The RéR Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 1

The RéR Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 1


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This issue of the irregular magazine RéR Quarterly came out in 1994. The CD (available with or without its printed counterpart) contains 75 minutes of music generally unavailable elsewhere. The scope of styles represented is very wide, thereby representing the interests of the ReR Megacorp/Recommended label. It takes wide ears and a solid stomach to switch from Cornelius Cardew's sweet-and-sour orchestral music to N.O.R.M.A.'s street band exuberance. In retrospect, this album is more important for the specific gems it presented to the public than for its overall listen. The tracks by Sales Combles (from the entourage of L'Ensemble Rayé), Diledadafish, and Koongoortoog (an avant rock group from Tuva fronted by a throat singer) are among the only documents left of these occulted projects. Other points of interest include an excellent live version of Thinking Plague's "How to Clean Squid," a rare example of the work of U.S. West Coast instrument builder Tom Nunn, a piece by Al Margolis that is very different from his electro-acoustic works released under the moniker If, Bwana, and a nine-minute extravaganza by N.O.R.M.A., much more festive than the music released on the group's sole ReR album, L'Arpe e l'Asino. Back in 1994, this CD was presenting an accurate snapshot of the developments in avant-garde music (mainly avant rock). Now it will appeal mostly to collectors.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/29/1995
Label: Recommended Records
UPC: 0752725001823
catalogNumber: 401

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jeff Beck   Bass
Henry Kaiser   Electric Guitar
Cornelius Cardew   Track Performer
John Oswald   Alto Saxophone,Track Performer
George Lewis   Trombone
Biota   Track Performer
Tom Cora   Bass,Cello
Heiner Goebbels   Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano
Toshinori Kondo   Trumpet
Dagmar Krause   Vocals
Pig   Drums
R. Stevie Moore   Track Performer
Chris Cutler   Drums
ZGA   Track Performer
Bar-B-Que   Accordion
Sarah Collins   Piano
Gerry Conway   Guitar
Chris Culter   Track Performer
Bob Drake   Violin,Bass Guitar,Vocals,Sampling
Larry Dubin   Drums
Franco Fabbri   Guitar
Umberto Fiori   Vocals
Fred Frith   Bass,Guitar,Track Performer
Mark Fuller   Percussion,Drums
Slow Gibbon   Drums
Alfred 23 Harth   Clarinet,Trumpet,Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Michail Judenich   Percussion,Drums
Tom Katsimpalis   Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar
Dave Kerman   Drums,Keyboards
Susanne Lewis   Vocals
Teena Lyle   Percussion
Owen Maerks   Drums
Pino Martini   Bass Guitar
Micky Skin   Drums
Tom Nunn   Track Performer
Anonymous Paleontologist   Drums
Eddie Parker   Flute
Vadim Petrenko   Guitar
Mark Piersel   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Trumpet
Steve Scholbe   Flute,Percussion,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Ching
Ashley Slater   Trombone
Nick Sudnik   Keyboards,Vocals,Ring Modulator
Gordon Whitlow   Organ,Banjo,Piano,Bass Guitar
Alexander Zhilin   Bass,Percussion
Kaigal-ool Khovalyg   Vocals
Thinking Plague   Track Performer
Eric Jacobson   Synthesizer
Gilles V. Rieder   Drums,Vocals
Margolis   Track Performer
Lesego Rampolokeng   Track Performer
David Lee Myers   Track Performer
Steve Moore   Track Performer
Mike Johnson   Guitar
Bill Sharp   Bagpipes

Technical Credits

Biota   Composer
Tom Cora   Contributor
Chris Cutler   Contributor,Art Direction
Bruce Allen   Art Direction
Doug Carroll   Engineer
Fred Frith   Contributor
Tom Katsimpalis   Producer
Mark Piersel   Producer,Engineer
Steve Scholbe   Producer
Gordon Whitlow   Producer
Cam Wilson   Engineer
Larry Jon Wilson   Producer
Alexander Bapa   Contributor
Sayan Bapa   Contributor
Dirk Vallons   Art Direction,Booklet Design
Marina Kavezzina   Art Direction
Ed Baxter   Label Design
Bill Ellsworth   Art Direction
Greg Heimbecker   Engineer
Roger Sutherland   Contributor,Artwork
Chris DeChiara   Engineer
Steve DeChiara   Contributor
Bill Sharp   Producer,Engineer

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