The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming the Outbreak of Five Fatal Worldviews
The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming the Outbreak of Five Fatal Worldviews

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming the Outbreak of Five Fatal Worldviews

by Jeff Myers

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Do You Know What You Believe and How to Defend Your Faith?
The world is full of ideas that don’t reflect Jesus. In fact, according to a recent Barna study, only 3 percent of American evangelicals have an authentic biblical worldview.
As president of Summit Ministries and an authority on Christian worldview and apologetics, Dr. Jeff Myers will teach you how to understand what you believe, why you believe it, and how to defend it against these five fatal worldviews: 
  • Secularism
  • Marxism
  • Islam
  • New Spirituality
  • Postmodernism

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ISBN-13: 9780781414128
Publisher: David C Cook
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Jeff Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on Christian worldview, apologetics, and youth leadership development. He is the author of several books and the president of Summit Ministries. In his appearances on the FOX News channel and on various TV programs, Dr. Myers offers humor and insight from a Christian worldview. He holds a doctor of philosophy degree and teaches leadership courses through College Plus and Belhaven University. Dr. Myers and his family live in Colorado.

Table of Contents

Foreword David Kinnaman 15

Chapter 1 Invisible Warfare 19

The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Lives

Chapter 2 Stopping Bad Ideas 31

Four Things to Do When You're on the Brink of the Apocalypse

Chapter 3 Am I loved? 45

How Idea Viruses Make Us Feel Unappreciated, Unwanted, and Alone

Chapter 4 Love Never Fails 59

How Jesus Meets Our Hearts' Deepest Longings

Chapter 5 Why Do I Hurt? 73

How Idea Viruses Fail Us in Our Suffering

Chapter 6 We Shall Overcome 85

How Jesus Heals Our Hurts and Gives Us the Victory

Chapter 7 Does My Life Have Meaning? 99

How Idea Viruses Strip Us of Direction and Leave Us Aimless

Chapter 8 Hearing the Call 111

How Jesus Restores Meaning to Our Lives

Chapter 9 Why Can't We Just Get Along? 127

How Idea Viruses Destroy the Peace We Crave

Chapter 10 Peace Wins 143

How Jesus Offers the Elusive Harmony We All Seek

Chapter 11 Is There Any Hope for the World? 157

How Idea Viruses Drive Us to Despair

Chapter 12 Hope Endures 171

How Jesus Restores Hope in the Midst of Despair

Chapter 13 Is God Even Relevant? 185

How Jesus Conquers Idea Viruses Once and for All

Acknowledgments 201

Notes 205

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