The Python Workshop: A New, Interactive Approach to Learning Python

The Python Workshop: A New, Interactive Approach to Learning Python

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Cut through the noise and get real results with a step-by-step approach to learning Python 3.X programming

Key Features
  • Ideal for the Python beginner who is getting started for the first time
  • A step-by-step Python tutorial with exercises and activities that help build key skills
  • Structured to let you progress at your own pace, on your own terms
  • Use your physical print copy to redeem free access to the online interactive edition
Book Description

You already know you want to learn Python, and a smarter way to learn Python 3 is to learn by doing. The Python Workshop focuses on building up your practical skills so that you can work towards building up your machine learning skills as a data scientist, write scripts that help automate your life and save you time, or even create your own games and desktop applications. You'll learn from real examples that lead to real results.

Throughout The Python Workshop, you'll take an engaging step-by-step approach to understanding Python. You won't have to sit through any unnecessary theory. If you're short on time you can jump into a single exercise each day or spend an entire weekend learning about Python scripting. It's your choice. Learning on your terms, you'll build up and reinforce key skills in a way that feels rewarding.

Every physical print copy of The Python Workshop unlocks access to the interactive edition. With videos detailing all exercises and activities, you'll always have a guided solution. You can also benchmark yourself against assessments, track progress, and receive free content updates. You'll even earn a secure credential that you can share and verify online upon completion. It's a premium learning experience that's included with your printed copy. To redeem, follow the instructions located at the start of your Python book.

Fast-paced and direct, The Python Workshop is the ideal companion for Python beginners. You'll build and iterate on your code like a software developer, learning along the way. This process means that you'll find that your new skills stick, embedded as best practice. A solid foundation for the years ahead.

What you will learn
  • Learn how to write clean and concise code with Python 3
  • Understand classes and object-oriented programming
  • Tackle entry-level data science and create engaging visualizations
  • Use Python to create responsive, modern web applications
  • Automate essential day-to-day tasks with Python scripts
  • Get started with predictive Python machine learning
Who this book is for

This book is designed for professionals, students, and hobbyists who want to learn Python and apply it to solve challenging real-world problems. Although this is a beginner's book, it will help if you already know standard programming topics, such as variables, if-else statements, and functions. Experience with another object-oriented program is beneficial, but not mandatory.

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Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 608
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About the Author

Andrew Bird is the data and analytics manager for Vesparum Capital. He leads the software and data science teams at Vesparum, overseeing full stack web development in Django / React. He is an Australian actuary (FIAA, CERA), who has previously worked with Deloitte Consulting in financial services. Andrew also currently works as a full-stack developer for Draftable Pvt. Ltd. He manages ongoing development of the donation portal for Effective Altruism Australia website, on a voluntary basis. Dr Lau Cher Han is a Chief data scientist, and currently the CEO of LEAD, an institution that provides programs on data science, full stack web development, and digital marketing. Well-versed in programming languages: JavaScript, Python, C# and so on he is experienced in web frameworks: MEAN Stack, ASP.NET, Python Django and is multilingual, speaking English, Chinese, Bahasa fluently. His knowledge of Chinese spreads even into its dialects: Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese. Mario Corchero Jiménez is a senior software developer at Bloomberg. He leads the Python infrastructure team in London, enabling the company to work effectively in Python and building company-wide libraries and tools. His professional experience is mainly in C++ and Python, and he has contributed some patches to multiple Python open source projects. He is a PSF fellow, having received the Q3 2018 PSF Community Award, is vice president of Python España (the Python Spain association), and has served as Chair of PyLondinium, PyConES17, and PyCon Charlas at PyCon 2018. Mario is passionate about the Python community, open source, and inner source. Graham Lee is an experienced programmer and writer. He has written books including Professional Cocoa Application Security, Test-Driven iOS Development, APPropriate Behaviour and APPosite Concerns. He is a developer who's been programming for long enough to want to start telling other people about the mistakes he's made, in the hope that they'll avoid repeating them. In his case, this means having worked for about 12 years as a professional. His first programming experience can hardly be called professional at all: as it was in BASIC, on a Dragon 32 microcomputer. Corey Wade is a data scientist, author, and educator based in the Bay Area. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing and Consciousness. As a data scientist, Corey has used Python to design new metrics, including the first comprehensive 3-point basketball statistic (3NG) and listing or sorting helpful book reviews. A regular writer for Towards Data Science, Corey has published articles on the math and algorithms behind machine learning. With over 10,000 hours in the classroom, he has taught Python to beginners as well as advanced students, through Programming Power and One Student, One Class. When not at the classroom or beach, he’s catching up on various Jupyter Notebooks, Kaggle competitions, and math books.
Corey Wade, M.S. Mathematics, M.F.A. Writing & Consciousness, is an author, educator, and data scientist. He has taught Natural Language Processing in Python as a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Instructor for Hello World, developed Python curricula as a Senior Technical Learning Designer with the Data Team at Pathstream, and developed original statistics and machine learning models in Python that have been published in Towards Data Science and Springboard. Currently, he chairs the Math Department at Berkeley Independent Study and teaches innovative enrichment courses (often including Python!) with One Student, One Class. When not teaching or working in Jupyter Notebooks, he’s chasing waves with his daughter Josephine and wife Jetta in the Bay Area.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
  1. Vital Python – Math, Strings, Conditionals, and Loops
  2. Python Structures
  3. Executing Python – Programs, Algorithms, and Functions
  4. Extending Python, Files, Errors, and Graphs
  5. Constructing Python – Classes and Methods
  6. The Standard Library
  7. Becoming Pythonic
  8. Software Development
  9. Practical Python – Advanced Topics
  10. Data Analytics with pandas and NumPy
  11. Machine Learning

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