The Royal Arrangement

The Royal Arrangement

by Jeana E. Mann


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A billionaire prince searches for a new wife in this intriguing tale of power and seduction from USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann.

When I walk into a room, people look twice. Once because I’m the Crown Prince of Androvia, and twice because I’m that guy—the one who makes your panties wet with just a smile. My life is grand until the unexpected death of my father. To claim the throne, I’ve got to find a wife in twenty-four hours or be forced to marry the woman who cheated on me.

A chance encounter with the daughter of my sworn enemy changes everything. The first time I saw her, she was chained to a dungeon wall. The second time I saw her, I took her to my bed. The third time, I proposed marriage. If she accepts, I’ll rule her body the same way I intend to rule my kingdom—with an iron hand and no mercy. The stakes are high for both of us. If she turns me down, I could lose the throne to my traitorous uncle. Even worse, if she accepts, I might lose my heart.

Lies, seduction, and the struggle for a kingdom heat up the pages. Grab this page-turning contemporary royalty romance today.

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ISBN-13: 9781943938476
Publisher: Jeana E. Mann
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 162
Sales rank: 527,554
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.35(d)

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The Royal Arrangement 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Lila-Rae 27 days ago
I couldnt put Prince Heinrich and Everly's story down once i had started . Full of drama , passion and untelling Danger lurking around every corner and this is just the prequel. Cant wait to read the rest of the story.
Sharon_Arundel 4 months ago
Great chemistry between the two main characters who are supposed to hate each other, this chemistry leads to some very steamy scenes. It’s written from dual points of view which is always wonderful to read when done well. It’s a steady paced story that has done a brilliant job of introducing these characters, I’m looking forward to reading more. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Pamela W 5 months ago
Prince Heinrich needs a wife within 24 hours of his father dying or he will lose the throne to his hated uncle. He has it all money, women and good looks. The minute he meets his enemies daughter Everly he wants to make her his wife. Everly is a beautiful redhead and willing to explore dark desires which makes her perfect for the prince with his love for sex. A good read that ends on a cliffhanger but the next book is due out soon so not a long wait. I can't wait to see where this couple end up! I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
nana_Treasa 5 months ago
FANTASTIC!!! OMG! An intense sizzle fabulous hot read that will definitely bring you to the edge of your seat with head reeling drama and unexpected twists that made it impossible for me to put it down. Incredibly edgy with a myriad of emotions. A definite must read that has me eagerly awaiting the next book to this hot fantastic story.
Michelle_V 5 months ago
The Royal Arrangement is book one in The Rebel Queen Duet and I loved it! The beautiful cover is what drew me to the book and the fantastic story is what kept me reading. He needs a Queen and she dreams of finding love. Loved that we got dual POV's in this well written, captivating story. I can't wait to read the next book in this duet to find out what happens next.
Michalina Janczak 5 months ago
On the beginning of my review I must confess something „The Royal Arrangement” by Jeana E.Mann was first book by that author that I’ve read. I’ve read and instantly felt in love with Jeana and her writing and I am definitely waiting for her next books. Especially the second one from the Rebel Queen Duet. If you are looking for a book filled with everything we love: power, intrigue, seduction and passion with a bit of mystery look no further cause everything I mentioned here is in this book and I have a suspicion it will be in a second part in this duet. Main characters are Henry and Everly and their lives are definitely not ordinary and definitely full of drama. He is the Crown Prince and she is a daughter of the vice president. And I just have to say here that I hate Everly’s father so much you have no idea, because he is truly an evil man who will stop in nothing to get what he wants which is power and then even more power. So it’s not a surprise that when she starts to question his doings she becomes expendable and is in real deadly danger. So Henry decides to come to her rescue. But will he be able to protect her? We will see all of it in the second book in this duet. What can we expect from “The Rebel Queen”? I think it’s easy to say that we will definitely get more delicious secrets and main characters development. I think we didn’t see anything yet and we are in for an amazing roller-coaster ride with book number two that we will see next month. And I will definitely say that this is a definitely must read duet.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This is the first book in The Rebel Queen Duet, and the story of Henry, and Everly. Henry is the Crown Prince of Androvia, and he meet Everly while out at a club. The attraction is immediate for these 2, but neither one is looking to fall in love. When Henry is called upon to fulfill he duties as the Prince, he need to find himself a Queen, can he, and Everly come to some kind of arrangement, before he loses the throne. This was a great, entertaining read, the characters are well written, and have explosive chemistry. This book is intense, suspenseful, twisted, dramatic, emotional, and passionate. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Kaye_Gunter 5 months ago
ONE BREATHTAKING DELIGHT!!! Off the chain! Jeana brought out the big guns with this mesmerizing, stimulating, spectacular page flipping dynamo. There is nothing held back or cut short that feels it was in anyway rushed. Jeana packs a punch and leaves you wanting more. She ropes every emotion you have spinning a vortex that draws you in so deeply, your only focus is on the bad boy playing out before you. You're kept on a razors edge, barely breathing hanging on tightly throughout. Jeana lays out one amazing storyline and smoking plot that brings this bad boy roaring to life flawlessly. The characters chemistry is sizzling, white hot and explosive. The characters personalities are authentic, genuine and realistic with such depth and qualities it feels like you can just reach out and touch them. The scenes are so graphically detailed and descriptive it's like being transported to ground zero with them. Remarkable job Jeana, thanks for sharing this bad boy with us.
myb1 5 months ago
You will not put this steamy book down until you turn the last page! I absolutely loved Jeana’s story of Henry and Everly who met at the Devil’s Playground which is co-owned by Roman who we met in the Exiled Prince Trilogy. Roman and Henry’s plan to ensure the safety of their respective countries come with plot twists that forces Henry to quickly pull Everly in to his life. How will Everly fit into her new life with Henry? We’re left hanging and waiting for the next installment, The Rebel Queen due out mid October.
avidezliteraria 5 months ago
What can the sight of a woman at the apex of pleasure restrained in a dungeon invoke? If you are in Devil's Playground, an exclusive sex club in New York, many answers can be heard, but all have a high degree of excitement and lust in common. Henry isn’t immune to the redhead beauty. This mysterious woman arouses something in him. And even if his visit to the club isn't for fun, finding the woman's identity becomes his mission. Everly doesn't trust men. Her ex-husband, father and even current date are unfaithful guys. But behind her lady-society facade, her innermost instincts yearn for domination. And a good sex session can make her forget her problems. But finding a mysterious man who arouses her attraction can put her in a situation she never imagined. Everly and Henry have a lot to lose if that particular aspect of their lives become public. She is the daughter of the US Vice President. He is the Crown Prince of Androvia, a small European country. But even with so many things at risk, the attraction between them is stronger. Succumbing to that desire can be too high a price for both of them. When a dangerous political web sets in Henry's life, his throne and his life are in danger. And the traitor will be the last person he would imagine. But using innocent and sensual Everly in his revenge plans will be more than beneficial. With twists, intrigues, threats, old rivals and old archaic laws, both are in danger. Knowing who to trust will be a problem. And facing a tragedy involving Androvia, Henry must return to his country and claim the throne. But his marital status can be a hindrance. But the idea of marrying his unfaithful ex-fiancée who values the crown more than anything, is not something he can accept. Even if an agreement exists between them, and the Androvia council approves this union. With a substitute in mind, he sets off for the attack. After all, who better to reign beside him than the red-haired beauty who makes his blood boil? First part of a duet, the book is hot, sensual and with a frantic pace. Everly and Henry are caught in a dangerous plot, where the impression that someone and something bigger is behind this all is perceived. Nicky and Shasta give me the impression that they are hiding something. With the path that the end of the book has taken, I can only wait for the next volume and find out how these two will perform in their new roles.
goldie642 5 months ago
Henry was the Crown Prince of Androvia. He has gone to "The Devil's Playground" in order to meet one of the co-owners, Roman Menshikov, the exiled Prince of Kitzeh. Observing one particular scene, even though everyone is in masks, he recognizes his former college roommate and one time best friend, Nikolay Reznik, aka Nicky Tarnovsky. There is at least a hundred reason he hates the man but two come to mind immediately. One, he had the delicious redhead in a scene and Henry wanted her upon sight and two, the last time Henry had seen the man, Nikolay was having sex with Henry's fiancé. Now apparently, Nicky is also a co-owner of the exclusive sex club. Everly has never been ashamed of her sex life. As a matter of fact, she's always believed it was a natural and necessary part of life. Being at the club with her mask on is the perfect place to escape the ugly realities of her life. A husband who loved his Administrative Assistant more than her. The revelation that he fathered a child with the woman during their marriage. His betrayal chipped away her self-esteem until she no longer knew who or what she was leaving her with very little confidence. OMG .. OMG .. OMG!! If you read the "Exiled Prince Trilogy" then you'll recognize some of the characters and be as thrilled as I was to see them again! If you haven't, you're going to be in for a treat. Jeanna E. Mann has created a world so intriguing, so intense, so mysterious it will literally keep you glued to your chair turning pages until you come to the end of this book and then leave you wanting more. I can't sing enough praises for this storyline. The characters are so relatable, the story is told in such a way I could see every word spoken and every move made play out in my mind and the plot? Holy Moley, the plot oozes through the story as it continues to build, leaving small clues and yet brings up more questions of whom to trust. This was an outstanding read. I was given a copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.
JackiesBookWorld 5 months ago
From the eye-catching cover to the intriguing synopsis, Jeana E. Mann manages to deliver a passionate story full of mystery and plot twists to keep you wanting for more. In the story we get to meet Henry, Crown Prince of Androvia whose sole purpose for visiting New York gets sidetracked when he sees a beautiful stranger at a sex club. It only took one look to have him intrigued and he can’t wait to find out who she is. But his country needs him and he is ready to make a deal that will help him the minute he is king. When the truth is revealed and he finds out who his stranger is, he comes out with the perfect opportunity to make her his and that is by making her his wife. As the story unfolds secrets will get exposed and he’ll have to decide if pursuing Everly is worth it or not. I’m officially hooked! Can’t believe this is just the prequel to the Rebel Queen. I absolutely loved the characters, Henry is passionate and overprotective when it comes to Everly. He is there for her from the very beginning and he is still is at the very end. As the future King of his country he is used to commanding respect from those around him while exuding power as well. He doesn’t go unnoticed and Everly definitely noticed him right away. She is tired of men not being loyal to her and she is glad that Henry is not asking for more other than their physical relationship. As their relationship grows they get to know each other yet there are mysteries that they have yet to uncover and when asks her to marry him she realizes how much their lives are about to change forever. Told in duel POV, The Royal Arrangement is a must-read! I would highly recommend reading this book, I cannot wait to see what happens next. :) I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
MariaLB 5 months ago
Dangerous, sinfully hot with undeniable chemistry between main characters It was so good to see familiar faces from The Exiled Prince Trilogy. It's fantastic prequel to the Rebel Queen and great continuation of the story of Everly and enigmatic Prince Henry whim we've already met in the mentioned by me books. It starts with a little overlap with the Dirty Princess but has completely new scenes not describe in the previous parts. If you haven't read the trilogy I recommend you do as a lot of things will click into place but if you didn't don't worry you can easily follow the plot and circumstances of this book. This one took me by surprise, I've learned completely different side of Everly. I didn't expect her character to blossom so perfectly with a strong backbone and mind of her own. Book is filled with hotness, sexy, steamy scenes that almost melted my kindle. I loved how Henry was dominant, arrogant and self assured but being complete gentleman at the same time. There's a lot of going on in the story line. The mystery, the unknown, the danger of the situation those both find themselves in. Families rotten by desire of wealth and power. People that you cannot trust anymore, betrayal, lies and cruel, crime world lurking just around the corner, ready to catch you and punish for whatever sins you supposedly committed. Great writing, as always from this author, that kept me on my toes and left me wanting to read more and more about all the characters introduced in this book.
Lisa-Lou 5 months ago
The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann is the first book in the Rebel Queen duet. The book that sets up the story for the book two, The Rebel Queen, and introduces us to a world of intrigue, plots, factions, and betrayal. Well-written and well-paced, told in dual POV's between Prince Henry (Heinrich) of Androvia and Everly. The attraction between these two is instantaneous and palpable - but neither Everly nor Henry are looking for love - which is a good thing because scorching hot, dominating sex is what they get. But when tragedy strikes the King od Androvia, Henry's father, Henry has to fulfill his obligations to the crown. First of which is to have a queen. Lucky for Everly and her sudden deteriorating relationship with her parents, Henry picks her - Now if he can just convince her to agree and if she can just put aside her dreams of finding love... Loved this! Enjoy!