The Red Scorpions: The Cage of Death

The Red Scorpions: The Cage of Death

by Chinedu Innocent Okafor


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The Red Scorpions is a fascinating story set in post civil war Eastern Nigeria. In 'The Fingers of Chalk', Ezenwa the first son of a Biafran soldier and the grandson of the Second World War veteran refuses to accept the defeat of his beloved Biafra, and vows to overturn the defeat. But his grandfather's art of necromancy and strong belief in reincarnation often interfere in his life. Ezenwa is torn between following his mother's Christianity and his grandfather's paganism. The appearance of Nneka, a beautiful girl becomes the defining point of his life.

Ezenwa is confronted by a deadly, university cult, The Red Scorpions, on his arrival at the University of Nigeria. He knows that most of the killings on the campus are often caused by disputes over beautiful girls on the campus. He has Nneka, his girlfriend, and she is very beautiful. He knows she will be a victim, and he has no outfit with which he can confront them. His determination to protect Nneka leads him into violent confrontation with some members of these cults.

Nneka does not know how brutal these cult boys are. On her first day on the campus, she smiles back at every compliment she receives from boys. This annoys Ezenwa, and he tries to make her understand what she is about to encounter.

'The Taste of Vengeance' presents a suspense filled life in a typical Nigerian university. Cult initiation rituals, randy life of university lecturers, and the travails of beautiful girls in a typical Nigerian university make the book very interesting.

Ezenwa was in Kano when a religious riot erupts over the construction of a Christian convent. The Zingas decapitate one of the nuns, hang her head on a pole, and dance round the city. Ezenwa sees the head and discovers that the victim is Camilla, a friend of Nneka. He becomes furious as he remembers clearly what happens during such riots. His tribesmen are butchered with the most barbaric details. Their possessions are looted, and their houses are set ablaze. Young girls are gang-raped, and are sent to lepers' colonies to be raped by lepers before they are killed. Bellies of pregnant women are lacerated, and the unborn babies are pulled out and slashed into pieces. Men's genitals are cut off and used for rituals. Ezenwa knows it is going to happen again unless someone fights back. He has often boasted during his school days that he will seek vengeance on the zingas for these brutal killings of his tribesmen. And now, it is happening before his eyes. The first victim is not just from his tribe, she is his friend. Bitterness rises into his mouth, and the rage within him becomes uncontrollable. He starts preparing for vengeance immediately. Along the line he gets information that some men are planning to invade the convent, and that his girlfriend, Nneka, is one of the nuns in the convent. He becomes desperate. He knows what is going to happen to her. The men will rape her and send her to lepers' colonies to be raped by lepers before they kill her. Ezenwa laments uncontrollably. He remembers the number of people he has maimed to protect Nneka. She is now a nun. Ezenwa knows this, but he still loves her with passion.

'The Cage of Death' presents Ezenwa's quest to protect his tribesmen in Nigeria. He organizes a rebellion against the government of Nigeria, and consequently becomes a fugitive. He traverses the continents of Africa and South America in quest of military help. His trainings in various military camps prepares him for the liberation of the people of Biafra from Nigeria, but his grandfather's training seems to be the force behind his success in his military expeditions. The intrigue of love, gender inequality, and the pangs of defeat, make The Red Scorpions a fascinating story.

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ISBN-13: 9789785319873
Publisher: Global Igbo Peace Initiative
Publication date: 07/10/2015
Series: Wind of Destiny , #3
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

About the Author
Chinedu Innocent Okafor was born in Adazi Nnukwu, Anambra State, South East of Nigeria. He attended primary school at Ojiako Memorial Primary School Adazi Nnukwu (formally St Andrews Primary School). He was at Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School Adazi Nnukwu for his secondary education, at the end of which he got admission to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he studied English and literary studies. He graduated in 1998.
The economic and political instability forced him to leave the shores of Nigeria for Brazil in search of greener pastures. He was subsequently employed as an English teacher in Brazil. The book, the Red Scorpions was first written and published in Brazil in 2005. Chinedu later ventured into private business and is now the Chief Executive of Nedins de la Cruz, Brazil.

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