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The Receptor Planet

The Receptor Planet

by David Ward Davis, Lisa E. Brown

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Ron Barr was an ordinary guy, living a mundane and ordinary life – he was happy with that life and expected, nor wanted, any more from his existence. He had a loving wife, and two beautiful children, they were the very apple of his eye.

That all changed one night in Bonita Springs, Florida. Ron was (kidnapped) swept away to another world – a place he called the RECEPTOR planet. What he found and experienced there changed his life forever.

I am but the lowly chronicler of these events – nothing more. I would like to say what I have written is a masterpiece, but no – it is not

I have never been one to totally believe the stories I have heard and read through the years concerning UFO's, sightings and abductions. Of course, I was never one to discount them either. I guess, you could best describe me as indifferent to the universal question.

I always considered it small-minded of the inhabitants of our world, to believe in an almighty power, one who is capable of creating the universe; yet limited in his capacity to create life on only ONE of the millions of planets.

If he IS omnipotent, then surely he has the power to create many inhabited worlds, throughout the infinity of the heavens. Perhaps they are similar to us, perhaps not. Whether there would be any intergalactic contact permitted between these domains I do not pretend to know.

As you can see, I have given these possibilities much thought and consideration. So, in conclusion, I like to think that I was, as most of you are; a doubter, but not a disbeliever.

I scoffed at many reports, taking most stories with tongue in cheek and raised eyebrows. Every once in a while, I would seriously consider the possibilities of the existence of alien life, not necessarily little green men, or tiny little creatures with bulging eyes and large heads, but alien inhabitants of other worlds.

Now with this dissertation complete and your understanding that I am not, nor was I then, a dedicated follower or a crazed UFO enthusiast, I tell you my story, such as it is, beginning to end, the mundane, coupled with the remarkable, leaving nothing out.

Sit back, relax, read this narration, such as it is, and consider this; what if you do have a counterpart, on another planet? He or she, looks, acts, speaks and is a true replica of you in every sense. Think a moment about that, what if?

I tell you, it still unnerves me...

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Publisher: David Ward Davis
Publication date: 02/09/2013
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About the Author

Lisa E. Brown and David Ward Davis are the bestselling authors of "Jingle Bell Rock", "The Topanginu Warrior", "Murder at 1217" “The Receptor Planet” and "Lisa's Down Home Tenmnessee Country Cooking". Smashwords does not make accomodations for 2 authors so both Authors have to be combined into ONE Author page. They really don't mind. "We write as a team." Lisa says, "the system is just not set up to handle that..." Lisa E. Brown was born in Georgia and raised in Tennessee, she was daughter number four to hard working parents who made sure their home was filled with love and conviction. David Ward Davis hails from "small town" Indiana, (Martinsville) where he grew up the fifth son of loving parents and the wandering soul out of seven children. Lisa and David have been together for over 18 years and equally share the authoring of their books. They have recently begun to focus on the ebook market. "Our books will always be available as printed works, but we must take advantage of new technology and present our stories however people want to receive them." David says. David and Lisa have many more books that will become available over the next four or five years - join them as they pursue their craft. They continue to move forward in their careers. Lisa E. Brown and Davis Ward Davis are names you will hear a lot of in the future. No, not as great literary writers, but as storytellers of heartfelt tales, biographies and sometimes stories about just plain people who love to live. Lisa and David's future is now...

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