The Secret of Obedience: Cut Thru The Red Tape

The Secret of Obedience: Cut Thru The Red Tape

by Joan B. Foster Ph.D.


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God set the standard for man to live by thousands of years ago and He revealed it to us through men on the earth, making it simple for us to follow.
Although God and the world do not have the same perspectives on how to live life, the truth is, there is no denying that Jesus Christ is our perfect model for anyone who wants true freedom and wholeness. As described in the Secret of Obedience, God did everything possible, revealing, authoring, inspiring, directing and orchestrating the writing and preservation of the Holy Bible in order that we would have benefit of His wisdom. He devised an entire plan to keep and protect us and throughout the ages. The true image of God is found in the Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ. He has pursued man and offered the very best to his people. He has promised eternal reward and blessings upon the earth according to man's willingness to obey His Word. Man has been provided all that is needed in order to have a good life. Those guiding principles were wrapped up and tied up in a neatly bound package of the law, history, songs, poetry, and letters with one important instruction - that we should obey the Lord. No matter where you are today or what you are going through, you are not meant to be a victim. The only way to be victorious, is if you are obedient to God. Adam and Eve could have led happy, productive lives in a garden paradise but because they failed to remember their Creator and His command, they were exiled from the Garden of
Eden to live The Secret of Obedience is key to understanding how it all ties together in a time when people have chosen to disregard God's rightful authority over them and to disobey His will.

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Publication date: 07/18/2017
Pages: 222
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About the Author

Joan Foster received her Masters of Theology and Ph.D. in Ministry from Calvary Christian College. Foster is the author of a number of books and systematic theological works, study guides and workbooks. A foundation in the Church and Music Ministry since before her teens, she has pursued the heart of God relentlessly. Extensive travels and educational tours throughout Europe visiting ancient biblical ruins and historical archaeological sites have consistently resulted in her persuasive response to institutionally organized attacks against the Holy Bible on its authority and infallibility.

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