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The Radio Broadcasting Industry: (Part of the Allyn & Bacon Series in Mass Communication) / Edition 1

The Radio Broadcasting Industry: (Part of the Allyn & Bacon Series in Mass Communication) / Edition 1


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Perhaps no form of mass media has undergone as much change and evolution as radio, which continues to reinvent itself today. This book introduces radio - from early history to current programming, ownership and regulatory developments - and previews future technological considerations. By placing a strong emphasis on the business of radio, readers develop a complete understanding of the industry and of how radio stations attract and retain an audience that could be spending its time with other media forms. For anyone interested in Radio, the Broadcasting Industry, Media Economics, and Media Management.

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ISBN-13: 9780205307913
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 07/17/2000
Series: SEI in Mass Communication Series
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

Table of Contents

Broadcast Radio: An Orientation.

A Familiar Sound
Radio: It's Everywhere.
Radio's Evolution.
Radio — A Local Medium.
A Look at Listeners.
International Listeners.
A Thumbnail View of Radio Regulation.
Efficient Radio Spectrum Usage.
Radio Programming.
The Radio Business.
The Plan of the Book.

The History and Development of Radio Broadcasting.

Electromagnetic Spectrum.
Marconi: Inventor, Innovator, and Entrepreneur.
Three Inventors and Innovators: Fessenden, de Forest, and Armstrong.
Growth of Public Interest in Wireless.
The First Wireless Regulations.
The Beginning of Programming for the Mass Audience.
The Secretary of Commerce Attempts to Regulate Radio.
Commercial Sponsorship Begins.
Radio's New Regulators.
The Development of Radio Networks.
The Golden Age of Radio Programming.
AM Radio: Standard Broadcast Service.
Local Radio Service Develops.
Music and More.
Station Differentiation: Top 40.
The Decline of AM and the Rise of FM Radio.
Radio in 2000 and Beyond.

Radio Regulation.

Radio Regulation.
Origins of Radio Regulation: The Pioneer Era.
Communications Act and Radio's Golden Age.
Deregulatory Period: Round One.
Deregulatory Period: Round Two.
Current Regulations.
Program Content.
Political Advertising. Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising. False or Deceptive Advertising.
Daily Operations.
Required Communication and Engineering Concerns. HiringPractices.
Licensing and License Renewal.
Future of Radio Regulations.

The Radio Industry: Management and Economics of Radio.

Radio Management — A Brief Overview.
Management Responsibilities.
Levels of Management. Radio Management Skills. Radio Managerial Roles.
Issues in Radio Management.
Maximizing Cash Flow. Personnel Issues. The Challenge of Competition. The Demise of AM. Embracing the Internet.
Radio Economics.
Radio Markets: The Local Market. Radio Markets: The National Market.
Supply and Demand Relationships in Radio.
Market Structure for Radio.
Radio Performance and Profitability.

Radio Programming.

Brand Name Awareness and Usage.
Radio Becomes Brand Aware.
Programming for a Specific Audience.
Supplying More Than Music Utility.
External and Internal Brand Building.
Maintaining On-Air Consistency.
Music Formats.
Radio Format Segmentation.
Radio Formats: From AC (Adult Contemporary) to UC (Urban Contemporary).
Ever Changing Formats.

The Radio Brand and Advertising.

Industry Profile: The Radio Advertising Bureau.
Radio Consolidation and Effect on Sales.
Radio Advertising Clients.
Radio: Reach and Frequency.
Research and Ratings.
Optimum Effective Scheduling.
Rate Cards.
Agency Selling.
Value-Added Selling.
The Business of Selling.

Radio Research.

Sales Research.
Arbitron. Sample Procedures. Methodology. Arbitron Report. Interpreting the Arbitron Book. Criticisms of Ratings Research. Other Sales Research.
Programming Research.
Callout Research. Auditorium Testing. Focus Groups. Personal Interviews. Intercept Research.
Some Considerations for Future Research.
Internet Research.

Noncommercial Radio Broadcasting.

Defining Noncommercial Radio.
The Early History of Noncommercial Radio.
Noncommercial Radio Finds a Home on the FM Band.
Radio Finds a Place in the Public Broadcasting Act.
The Politics of Noncommercial Radio.
Paying the Bills: Noncommercial Radio Economics.
A Refreshing Alternative: Programming on Noncommercial Radio.
Examining the Audience for Noncommercial Radio.
The Declining Role of Education in Public Radio.

9. The Contemporary Radio Industry: Mover and Shakers.
The Moguls.
Thomas Hicks. Lowery Mays. Mel Karmazin.
The Stars.
Howard Stern. Laura Schlesinger. Rush Limbaugh. Larry King. Casey Kasem.
The Innovators.
Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner.

Radio and the Twenty-First Century.

The Business of Radio.
Consolidation. Syndication Marketplace. Radio Marketing.
Technologies Impacting Radio.
The Internet. Satellite-Delivered Radio Services.



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