The Second American Revolution - first 100 days

The Second American Revolution - first 100 days

by MPA Ric Davidge


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Reestablishing the balance of power between the States who conceived, articulated, and fought for the Republic almost stopping its formation more than once due to concerns with federal power is not easy given the structural corruption deeply imbedded in Congress and the Washington, D.C. culture, but it can and must be done. Mark Levin has identified the clarifications necessary in our Constitution that must be implemented via a Convention of States, but that will not fix the problem within at least not in time.

This book is a detailed, step by step strategy that can achieve this from within. In addition, the book provides specific answers to those who will object and do so loudly. It also provides some keen insights into the D.C. culture with information few Americans know. There are preconditions to this Revolution that are essential, achievable, and identified here. Many can begin now, well before the 2016 election, but they must begin and we must have the commitment from enough States (26) to get these stepping stones set so that a new authentic constitutionally conservative President and a friendly Congress can achieve them in just five years.

It became clear at the RNC Platform Committee in 2012 that we needed something new, a very specific plan an informed strategy, not just more speeches, not just more of the same general rhetoric we have all heard for decades. You have to do the hard work, and that doesnt come from behind a podium. The reforms outlined in this book will achieve the rebalance and again form an even more perfect union with States in control and the federal system again limited as prescribed in the Constitution. This is an historic time, a new political time and space that will determine if America, as constructed by the States, will again prevail.

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