The Secret of the Cicadas' Song: A Peyote Trip in Prose and Poetry

The Secret of the Cicadas' Song: A Peyote Trip in Prose and Poetry

by Michael Lyons


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The Secret of the Cicadas' Song is an extended internal monolog of a man walking through the fields on peyote. Through semantics, semiotics, logic, fractals, chaos theory, sound, haiku, symbols, archetypes etc. the poem induces, a swooning nominal neumenal drug experience. We are present while the consciousness of the poem constructs various notation systems as the words in his language become objects.

One generative hypothesis of the poem is: What would happen if Ezra Pound and Charles Dodson collaborated about being influenced by Wittgenstein, Hilbert, Dirac, Mandelbrot, Basho, Burroughs, Borges, Bukowski, Cendrars, Saunders...

The time of the book is a peyote trip. One is brought to the immediacy of the experience through haiku poetry and to the ineffable aspect of the experience through object verse and semantic object modeling of the archetypes of perception. The point of view shifts from the individual consciousness to the mind of Gaia.

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ISBN-13: 9780965584210
Publisher: HiT MoteL Press
Publication date: 12/28/1998
Series: Little House on the Prairie Trilogy Series
Pages: 143
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