The Rite [Original Motion Picture Score]

The Rite [Original Motion Picture Score]

by Alex HeffesAlex Heffes


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British film composer Alex Heffes' score for director Mikael Håfström's supernatural thriller The Rite, an exorcism movie, is generally low-key, getting across the ominous suspense as audiences wait for the appearances of the Devil in possessed people being helped by priests led by Anthony Hopkins. Occasionally, Heffes is required to accompany actual moments of possession, and then he revs things up, notably in such cues as "The Terror Is Real." But mostly, he keeps things at a simmer, locating his themes in celli and violas, plus a repetitive piano theme. When he wants to get a little more disturbing, as in "Angeline's Story," for example, he augments the lower sounds with some synthesized percussion. But this does not sound like the music for a typical horror movie. Rather, it suggests that The Rite is a film full of foreshadowing in which the fear is as much located in what the audience anticipates than in what it actually gets to see.

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Release Date: 01/25/2011
Label: Imports
UPC: 0738572135621
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  1. The Procedure
  2. Going to Rome
  3. The Accident
  4. The First Exorcism
  5. God's Finger Nail
  6. Rosaria Coughs Up The Nails
  7. Michael Remembers / The Hospital
  8. Angeline's Story
  9. Phone Call to Father
  10. The Terror Is Real
  11. Exorcism of Lucas Part 1
  12. The Final Exorcism
  13. The Farewell

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alex Heffes   Primary Artist,Conductor
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Phil Ayling   Oboe
William Booth   Trombone
Aleta Braxton   Alto (Vocal)
Wade Culbreath   Percussion
Brian Dembow   Viola
Stephen Erdody   Cello
Alan Estes   Percussion
Julie Gigante   Violin
Pamela Goldsmith   Viola
Edward Meares   Bass
Bruce Morgenthaler   Bass
Helen Nightengale   Violin
Katia Popov   Violin
Geri Rotella   Flute
David Shostac   Flute
George Thatcher   Trombone
Doug Tornquist   Tuba
Roger Wilkie   Violin,Concert Master
Elin Carlson   Soprano (Vocal)
Daniel Kelley   Horn
Christina Soule   Cello
Donald Williams   Percussion
Drew Dembowski   Bass
Lisa Sutton   Violin
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Bob Joyce   Bass (Vocal)
Natalie Leggett   Violin
Gary Bovyer   Clarinet
Guy Maeda   Bass (Vocal)
Nico Abondolo   Bass
Chris Bleth   Oboe
Shawn Mann   Viola
Darrin McCann   Viola
Mike Geiger   Bass (Vocal)
Antony Cooke   Cello
David Washburn   Trumpet
David Parmeter   Bass
Eun Mee Ahn   Violin
Roberto Cani   Violin
Rose Corrigan   Bassoon
Michael Valerio   Bass
Andrew Schulman   Cello
Trevor Handy   Cello
Oscar Hidalgo   Bass
Sarah Thornblade   Violin
Ralph Williams   Clarinet
Allen Savedoff   Bassoon
Reid Bruton   Bass (Vocal)
Vatsche Barsoumian   Bass (Vocal)
Dave Walther   Viola
Amy Fogerson   Alto (Vocal)
Shalini Vijayan   Violin
Alyssa Park   Violin
Jonathan Mack   Tenor (Vocal)
Jody Golightly   Tenor (Vocal)
Jasper Randall   Choir Conductor
Elizabeth Hedman   Violin
Claire Fedoruk   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrew Duckles   Viola
Greg Davies   Bass (Vocal)
Songa Lee   Violin
Agostino Castagnola   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberly Switzer   Alto (Vocal)
Tereza Stanislav   Violin
Gerald White   Tenor (Vocal)
Timothy G. Morrison   Trumpet
Serena McKinney   Violin
Mark Adams   Horn
Searmi Park   Violin
Pamela Jacobson   Viola
Yelena Yegoryan   Violin
Robert Brophy   Viola
Shawn Kirchner   Tenor (Vocal)
Scott Graff   Bass (Vocal)
Stephen Dress   Bass
Armen Ksajikian   Cello
Stuart Clark   Clarinet
Nina Evthuhov   Violin
Jules Green   Bass (Vocal)
Chris Gambol   Tenor (Vocal)
Alex Iles   Trombone
Victoria Miskolczy   Viola
Michael Nowak   Viola
Michael Lichtenauer   Tenor (Vocal)
Jim Campbell   Bass (Vocal)
James Thatcher   Horn
Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick   Cello
Phillip Levy   Violin
Kenneth Munday   Bassoon
Chris Ermacoff   Cello
Amy Hershberger   Violin
J. Wingate Greathouse   Tenor (Vocal)
Laszlo Mezo   Cello
Karen Hogle Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Tamara Hatwan   Violin
Jo Ann Turovsky   Harp
Ayana Haviv   Soprano (Vocal)
Elissa Johnston   Soprano (Vocal)
Dave Everson   Horn
Matthew Funes   Viola
David H. Speltz   Cello
Nike St. Clair   Alto (Vocal)
Nancy Sulahian   Alto (Vocal)
Michele Hemmings   Alto (Vocal)
Mark Edward Smith   Bass (Vocal)
Lesley Leighton   Soprano (Vocal)
Karen Whipple Schnurr   Soprano (Vocal)
George Sterne   Tenor (Vocal)
Drea Pressley   Alto (Vocal)
Amber Erwin   Alto (Vocal)
Steven Harms   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Beasom   Bass (Vocal)
Daniel Chaney   Tenor (Vocal)
Sara Andon   Flute
Cecelia Tsan   Cello
Elyse Marchant   Soprano (Vocal)
Elin Carlon   Soprano (Vocal)
Douglas Shabe   Bass (Vocal)
Ting Guo   Cello
Jessica E. Guideri   Violin
Augie Castagnola   Tenor (Vocal)
Nancy Sulahan   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Joel Iwataki   Engineer,Engineering
Larry Mah   Engineer
Dennis Sands   Engineer,Engineering
Greg Loskorn   Engineer
Jeff Atmajian   Orchestration
Tom Hardisty   Engineer,Engineering
David Stoner   Executive Producer
Andrew Kinney   Orchestration
Adam Michalak   Engineer,Engineering
Jasper Randall   Choir Contractor
Alex Heffes   Composer,Producer
Mikael Håfström   Liner Notes
Reynold D'Silva   Executive Producer
Dirk Hebert   Music Business Affairs
Robert Croucher   Artwork
Ben Wallfisch   Orchestration

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