The Raging Torrent : Historical Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel

The Raging Torrent : Historical Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel

by Mordechai Cogan


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Featuring cuneiform documents newly translated into English, The Raging Torrent: Second Updated and Expanded Edition by Mordechai Cogan, Ph.D, is a comprehensive collection of royal inscriptions and chronographic texts from Assyria and Babylonia. Covering a period of just over three hundred years during the first half of the 1st millennium BCE, The Raging Torrent tells the story of the military encounters between the Mesopotamian empires and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, which led in most cases to their submission and ultimate downfall. Many of the texts relate to events described in the Hebrew Bible, while others provide information about affairs that were unknown until their rediscovery in modern times. All the texts have been newly translated from the original cuneiform documents and are accompanied by a consecutive commentary and select bibliography.

Illustrative material—maps and photographs of relevant artifacts—provide additional accessibility to the sources of this intriguing period in the history of the ancient Near East.

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ISBN-13: 9789652208682
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Edition description: Updated
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Mordechai Cogan, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of Biblical History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He has written widely on the political and cultural connections between ancient Israel and the empires of the ancient Near East. He is the author of many studies and books, among them: Bound for Exile: Israelites and Judeans Under Imperial Yoke, Documents from Assyria and Babylonia—A Carta Handbook; Imperialism and  Religion; commentaries in the Anchor Bible series on 1 Kings; 2 Kings (with Prof. Hayim Tadmor); commentaries in Hebrew in the Mikra Leyisrael (Bible for Israel) series on Obadiah; Joel; Nahum; and 1 and 2 Kings (in press).

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Abbreviations xii

Note on Translations xiv

List of Maps and Figures xiv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Shalmaneser III 12

1.01 The Battle at Qarqar-The Kurkh Monolith

1.02 The Aramean Wars-The Black Obelisk

1.03 Jehu's Submission-Shalmaneser III's 18th year

1.04 Qarqar and Damascus-Statue of Shalmaneser III from Ashur

1.05 The Cities of Hazael- Shalmaneser III's 21st year

1.06 Booty from Malaha-Shalmaneser III's 21st year

Chapter 2 Adad-nerari III 38

2.01 Damascus and Babylonia-Stone Tablet from Calah

2.02 The Battle for Damascus-Saba'a Inscription

2.03 The Submission of Western Kings-Tell al-Rimah Stela

Chapter 3 Shalmaneser IV 50

3.01 To Damascus-The Pazarcik Stela

Chapter 4 Tiglath-pileser III 54

4.01 The Azriyau Affair-Annal Fragment from 738 BCE

4.02 List of Tribute Bearers in 738 BCE-Annal Fragment

4.03 List of Tribute Bearers in 740 BCE-The Iran Stela

4.04 List of Tribute Bearers in 734 BCE-Summary Inscription no.7

4.05 Summary Inscription no.9

4.06 Summary Inscription no.4

4.07 Summary Inscription no.8

4.08 Summary Inscription no.13

4.09 Defeat of Damascus in 732 BCE-Annal Fragment

4.10 Conquest of the Galilee-Annal Fragments

Chapter 5 Sargon II 88

5.01 The Fall of Samaria and Ashdod-Khorsabad Summary Inscription

5.02 The Fall of Samaria-Calah Summary Inscription

5.03 The Fall of Samaria and Ashdod-Khorsabad Annals

5.04 The Ashur Charter

5.05 Cylinder mscription no.1

5.06 The Cyprus Stela

5.07 Stone Slab from Calah

5.08 The Ashdod Campaign-Nineveh Annal Prism

5.09 To the Border of Egypt-Ashur Annal Prism

5.10 The Azekah Inscription

5.11 Athaliah, the Wife of Sargon

Chapter 6 Sennacherib 120

6.01 The Campaign to the West in 701 BCE

6.02 The Lachish Relief Inscriptions

6.03 Campaign to the West-The Bull Colossi

6.04 Construction Work at Nineveh

6.05 The Murder of Sennacherib

Chapter 7 Merodach-baladan II 144

7.01 The Restoration of the Eanna Temple in Uruk

Chapter 8 Esarhaddon 150-173

8.01 The Accession of Esarhaddon-Prism Nineveh A

8.02 Campaigns in the West-Prism Nineveh A

8.03 The Egyptian Campaign-Zenjirli Stela

8.04 The Egyptian Campaign-Nahr el-Kalb Inscription

8.05 The Egyptian Campaign-Nineveh Tablet Fragment

Chapter 9 Ashurbanipal 174

9.01 The Campaigns to Egypt-Edition A

9.02 The Early Campaign to Tyre-Edition B

9.03 The Late Campaign to Tyre-Edition A

9.04 The Early Campaigns Against Arab Tribes-Edition B

9.05 The Late Campaigns Against Arab Tribes-Edition A

Chapter 10 The Assyrian Eponym Chronicle 198

10.01 The Eponym Chronicle

Chapter 11 Neo-Babylonian Chronicles 208

11.01 The Reigns of Nabonassar to Shamash-shum-ukin

11.02 The Ascent of Nabopolassar-The Rebellion against Assyria

11.03 The Reign of Nabopolassar-The Middle Years and the Fall of Nineveh

11.04 The Reign of Nabopolassar-The Final Years

11.05 The Reign of Nebuchadnezzar-To Jerusalem

11.06 The Reign of Nabonidus-The Fall of Babylon

Chapter 12 Assyrian and Babylonian King Lists 256

12.01 The Assyrian King List

12.02 Babylonian King List A

12.03 Uruk King List

12.04 Synchronistic King List

Chapter 13 Nebuchadnezzar II 268

13.01 Campaign to Lebanon-The Wadi Brisa Inscription

13.02 The Etemenanki Cylinder

Chapter 14 Cyrus II, King of Persia 276

14.01 The Cylinder Inscription

Appendix: Royal Inscriptions from the Land of Israel 284-286

Glossary 287

Chronological Tables 288

Indices 290-304

A Index to Citations from the Hebrew Bible, Classical Sources, and the Mishnah

B Index to Divine Names

C Index to Persons

D Index to Geographical and Ethnic Names

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