The Real Matrix

The Real Matrix

by Michael Evans

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The Real Matrix is a high impact self-help resource for people who want to see the truth and heal their lives. Written by Michael Evans, The Real Matrix focuses on what is and is not real in your life. You may be shocked by what you read in this book. All proceeds from this book are being donated directly to a childrens charity.

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ISBN-13: 9781504954778
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/08/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 116
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About the Author

Michael Evans was a troubled teenager who had brushes with the law, had the worst grades in his high school, and grew up believing that he was limited by the beliefs that were handed to him as a child. Twenty-two years before the writing of this book, he thought suicide was the only way to escape the suffering he endured. Evans is now the CEO of an international security firm, the CEO of a national company, the author of six previous industry-related eBooks and manuals that have earned more than $1 million in sales in ten years. He went from bottom in his high school senior class to achieving the highest academic grades in several police academies and college degree programs. Twenty years ago, Evans began to study psychology and spirituality, which led to the life experiences and awakening that he leads you through in this book.

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The Real Matrix

By Michael Evans


Copyright © 2015 Michael Evans
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-5478-5


The Real Matrix

For the next 60 minutes, I'd like you to willingly suspend your skepticism of new ideas. However, what I am about to tell you is in no way a new idea. What if I told you that you're a liar? What if I told you that your family, your closest friends and even you have no idea who you really are? More than that, what if I told you that you don't know what you are? If you did, everything that you've ever wanted for yourself in your life would be at your disposal.

What is the Matrix?

If you're like most people, you have the misconception that you are the image you see in the mirror. You may also believe that it's possible for someone to hurt your feelings, that guilt and worry are normal emotions and that your past is indicative of what your future will be. Are you the kind of person that holds a grudge? If so, sit back and listen, because it's all about to change.

Before you can understand what you are, you need to take a close look at what you've been taught. Most of us grow up to believe that we are 'what we do' and we are 'what we have.' Our modern society has taught us that we are smart or we are stupid – based on our school grades. The same society has taught us that winning is the most important part of a game, that the more possessions you have – the more successful you are. Modern medicine has taught us that we need health insurance and drugs in order to survive. Our education system teaches us that children have learning problems and need to repeat the first grade when that child is not on the same learning level as the rest of the children in his class. Religion has taught us that we need to beg for forgiveness and that we are only worthy of love if we profess our loyalty to our god. Our own experience has taught us that everyone is out to get us; to trust nobody and that there's never enough money in our accounts. Our media teaches us that rainy weather is a bad thing, to brace for the rising price of oil, and only days later, that the falling price of oil is bad thing. Our popular magazines teach us that a particular actress is a rising star, and then 6 months later they tell us that the same rising star is a drug addict and a disgrace to her fans, and then 6 months later they portray her as a saint and a successful actress. Our social media has taught us that it's ok to gossip about other people and that by posting carefully selected selfie photos; we can fool people into believing we are happy, rich, beautiful and content in life. With all of these misconceptions and lies, how could anyone expect to feel good about anything and more importantly – themselves?

Many years ago, I sat in a lecture by Wayne Dyer and he told this story. He said, "A little girl sits in her classroom while her teacher stands at the front of the class. The teacher is holding an orange in his hand and he asks the girl, "If I squeeze this orange, what will come out?" The little girl replies, "Orange juice ... that was easy!" The teacher agrees and asks, "Why does orange juice come out when I squeeze this orange?" and the girl quickly replies, "Because that's what is inside." The little girl is correct. Now let's expand that example and I ask you, "What happens when someone squeezes you?" What comes out of you is what you're holding inside; among other things, it could be fear, anger, jealousy or sadness. We see this every day when people react to what we say or do. We see this in ourselves and until now, we haven't taken the time to figure out exactly why. Let's examine this ...

A man is 30 years old. He's a college graduate; he's married with children and earns a comfortable living as an attorney. He drives nice cars, wears nice clothing and seems to have his life together. People are envious of his life. In front of other people, he's an outgoing guy and he seems happy. But on the inside, he is constantly battling depression, thoughts of suicide, constant stress headaches and his mind races all day and night – preventing him from sleeping well. So, like many others, he stops at the local pub for a few drinks on his way home to unwind. He suddenly feels better. For a short while, his headache is gone, his worries seem to disappear and his mind slows down. When he gets home, the numbing effects of the alcohol subside and his headache reappears and his worries begin to dominate his thoughts once again. The pain is getting so bad that he goes to his doctor. His doctor listens carefully to his symptoms and tells him, "you are suffering from depression; here's some pills that will make you feel better again." The man takes the pills and they seem to slow his racing mind down, but they also make him tired and they completely slow down his sex drive. So he visits his doctor and his doctor carefully listens once again to his symptoms. His doctor tells him, "you are suffering from erectile dysfunction; here are some pills." So he takes the new pills and they artificially cure his erectile dysfunction. Only problem with that is, while he can now physically have sex, emotionally he is still drained and not interested. As time goes by, he becomes addicted to the pills that slow his mind down and that leads him to rely on the pills that artificially cure his erectile dysfunction. This only puts the man into a deeper depression. So deep, that his wife and kids are too much for him to handle. He is easily set off into fits of rage when he can't find his car keys, and every little thing makes him angry. How did this man's life get so out of control? The answer is simple, but getting you to believe it may not be. The answer is - he is causing all of his suffering. He is causing his mind to race, his muscles to be tense - leading to a headache and his depression is a result of him thinking the same self-defeating thoughts over and over again – and then believing them. Let's take journey into this man's day.

Its 6:00am when an obnoxious, screeching alarm clock sounds to awaken him. He jumps up, abruptly, out of a sound sleep – putting his body into an immediate fight or flight mode. His heart pounds for a few minutes until his body readjusts to realize there is no threat to his life. Before he gets out of bed, he reaches over for his phone. As he turns it on, he dreads each and every missed email and text that have been waiting all night to bring certain anxiety to his morning. He sifts through emailed complaints from clients, impossible deadlines from his boss and spam emails from drug companies trying to sell him weight loss products, featuring a musclebound, photo-shopped image of a man he wishes to be once again. He opens his social media page, only to see that his digital friends are in an argument over an event that someone posted from the news. He reads as the comments start off with friendly opinions and commentary, and without missing a beat, someone pours their poison into the comment thread, thereby infecting the conversation with hatred and low energy. He reads as civilized men and women curse each other and as people take sides. Soon the comment thread has nothing to do with the original story. Just when he's had enough of the non-sense on his phone, he turns on the news. He's watches as the news station announces with carefully designed music and graphic work that a reporter is on "Storm Watch!" He listens to the reporter who is standing in the street as plows pass by as she grabs a pedestrian so they can tell the people at home to "stay indoors, it's dangerous outside, roads are slippery" and so on ... The news switches back to the studio reporters, sitting at their desks, as they describe how everyone is "Bracing for the increase in oil prices!" and that people are "Struggling to heat their homes this winter." The next story is one that he has seen for the last 15 years - 10 times a day; "Terrorism is on the rise!" or "30 dead from suicide bomber!" Just when he's about to get out of bed, his favorite traffic girl lets him know just how bad the traffic is today. Carefully placed red marks along a picture of the highway shows just how bad his commute is about to be. He walks downstairs and reaches into the refrigerator and pours a tall glass of orange juice. He drinks it down, spiking his blood sugar level as he does every morning. Couple that spike in blood sugar with the stressful morning he has just lived through and the traffic jam he is about to endure, and that leads his body to release a stress hormone called cortisol – affecting his attention span, short term memory and mood stability. He gets into his car and heads to the city. He is immediately met with bumper to bumper traffic when he enters the highway. Horns are honking; people are yelling at each other to, "Move!" He drowns out the sounds of this madness with is car radio. He listens to his favorite talk show personalities as they gossip about what happened on the latest reality show that aired last night. In between tirades by the talk show hosts, he is forced to listen to an obnoxious commercial by a local car dealership as they repeatedly shout out to the listeners that they are all "Approved! Good credit, bad credit, you're approved!" Then he hears at the end of that ridiculous commercial, a voice, talking faster than any human being he has ever heard, as this voice disclaims everything he just listened to in the commercial. When the man finally gets to his office, he sighs and says, without any regard for this autopilot conversation piece, "Good morning!" to his secretary. And so his day begins ... He is living in the Matrix.

I'll leave the rest of this day to your imagination, but a point I'd like to make is that most people who experience days like this one, re-live them day after day. If a person lives to be 75 years old, that's about 27,000 days. When you choose to live the same day over and over, you are living one day – in this case in hell – 27,000 times. I'm here to tell you that you can choose to live 27,000 days – each day different from the next. It's your choice. Because you've lived like this in the past, doesn't mean that you have to live like this ever again. You can change this right now. As a matter of fact, the only time to make a change is now. The future hasn't happened yet, so making a plan to change in the future is you actually worrying about something that hasn't happened yet and may never happen. Th ink about the future as a debt you may never owe. Why pay interest today on a debt that you may never owe? That interest is the suffering you experience when your emotional body believes a story that you are telling yourself in your mind. If it's about a future event, then you are surely imagining the event, creating the story or future debt you may never owe, then paying the price for it – right here and now. If you're worrying or feeling guilty about something that has already occurred, then you are paying interest on a debt that you have already paid. Imagine paying off a car loan, and then paying more interest for the rest of your life on that car loan that you've already paid. The past is over and done with and it has no timeline. Our society teaches us that we must feel guilty when we say or do something that is outside of societal rules. Rules that were created by the very people in that Matrix I descried a few moments ago. People living in hell are making the rules and we wonder why our lives are filled with negativity. Wayne Dyer put it this way, "The past is like the wake of the boat. It's not the wake that drives the boat." To that I would add, "The past is yesterday's garbage. Why in the world would I reach into yesterday's garbage to prepare today's meal?" Feeling guilty about a past event, worrying about a future event – especially one that may never happen – is you living your life in the Matrix; a place where you are immobilized from doing exactly what it is that you want and have always wanted.

Why are so many people living in the matrix? I believe that most people do not know that they are creating their own reality. In their minds, life is happening to them, rather than for them. We learn this and most of our beliefs as children from the adults in our lives. As children, we are forced to endure long days in a school system that teaches us that we are one of the labels that the system places on us, such as average, above average, advanced, athletic or not athletic, popular or not popular and these labels follow us as we believe them and become exactly what others have decided about us – without ever knowing us. Children are being taught to memorize battle dates, other people's formulas and knowledge and then they are tested on this non-sense. Then, they are labeled with a test score. Children are forced into sports that they have little to no interest in playing, many times as their parents compete for water-cooler stories of "My child's team won the championship, or my child's team was cheated." Many times there are children who are not playing at the same level as the other children on the team and the parents put pressure on their child to compete. They even punish their child for missing a shot, striking out or not being fast enough on the field. Did it ever occur to that parent that their child isn't interested in that or any sport? A child may dislike a particular sport that we, as parents, force him to play. His lack of interest leads to poor performance. But that child may be a brilliant musician or a creative writer, and he's being judged, labeled and forced to suffer in order to fit into this competitive society he was raised in. If that child is out of his element, and you judge or label him, it's like judging a fish on its ability to climb a tree. Try having a swimming contest with him instead. All of this push-pull stress becomes part of a person's life at a very young age. As Don Miguel Ruiz puts it, "We live in this society, we grew up in this society and we learn to be like everyone else, playing non-sense all the time."


How do we get out of the Matrix?

"The ancestor to every action is a thought"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take a look at anything in front of you right now. For me, it's my laptop computer. How did my laptop computer become what it is? The answer is, with a thought. Someone, somewhere envisioned this laptop computer at some point in time, then he synchronized his energy in his body and his mind in a method called unity consciousness. Without that original thought, this laptop wouldn't be possible. This leads us to understand that what we think about, what we place our attention on, is what expands into our reality. When our mind is dominated with negative thoughts, conversations and judgements, we create the very hell we experience in our reality – that hell is what I call the matrix. The same way we can create the hell we have been living in, we can create heaven on earth. Yes, I said heaven. You don't have to wait to die in order to experience the conscious level that is heaven. You are connected to an energy that is greater than all of us, that which you came from, will return to and have access to right now. Some people choose to call it God. It doesn't matter what you call it. The very God you have been seeking all of your life is within you, not outside of you. I am not suggesting that you change your beliefs about religion, I am not asking you to believe what I am telling you – I am asking you to remember. Remember what you have forgotten. As a fetus, you had everything you needed to survive. You had a knowing that you were perfect just as you were. There were no judgements and no gossip, no lies that you believed about yourself that became limits you set and then followed for the rest of your life. You didn't possess the properly credentialed medical doctor certificate, yet your heart knew exactly how to pump blood and nutrients into your body; your kidneys knew exactly how to filter toxins and this collective consciousness from which you came from was all you knew. For the first few years of your life, you trusted in this consciousness and your own intuition to guide you to see the truth. When you wanted to walk, you made the decision to get up and walk. When you fell, you didn't judge yourself; you got back up and soon you were walking. When other children did something that upset you - you cried. Then moments later, you let it go and you played again; never to think about that incident again. But somewhere along the way, you learned that the adults in your life have forgotten about this playful spirit. They took on serious faces, serious jobs, fancy titles and they began to demand respect. They used punishment and reward to domesticate you to become an acceptable human being in their eyes. Their biggest mistake was interfering in your life. Instead of practicing non-interference, they chose to hand you your beliefs about everything. Your religion, your self-worth, your social status and your limits were all handed to you by the adults in your life; and you continued to let this take you further out of the collective consciousness you once lived in and has landed you directly in the matrix.


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