The Rover Boys Down East

The Rover Boys Down East

by Edward Stratemeyer


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"Hurrah! that's the way to do it!"
"Now, then, Tom, see if you can't bring Dick home!"
"Give him a swift one, Frank! Don't let him hit it!" cried Sam Rover, merrily.
"I'll knock it down into the river!" retorted Tom Rover, as he caught up a bat and walked to the home plate.
"I'm waiting for you, Tom!" sang out Dick Rover, who had just reached second base on a beautiful drive to right field. "Come now, it's time we tied the score."
"Everybody in the game!" yelled Stanley Browne, who was in the coacher's box. "Here is where we do 'em up!"

"Get ready to run, Dick!" came from Songbird Powell. "Tom is going to land it on the other side of the river."
"If he does that I'll walk home," answered Dick, with a grin.
"Now then, here is where Tom misses!" called out Sam, who was behind the bat, and he thumped his fist in his catcher's mitt. "Give him a double-ender curve, Frank."
"Oh, I'll give him a regular corkscrew curl," retorted Frank Holden, who occupied the pitcher's box. "Tom, prepare to die!" And he drew back to pitch the ball.
Eighteen of the students of Brill College were having a game of baseball on the athletic field of that institution of learning. The regular season for baseball was at an end, and the youths had fixed up their nines to suit themselves, with Dick Rover as captain of one side and Frank Holden as captain on the other. On Dick's side were his brother Tom, and a number of their chums, while Sam was doing the catching for Frank.

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