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THE PRINCE OF INDIA…..Volume Two… a glowing romance of the Byzantine Empire, presenting with extraordinary power the siege of Constantinople, and lighting its tragedy with the warm underglow of an Oriental romance. Volume Two is 460 Pages in print! (In Two Volumes available on TLC BOOKS, Edited). Volume One is 400 Pages.

• This volume includes a “Detailed Biography” of our author, Lew Wallace.

This novel recounts events leading to the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453. The legendary "wandering jew", in guise of a "Prince of India" aids in bringing about the downfall of the city and its empire by aiding and advising the Turkish Sultan Mehmed II.

The viewpoints of both the Greek and Turkish sides are shown in detail, with sympathy for both. Added to this are many vivid descriptions of the city and the important characters of the day. All in all, an interesting read.

The central character of the Jew/Prince is a fascinating portrait. You will find it much more effective than the other 19th century treatment of the legend by Eugene Sue, "Le Juif Errant."

A glowing romance of the Byzantine Empire, showing, with vivid imagination, the possible forces behind the internal decay of the Empire that hastened the fall of Constantinople. The foreground figure is the person known to all as the Wandering Jew, at this time appearing as the Prince of India, with vast stores of wealth, and is supposed to have instigated many wars and fomented the Crusades. Mohammed's love for the Princess Irene is beautifully wrought into the story, and the book as a whole is a marvelous work both historically and romantically.

In many ways, this mature work resembles his "BEN-HUR": it covers a period of many years, and its plot is built by putting together historical and geographical facts, and by weaving in a thread of romance. The "boat race" introduced in this story suggests the famous "chariot race" in "BEN-HUR".

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