The Princess Trilogy, Book 1: My Babies

The Princess Trilogy, Book 1: My Babies

by Cici Kan


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"The Princess Trilogy, Book 1" is a true, human-trafficking survival story about a woman who is driven by her strange behaviors and the voices in her head, to seek professional help.
As she uncovers painful, buried memories of herself and her two younger siblings being abused by their mother, it's only the unfortunate beginning. A perilous journey follows, of piecing fragments of memory together that point to a dark past and to a family steeped in organized crime.
Remembering the relationship to her brave and spirited little brother, the story is told from the innocent and imaginative perspectives of those children. The journey has surprising moments of humor, highlighted by their unfailing love for each other, their resilience, and faith.
After their parents divorce, the children are forced to leave their father and return with their mother to her birthplace, deep in Louisiana Bayou country, where they discover a hotbed of deceit, betrayal and family secrets the children are forced to keep.
From very early on, the children developed a charming habit of telling stories to each other, of imagining things so much better than they really are, to make their life tolerable, to make each other smile. But now they must become more determined to paint their happiness over an ever darkening reality.
Unable to understand the dark magic, ancient practices, rituals and sacrifices, of the "family business," they resist, but are ultimately forced into submission -and slavery.
Surviving a gauntlet of untold dangers at every turn, they cling to hope. Struggling to be true to the memory of their grandmother's good, Christian teachings, they practice faith, the only "real magic" that could ever set them free.

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Publication date: 05/02/2018
Pages: 250
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