"And that's it for our intro. We're working on our setup," Brad said. "Please join us again tonight, when we'll be showing live feed from the tavern as we turn on our screens from every room. With Keri and Carl, we'll investigate records and do our very best to discern the truth — and allow Carl to restore this place to its Colonial heritage."

"With upgrades, of course. Wi-Fi in every room, and private showers," Carl said.

"Historic and modern," Brad said. "Join us tonight!" Mike Lerner, who had started Truth Seekers with Brad, knew when to cut the video. He smiled at them all. "Great, guys. I really think this will be one of our best."

"We're really thrilled you're here," Carl told Keri. He looked over at Spencer Atkins. "I mean, she is a voice of reason and history, right?"

Atkins stood. He was a dignified man of about fifty, with a lean, straight build, and a cap of snow-white hair. "She is," he agreed. "And I'm glad to see you all here and happy — even if I admit I think it's a little crazy. I'm so pleased that Carl intends to do what I just couldn't quite manage, modernize while keeping the integrity of the place as an inn. Anyway, I must go, but ..." He paused and turned to Carl. "Any real questions that we might not have covered, please, call me."

They bid him goodbye. He smiled and waved, and then he was gone.

Brad turned back to Keri with an immense smile. "Seriously, so glad you're here."

"Grateful!" Carl said.

"I'm honored you asked me," Keri told him. "I'm curious, though. I don't think ghosts are going to pop up and tell us how they were killed. What are you hoping to find here?"

"Oh, Keri," Brad said. "There are so many reports of activity at this place. Lights going on and off. One lady woke up screaming. Spencer had to do some major damage control because she woke up in the middle of the night to see a man standing over her bed with an ax. She left in the middle of the night, and the closest hotel is miles and miles away. Some people began to believe that the inn was haunted — and others feared that a real killer was alive and well and 'haunting' the place with a real axe. Unfortunate circumstances."

"Sounds like she might have been the victim of a terrible nightmare or sleep paralysis," Keri said.

Carl shook his head. "Furniture moves around. Water just starts running. The ghost of Newby has been seen behind the bar. Trust me, I spent a fair amount of time talking with Spencer Atkins before I bought the place. He wouldn't sell if he didn't believe in the buyer. He loves this tavern, but he didn't have the backing he needed to restore and update. He told me about all kinds of things that supposedly happened here. There's a story of a ghost in 210, as well. A young woman who took her own life when she learned her fiancé had been killed in a duel. There was another murder out in the woods, that was about 1840, and ... The inn is rich in paranormal activity, trust me."

Brad took up the story. "People have seen things ... Before Spencer restored the basement, it was used for storage. Bar workers refused to go down alone or at night. They felt cold hands on them. One woman swore she was pushed down the stairs, and she was convinced only her screams brought help before the ghost could kill her."

"Keri, I have experienced things personally," Carl said earnestly. "Honestly, what I've seen is what made me buy this place. I saw the ad for it right after I left Savannah. I saw very strange things at McLane House there, and somehow, through it all, real, contemporary murders were solved." He gave her his famous boyish smile. "And we'll have fun, too. I had caterers bring in all kinds of food. Room 207 is all set up for us to talk and rest and whatever."

She'd heard about the events at McLane House in Savannah. But she didn't know what had been the result of good detective work and what might have been imagined or embellished by the media.

It wasn't that she wasn't open to possibilities — she was. But especially in her research, she had met so many people who were out-and-out shams that she naturally entertained the concept of finding ghosts with a great deal of skepticism.

"You know how we work, right?" Brad asked her, as if reading her mind.

Carl spoke before Keri could answer. "I chose these guys very carefully."

"We always check first for what we can explain," Brad said. "Shorts in electricity that make lights flicker, nearby train tracks that make furniture rattle ..."

"Of course," Keri said, smiling.

"We have to get going. Setting up our cameras and all that," Mike said. He smiled. "So, Keri, we'll get you into the little room off the bar there, and then, Carl, you might want to come with us. We'll be setting cameras just about everywhere and our monitors right there, at the table, where you two were sitting while Carl talked."

"Great," Keri said.

The rest of Brad's crew came into the room. She had to admit, she liked them all. Mike, of course, was the first of them she had met. He was the oldest member of their crew at forty, and resembled something of a modern-day pirate — bald with a gold hoop in one ear. Serena Nelson was in her midthirties, slim, blonde, bubbly and filled with ideas. She had worked as a production assistant for music videos before their ghost-hunting venture had started paying so well that they all worked only for Truth Seekers. Eileen Falcon was their steadfast rock, in her late twenties, and serious as the light of day. Pete Wright and Eileen were apparently a couple; Pete, in his early thirties, was a grounded man.

"Super intro, watched it on my cell phone," Serena said. "This is great. Carl, have we thanked you enough? Just the intro is flying off the charts. You wouldn't believe the viewers."

"Wonderful," Carl said.

"Okay, let's get to camera setups."

"I'll be here, setting the video feeds," Mike said.

"Pete and I will take the upstairs rooms," Eileen said.

"Okay, Mike, you're setting up here," Brad said. "I'll get the museum room, and Serena, if you wait, you and I will do the basement together. Carl, you've got to see it. Spencer did have a good plan for a horror house — he just didn't have the backing to get it going, but what he's done with the basement is damned eerie. There were all kinds of police photos from the day, and he's restored the basement so it looks just like it did in 1926."

"Creepy. I'm not going to be doing a horror house," Carl said. "I really do respect the history of this place, but I guess for the show ..."

"For a paranormal investigation, a reproduction of a horror chamber is super," Serena said.

"Come on. I'll get you started in the museum," Brad told Keri.


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The Seekers 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
another excellent book in the series.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Enjoyable read. Great plot, unexpected twists, romance everything you could want in a book. I love Heather Graham novels.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Heather Graham & Krewe of Hunters never disappoints. As always the story takes you on a great ride, sprinkled with mystery, bits of history and a little Love. :))
Anonymous 18 days ago
love the story line
Jypsylynn 5 months ago
The Seekers is the 28th book in the Krewe of Hunters series. That's a lot of books! I'm not familiar with the series at all, but I was able to read this as a standalone fairly well. The premise is unique and exciting with this group of people who travel around and kind of catch or capture ghosts. It's definitely different in a good way. There are historical tidbits throughout that were informative and interesting. The characters are well developed and likeable, but I think some background information would have been helpful. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I can understand why this series is popular. I need to catch up and read the rest of the series now! Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
BuckeyeAngel 5 months ago
Keri Wolf has joined the crew of The Seekers, a show that searches for paranormal phenomena, as they explore a supposedly haunted old inn on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The place is famous for its warm welcome—and infamous for being the site of an ax murder rampage in the 1920s. They’ve barely begun when a very real dead body is discovered in the basement. As a nonfiction author, Keri is supposed to be the rational one, but she can’t explain a terrifying apparition that seems to be both a threat and a warning. Former detective Joe Dunhill knows what she’s going through—the strange gift of being able to see and talk to the dead is a struggle he shares. A new member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, he’s on the team investigating the disturbing death. The town is steeped in old-fashioned superstition, and the deeper Joe and Keri plunge into the dark secrets of the inn, the closer they get to a devastating truth. Will a bloody history be repeated? Or can the spirits of the past reach out to stop a killer? This was a pretty good book. It was a mystery with some paranormal activity mixed in. There were some times where it was a little slow but that didn’t deter from the story. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
BuckeyeAngel 5 months ago
Keri Wolf has joined the crew of The Seekers, a show that searches for paranormal phenomena, as they explore a supposedly haunted old inn on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The place is famous for its warm welcome—and infamous for being the site of an ax murder rampage in the 1920s. They’ve barely begun when a very real dead body is discovered in the basement. As a nonfiction author, Keri is supposed to be the rational one, but she can’t explain a terrifying apparition that seems to be both a threat and a warning. Former detective Joe Dunhill knows what she’s going through—the strange gift of being able to see and talk to the dead is a struggle he shares. A new member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, he’s on the team investigating the disturbing death. The town is steeped in old-fashioned superstition, and the deeper Joe and Keri plunge into the dark secrets of the inn, the closer they get to a devastating truth. Will a bloody history be repeated? Or can the spirits of the past reach out to stop a killer? This was a pretty good book. It was a mystery with some paranormal activity mixed in. There were some times where it was a little slow but that didn’t deter from the story. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Anonymous 6 months ago
The backstory of a television crew that is investigating a haunted house for a tv series is a unique setting for a murder mystery. It comes with a set of characters ready built to keep the story moving quickly. Add in a new murder that is discovered by the tv crew and you've got the perfect reason to bring in an investigative team that specializes in paranormal. Heather Graham has blended these two casts of characters perfectly. Their differences color the first few chapters until they find they have much more in common than anyone of them might have thought. Combining their efforts keeps the investigation on track. This was a great read with the central characters' questions answered at the end. Is there a ghost or not?
Anonymous 6 months ago
This is book #28 in Krewe Hunters series. It is the first book I have read in the series. I expected this book to be a little more spooky than it was but overall not a bad read. I would say this is a paranormal mystery book. It is a light and easy read for the summer. I received an ARC of the book.
MalkaShayna 6 months ago
I have been a fan of the author's work for decades, since I read the Florida historical romance novels in the early 1980s, under her alias, Shannon Drake. Her novels are all well researched and written with fascinating details, intriguing plots and captivating characters. So it is with the Krewe of Hunters. While this book can be read as a stand alone, since the author provides in the dialogue a short history of the Krew of Hunters, it is better to read a series from the beginning. The Truth Seekers is a show that searches for paranormal phenomena. Keri Wolf is a writer, who researches and investigates old crimes and is invited by Carl Bentwood, a young actor who was introduced in the previous book, to joined the crew to investigate the Miller Inn and Tavern of York County, Pennsylvania on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, which he had recently purchased. While the Inn had been open in 1770 and had seen many a historical figure in its rooms, in 1926 it was the scene of a mass murder. But the first night, it is not ghosts, but a dead FBI agent that turns up in the basement of the Inn. Since Carl had recently worked with Dallas Wicker and Joe Dunhill,in the McClane House investigation, he requests their help. It was in the last book, that Joe discovered he can see and talk to ghosts, so he can connect with Keri who discovers that she isn't hallucinating, but also has that ability. Joe and Keri connect in other ways too. The story moves at a fast pace, the course is twisted, with clues added along with some red herrings. This action packed page turner is hard to put down.
Aqswr 6 months ago
This just didn’t work well for me and perhaps I should have started earlier in the series rather than at #28. I wanted more paranormal, greater mystery, steeper thrills, tighter storytelling, weirder details and far fewer characters. To me, the characters were indistinguishable. I could not remember which generic name went with which bland personality. So, this story is not terrible but it is average. I know the author has a devoted fan base and that made me really curious. I was hoping to join it. I’m sorry to miss out on the experience. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
cherlym 7 months ago
The seekers started off a little slow for me, but once it figured out where it wanted to go it was an enjoyable mystery with ghost and light romance. As always Heather Graham throws some history in there, enough to snag the interest of the curious. There is a murder or two in the present and ghosts from the past. It was nice for a few visits or mentions of some of the original Krewe and I look forward the the next ghostly sighting. Thank you to Heather Graham, publisher and NetGalley for the arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own and we're unsolicited.
TropicalDelusions 7 months ago
The Seekers – Heather Graham The FBI’s elite Krewe of Hunters returns in yet another paranormal adventure! Joe Dunhill, former Savannah Detective, is the newest member of the Krewe of Hunters. After having a bit of unexpected paranormal help in solving his last case, and seeking to put his new talent to use, he is tagging along with agent Dallas Wicker as they investigate their latest case. Keri Wolf is a writer who researches historical crimes and then documents her findings. She has been invited to witness and document the exploration into an old building in York, Philadelphia where a mass murderer reportedly lived and killed his prey. The historical story includes the death of a young woman at the hands of the innkeeper, and her father, so deranged from grief, then killed him and massacred the other inn inhabitants, with restless ghosts still haunting the Inn. Along with the new owner, Carl Brentwood, and the “Truth Seekers’, a crew of paranormal investigators, they also plan to try to validate the haunting. Shortly after Keri’s arrival, a woman is found dead in the basement of the old inn, her body splayed out on an altar of sorts, covered in blood. She also sees another figure, a woman in white, staring at the body with tears running down her face… before she disappears. The York County Police investigate, led by the abrasive Detective Catrina Billings. When the body is identified as an FBI agent, the Krewe of Hunters is called in to oversee the investigation. As Keri, Carl & the Krewe join forces and share information, they seek answers as to why an FBI agent from NY has become the latest victim of violent crime in PA and begin to suspect a link in their cases somehow. Meanwhile a pair of old ghosts recognize their intent to set the past right, and do their best to steer Keri & Joe in the right direction… Filled with rich history of the area, likeable characters, mystery, paranormal suspense and a touch of romance, this book will hit the spot for paranormal suspense fans everywhere! Great read!! I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.
boclairedesigns 7 months ago
I think reading previous books from the series would have provided background into the unique group of FBI agents that can communicate with the dead. The story was a bit bizarre and very disjointed. There were so many characters that I found the story a bit difficult to follow at times. There was an HEA and some good interaction between Joe and Keri at times. I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher for my honest review.
dlvandruff 7 months ago
The Seekers a paranormal group are excited to look for spirits in an old tavern where multiple murders occurred. When an FBI Agent is found dead in the cellar of the tavern, the big guns are called in. The Krewe Hunters are a group of Agents who have the special ability of being able to see and at times communicate with the dead. This has helped them solve crimes. Joe and Dallas are at the tavern with the Seekers and their true crime historian, Kari. Little do these people know the danger they are about to encounter. The murderers are near but how near will be a life or death situation. A novel of mystery, romance, and murder.
casey710 7 months ago
I don't normally read paranormal stories but this one is almost more mystery than paranormal and its very well-written. I am new to this series but really like the Krew and all the characters although I was a bit surprised that they had some Keystone Cop moments when they should have known better. I would say this is more thrilling than scary but it had its moments of fright done nicely and the balance between solving a murder and dealing with a possible ghost was handled perfectly. Now I need to go back and see how this group started out. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
diane92345 7 months ago
“Miller Tavern has always had a reputation for being haunted. Very bad things happened here, homicidal crazy people...Serial killers before that was a thing.”—from The Seekers Keri is a true crime writer hired to lend gravitas to a ghost hunter show called Truth Seekers. Carl, a young Hollywood A-lister, buys Miller Inn and Tavern. The tavern was the site of a brutal mass murder in 1926. Carl hopes the Truth Seekers will find evidence of ghosts to drive business to his inn. Instead, they find a brutally murdered FBI agent on a replica of the “torture table” in the inn’s basement. The paranormal elements of the tale are used well to propel the plot forward. The romance between two of the characters along with their shared shock at their ability to see ghosts seems genuine. The history of Satanism and hexes was interesting too. My only complaint was my own fault. This is the 28th Krewe of Hunters novel but my first. I spent the first fifth of the book trying to keep the characters straight. The author appears to know this might become an issue by including a Cast of Characters at the beginning. However, many people were cast as walk-ons whose role didn’t warrant my memorizing their name and function. If I had read at least some of the previous entries in the series, this may not have been a problem. If you like an atmospheric ghost story with some history, a small romance, and a slug of mystery, you will enjoy The Seekers. 4 stars! Thanks to Harlequin, Mira, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
Horsebranchjess 7 months ago
The Seekers brings the suspense in the latest Krewe of Hunters novel. With her time and time again proven formula, Heather Graham mixes a creepy mystery with a touch of paranormal and a taste of romance to deliver a page turner of a novel. The latest recruit for the Krewe, Joe joins forces with Dallas to investigate when the body of a fellow FBI agent shows up in a ritualistic looking murder. The agent is found on an altar at in the bottom of a historic inn known for a past mass murder by researcher Keri. Some ghostly appearances later and a trail of creepy clues put Joe and Keri in the path of some psychotic killers. Fast paced and action packed, the story drew me in with the mystery and the budding romance was just icing on the cake for a good read. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
Momma_Becky 7 months ago
It's hard to believe this series is on number 28, and I'm just now finding it. I used to read Heather Graham a lot and got away from the genre for a while, so when I saw this one, I thought I'd check it out. Thankfully, this one seems to stand on its own, at least I didn't feel like I was missing anything as the characters interacted. The story is a little bit crime thriller, a little bit paranormal mystery, and even a little bit romance. It does have a rather slow start, and there are several characters to get to know. We do get a kind of cast of characters summary at the beginning, and that helps but can be a pain to go back and forth to if there are questions. I really enjoyed getting the backstory about the Inn, and the author does a wonderful job of inserting it into the story organically as things progress. I also liked the ghost element, but would've liked to have seen more of that. In the end, I liked the story. I didn't love it, but for me, it fell firmly into the fair to midland range.
Persephonereads 7 months ago
4.5 out of 5 stars Thank you to Netgalley and Harlequin-Mira publishing for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. When I requested this I didn't know this was part of a series but I am glad I didn't know because I am not sure I would have requested it. I don't think you need to have read anything else in the series to be able to follow this. Keri Wolfe is a Non-Fiction writer has recently joined a paranormal investigation show. The show goes to investigate a haunted inn known for axe murders. As they begin to set up they discover the body of an FBI agent. Are the killings starting all over again? Keri and Joe are likable characters that you will definitely root for. If you like romance,mysteries and ghost stories this one will be for you!
Evampire9 7 months ago
The Seekers is a show that searches for paranormal phenomena and Keri Wolf, a non-fiction writer, has joined the crew to investigate an old inn on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The strange gift of being able to see and talk to the dead is a struggle that Keri and former detective Joe Dunhill shares and as a new member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, he’s sent in to investigate when Keri and the crew discover a very real body in the basement. Another fantastic ghostly suspense from this bestselling author, one that sends delightful shivers down the spine and has readers biting their nails in anticipation. All the characters are strong and very vivid which makes it easy for readers to become completely caught up in the story and as for Joe and Keri, well their chemistry is strong and sizzles with lots of intensity. Their relationship is sweet and moves right along, despite all the happenings during the investigation and a makes quite a cheery contrast to the suspense of the plot. The plot takes place at the perfect pace to build up the suspense as clues to the past are hard to come by and the spirits of the past are there to help. Heather Graham has gift for providing the right details and a wonderful setting for her stories which make it easy for readers to picture the story as it happens. Solving the crimes of the past to solve the crimes of the present makes the plot a bit complex and very intriguing and with unexpected surprises filling this adrenaline pumping story, there is no way for the readers to guess who the culprit is.
bamcooks 7 months ago
When I was offered this book by the publisher through NetGalley, I wasn't sure it was a good idea to jump into the 28th book in the series but I took a chance anyway and found I enjoyed this police procedural with paranormal undertones very much. This actually might have been a good book to begin with because a new member is joining the special FBI task force known as the Krewe of Hunters, one Joe Dunhill, late of the Savannah Police Department, who is now going to train with the FBI. Almost all the action in this mystery happens at the Miller Inn and Tavern in York County, PA which is infamous for several grisly murders that were committed there back in 1926. A crew from the hit tv show 'The Truth Seekers' is supposedly there to see whether rumors of ghosts haunting the historic inn might be true. Also there is a true crime writer named Keri Wolf who specializes in digging into historic murder cases to see if she can uncover new facts--in this case, she wants to prove that the man who was killed by a lynch mob for the heinous murders was in fact innocent. At the inn is a museum with a fascinating collection of old photos and newspaper articles she can't wait to explore. Before much work can be done however, a mutilated corpse is found in the basement of the inn, the body of FBI agent Julie Castro who was working on the kidnapping case of a wealthy NY teenager. Why was she brought there? Agent Dallas Wicker of the Krewe of Hunters is brought in to investigate, along with Joe as his consultant, much to the consternation of the local police detective, Catrina Billings. Is it possible that the modern-day murder is somehow connected to the past? If so, could one or more of the inn's ghosts guide them to the truth? The tension in the plot builds nicely as they piece the puzzle together with some good old-fashioned detective work. But can they complete the whole picture before someone else is killed? Some hair-raising situations, well-drawn characters, interesting historical facts and even a little romance complete this fascinating mystery. Many thanks to the publisher for providing me with an arc via NetGalley for an honest review. I've found a new series to enjoy reading!
nku 8 months ago
The Seekers (Krewe of Hunters #28) by Heather Graham ...Only five stars...are you kidding me?... Thanks to the publisher and #NetGalley for allowing me to preview this book. I don't know where to start..I can't say enough about how I love the KREWE OF HUNTERS books. This one kept me on my toes and I hated to even sleep til I finished it. Joe Dunhill (former detective and almost KREWE member) Keri Wolf (author of books solving old historical crimes) Dallas Wicker (FBI agent with the Krewe..showing Joe the ropes) Carl Brentwood ( actor who bought the Miller Inn and Tavern) Brad Holden( creator and host of the Truth Seekers..studying the tavern) I was on pins and needles as I always am with Heather's Krewe books. I enjoyed the interaction and the laughs..There was plenty of suspense and scary stuff..with a love story mixed in...all getting us to a HEA. I won't tell you anymore just that you need to read this. Can't wait for THE STALKING...coming 9/24/19. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Witty Romantic Informative Happily Ever After Great world building Scary Action-packed Haunting Wonderful characters Easy-to-read Entertaining Unpredictable Page-turner
linstrong12 8 months ago
Although I have read many books by this author, I have not read this particular series. I should have started from the beginning, as I always recommend to readers, but the opportunity arose from Netgalley. That being said, this one reads easily as a stand alone. The Seekers is a show that searches for paranormal phenomena. Keri Wolf has recently joined the crew as she has the gift of being able to see and talk to the dead. While researching and exploring a supposedly haunted inn well known for being the site of an ax murder in the early 1900s, the crew discover a very recent dead body in the basement. Former Detective Joe Dunhill shares the same gift as Keri. He is a new member of the FBI's Krewe of Hunters, a member of the team investigating this newest murder victim. Is history repeating itself? Who is the apparition they both can see? For my first stroll through Heather Graham's world of paranormal, I found myself quite riveted to the story ... and the characters. I'm definitely going to take my own suggestion and go back and start at the beginning. Many thanks to the author / Harlequin-Mira / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy of this mystery / suspense. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
MKF 8 months ago
I honestly don't know how to characterize this latest in a long (long) running series but here goes my attempt- there are ghosts, there's a murder, and there's a romance. It's paranormal and it's mystery and of course it's a love story. Gosh that's a lot. Kerri and Joe are part of a team which plans to investigate whether there are ghosts at an inn in a creepy town in Pennsylvania. What they find, however, is the body of a murdered FBI agent. Oh, and a ghost. No spoilers but this does trip along merrily. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. I'm new to this author but her fans will no doubt eat this up.