The Secrets of Chatterton

The Secrets of Chatterton

by Willie Webb


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My stories are based in the High Mountain area and are strictly fiction. Granny Wells has become one of the most popular characters as well as her sons Herb and Bud. They also own the High Meadow Ranch. Others that you will meet are Butch, a boxer dog. as well as Kyle and Sissy. Liz and Able have the care of Thor, a service dog. These people inter act in my books and most times things work out well for them.

Dexter and Doug are two ex military doctors that live in Chestnut Grove which is in high country. Then you'll meet some special people that not many in the valley even know of. Dougs Great Great Grand Father labeled them as THE PEOPLE in the 1870's and they still live in high country near Chestnut Grove. Jackson Pratt is a well versed man that holds at least two college degrees and works for the Sheriff. Jackson is a man of mystery as his background holds many a story. Lilly and Albert are married now but you will need to read The Secrets of Chatterton to find out much detail about Albert. Hank and Samatha, [Sam] are married and they call each other by the nicknames of Little Bear and Pumpkin. They spend four years apart... one thinking the other was dead.

And now for The Ghost of Kershaw Creek... that's right ghosts. There's only four I'll mention though. Amber, Bull, Abigail, and of course Gus. These four are the reason Danial, Peg, Kyle, and Sissy went on their quest to find Barlows Cave.... Seems the ghost told them a few secrets the lead to some interesting finds. And of course the way Naomi came to be in Dougs life at Chatterton is not your everyday entry into someones ones life. Many adventures await anyone willing to take the time and read the three novels that tell the most about the High Mountain area. Start with Clear Waters and find Butch waiting on you. Next go to The Ghosts of Kershaw Creek and see how Sara survived her ordeal. Then tackle The Secrets of Chatterton and watch how ordinary people can over come adversity. The High Mountain Area has never been tagged with a real name. No map has it marked that way. But places like Goose Creek, Sleepy Creek [ the town], and Brody are especially waiting for your arrival.

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