The Robert Frost Reader: Poetry and Prose

The Robert Frost Reader: Poetry and Prose

Paperback(2ND, RevisedISED)

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Robert Frost was the most emblematically American of poets, a forthright advocate of both the art and craft of verse who was recognized and cherished as few other poets have ever been. This reader offers students and scholars a plethora of his speeches, interviews, correspondence, one-act plays, and other materials, as well as lengthy selections from all of Frost's books of verse. Though many have been drawn to his seemingly old-fashioned simplicity, this wide-ranging reader in fact reveals that Frost's work was often dark or ironic in tone—and always subtle and complex.

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ISBN-13: 9780805070217
Publisher: Holt, Henry & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/2002
Edition description: 2ND, RevisedISED
Pages: 544
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About the Author

Robert Frost (1874-1963) is widely regarded as one of America's finest poets. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry on four different occasions, and also served as Consultant in Poetry at the Library of Congress.

Table of Contents


A Brief Chronology

I. Poetry: Selections from Eleven Books

A Boy's Will

North of Boston

Mountain Interval

New Hampshire

West-Running Brook

A Further Range

A Witness Tree

Steeple Bush

In the Clearing

A Masque of Reason

A Masque of Mercy

II. Other Samplings: Of Various Periods and Kinds

Childhood Letters

Early Verse

High School Prose

My Butterfly

Letters about "My Butterfly"

Stories for His Children

Among the Poems He Left Behind: Group One

Stories for Chicken Farmers

Letters about A Boy's Will and about Writing

Getting the Sound of Sense: An Interview

Early Letters to Untermeyer

A Way Out: A One-Act Play

Among the Poems He Left Behind: Group Two

We Seem to Lack the Courage to Be Ourselves: An Interview

Some Observations on Style

Education by Presence: An Interview

Six Rhymed Letters

Coaching a Younger Writer

Education by Poetry: A Meditative Monologue

Among the Poems He Left Behind: Group Three

A Letter to The Amherst Student

Introduction to Robinson's King Jasper

Ten of His Favorite Books

On Crudities and Opposites: Two Letters

Among the Poems He Left Behind: Group Four

Poverty and Poetry: A Talk

The Poet's Next of Kin in a College: A Talk

This Is My Best: A Choice of Sixteen Poems

A Selection of Couplets

What Became of New England?: A Commencement Address

On a Passage in Paradise Lost: A Letter

The Figure a Poem Makes: An Introduction

The Doctrine of Excursions: A Preface

The Constant Symbol: An Introduction

Speaking of Loyalty: A Talk

Poetry and School: Remarks from His Notebooks

The Prerequisites: A Preface

Don't Get Converted. Stay: Excerpt from an Address

Aphoristic Lines of Poetry

Letters to an Incipient Biographer

Among the Poems He Left Behind: Group Five

Observations and Declarations of a Poet-Statesman

On Extravagance: A Talk

Last Poem

Last Letter

A Selected Bibliography


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