The Prince and I

The Prince and I

by Karen Hawkins

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From New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins, the lively and sizzling second book in a new fairytale-based Scottish historical romance series, The Princes of Oxenburg.

Max Romanovin, Oxenburg’s warrior prince, is escorting his grandmother to a house party deep in the Highlands when he and his entourage are robbed at sword point by a group of ruffians led by a man the locals have dubbed “The Scottish Robin Hood.” The battle-savvy prince instantly realizes there’s something different about this thief, and it’s not just the Scottish accent—it’s the fact that “he” is really a “she.”

Lady Murian, a young widow out for revenge against the powerful earl who killed her husband and stole his birthright, is now living in the woods with her family’s banished retainers. To stay alive, she and her band of men rob rich nobles coming to visit the evil earl. But when she ambushes the Prince of Oxenburg’s golden coach, she gets far more than she expected. For when the prince uncovers her true identity, she’s afraid that he might be the real thief…of her heart.

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ISBN-13: 9781476786094
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 08/25/2015
Series: The Oxenburg Princes , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 47,941
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Hawkins writes novels that have been praised as touching, witty, charming, and heartwarming. A native Southerner who grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee where storytelling is a way of life, Karen recently moved to frosty New England with her beloved husband and multiple foster dogs. The Dove Pond series is a nod to the thousands of books that opened doors for her to more adventures, places, and discoveries than she ever imagined possible. To find out more about Karen, check in with her at, @KarenHawkinsAuthor on Instagram, and at her website,

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The Prince and I 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
LissaGarcia95 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book!!When I initially saw the cover reveal, I could hardly wait for the release and I was more than satisfied with the story itself. This twist on a classic legend was so much fun-- I enjoyed seeing all the connections and allusions throughout the tale. I tend not to write extensive reviews because I am always afraid of giving too much information, but if you are looking for a stubborn warrior prince who loses his heart to a steadfast and independent damsel-not-in-distress, this is a book that you really must add to your to-read list!!
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
The second book in the Oxenburg Princes was a sweet and romantic story. Not too complicated or dramatic. Very light and entertaining. There wasn't a lot of emotional turmoil between the two main characters. It was slow at times but overall the plot and conflict were good. I enjoyed reading it. It had elements of the Robin Hood story to it just like book one, The Prince Who Loved Me, had elements of Cinderella. Tata Natasha was back to her old tricks and she is just a fun and strong character. Both Murian and Max (the name he preferred going by) were dedicated to their people, so they were reluctant to come together though attraction was strong and the passion powerful between the two at times. How they come together for their happily ever after was original and I liked it. Overall, an enjoyable and sweet read.
Stefanie0 More than 1 year ago
I was given an Advanced Reader Copy for an honest review. I can honestly say it is a fabulous continuation of the Oxenberg Prince series. This story has a Robin Hood theme. You are immediately captivated by the story and the new and returning characters, especially the Grand Duchess Natasha. The plight of Lady Murian and how she has taken care of her people against all the difficult obstacles gives an interesting twist to the plot of the story. You immediately fall in love with the Prince a.k.a. Max. His strong protective nature kicks in when he finds out Lady Murian's story. The story is so captivating and intriguing that it keeps you turning the pages. Without giving away the ending, you leave this book with great anticipation to get your hands on the next in the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! Am eager to read more of the series!
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
THE PRINCE AND I is an absolutely enchanting and ingenious story based on a retelling of Robin Hood. Prince Gregori Maksim Aleksandr Romanovin, known to his friends as Max, is accompanying his grandmother the Grand Duchess Natasha Nikolaevna to Scotland. “Tata Natasha” wants to retrieve something that was taken from her a few months before by the Earl of Loudan. On their way to Loudan’s Rowallen Castle, they are sort of attacked by a band of very well-mannered highwaymen, and relieved of some of their possessions. Their leader is a young widow, Murian MacDonald Muir, whose husband was killed by the Earl, and she has vowed to take back her Rowallen, her home. Meanwhile, she is struggling to help her band of widows, children and two men stay afloat. THE PRINCE AND I begins with a breathtaking swordfight, it got my full attention right away, and I could not stop reading, I would not stop reading! What a marvellous story! I’m not usually fond of retellings, but this book looked good, and it is beyond magnificent! Ms. Hawkins weaves a terrific story around the legend, Murian is an exceptionally fascinating character: she is brave, dedicated to her people, clever, loyal; a perfect heroine. And Max is truly a Prince Charming: a former general in the war, he is an honourable man, but also considerate and caring. Murian and Max’s road to romance is fraught with several ambushes, and to say the least, it’s difficult for them to be together, but how positively delectable is every little moment they manage to steal. Tata Natasha is an eccentric, cantankerous, but clever and kind-hearted old lady, and every one of Murian’s band of sort-of-thieves is fabulous. THE PRINCE AND I is an exceptional book, each page is filled with elegant, luminous and eloquent prose, vivid descriptions of the scenery and the characters, witty banter, all sorts of plot twists and surprises, and a romance for the ages. There is not one dull paragraph, not one superfluous chapter, not one word out of place. And the ending is positively enthralling! THE PRINCE AND I is an unforgettable story filled with love and hope, and it will be cherished for many years to come. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I will be waiting with bated breath for the next instalment! I wish I could give 15 stars: 5 for the story, 5 for the characters, and 5 for the writing! I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Dzneychica More than 1 year ago
A merry twist of the classic tale of Robin Hood! On their way to a castle in Scotland at Tata Natasha's demand, she and her grandson, Prince Max Romanovin, are beset by the Scottish Robin Hood. Lady Murian MacDonald leads a band of her former servants and villagers to inconvenience travelers visiting Lord Loudan, the Earl who stole her lands. But she never expected anyone like Max! Realizing that there was more to the thieves than what met the eye, Max set out to discover their lair, only to find a desperate situation. He and his men set out to help Murian and her group prepare for the coming winter, and to find out how he can resolve her situation while discovering Tata Natasha's secret that is keeping them at Rowallen. Filled with many amusing scenes and humorous lines, this book is an excellent addition to Ms. Hawkins' "The Oxenburg Princes" series! Please note: I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
elizabethSE More than 1 year ago
Get Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do set up on your IPod and get ready for a sweet, sexy Robin Hoodesque read from Karen Hawkins. ‘The Prince and I’ is the second novel in the Princes of Oxenburg series and focuses on Maksim ‘Max’ Romanovin, the General Prince. Max is on escorting his wonderfully cantankerous Tata Natasha to a House Party when his coaches are stopped by a band of thieves in the woods. Max is not one to back down to anyone, especially this raggedy group of outlaws but he is thrown by their leader: a woman wearing a hood and wielding a rapier. Lady Murian has been cheated out of her home and is now the leader and provider of the group of people that had served her and her late husband. She is determined to lead this band of ‘merry widows’, one Will Scarlae and a giant by the name of Ian out of poverty and back to their rightful home. This is a fun, fun read that I would have finished in one sitting had I not had kids to pick up from school! The play on the Robin Hood tale is wonderful and lends a nostalgic twist to this romance involving another Oxenburg Prince. Max may not be the one in the hood, but he definitely rides in to the rescue, quickly seeing through the disguises and being smart enough to realize that there is more in play than just a group of people taking from the rich. He is a soldier through and through and will take on Murian’s fight as one of his own and work to bring her people back home. Falling in love Murian, however, may be one battle he’s not willing to fight. Murian is just as devoted to her ‘family’ and though she’s willing to work harder than anyone to provide warm shelter and food for them; she doesn’t see a life where she does not stay with her people. I loved both of these characters! They are smart, funny and not given to drama or silly tantrums; the author leaves those two things for the Duchess Natasha, lol! The grandmother is back in this story in full form, throwing curses at everyone and doing what she can to scheme true love engagements for her grandsons. I am so ready for the next Oxenburg Prince book….Nik better get ready because I’m sure Tata Natasha is already looking his way 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BabbetteC More than 1 year ago
The Prince and I is Amazing! It's the second installment of the Oxenburg Princes, but is perfect on it's own. I don't like spoilers but this book is so much fun it is hard not to talk about it. Robin Hood and her merry "men" are trying to right an injustice when along comes the prince and his grandmother Tata. The prince has his own injustice to right and go figure they have the same enemy. Join the fun with Tata cursing everyone to turn into a goat, merry men that are women, and great soldiers. It is upbeat and fast paced, I can't wait to read it again. You simply most read this book! And if you haven't read the first one, The Prince Who Loved Me, what are you waiting for?!
LoveLifeandBookLust More than 1 year ago
Beautifully written and filled to the brim with that famous Karen Hawkins charm, The Prince and I is a down-right exhilarating and adventurous read ! I simply loved Prince Gregori and Lady Murian, who were both strong, stunning characters. And we must not forget the secondary characters, who were just as stunning as the main, especially the Grand Duchess Tata Natasha. I am dying to know exactly what she is up too ! But the characters are just the beginning, Ms. Hawkins does a brilliant job of drawing the reader in and immersing them in a fantastic, heart-stopping tale full of adventure, love and danger.
dbrown34001 More than 1 year ago
The Prince and I is a delightful take on the legend of Robin Hood. Traveling with his entourage to visit the Earl of Loudan, Prince Gregori Maksim Alexandr Romanovin, leader and general of the Grand Army of Oxenburg, is waylaid by bandits. He is accompanied by his grandmother, Grand Duchess Natasha Nikolaevna, and is concerned for her safety. Max is shocked when he discovers the leader of the group is a young woman as they engage in a sword fight. The band disperses after procuring a few spoils of the battle and an enraged Tata discourages them from obtaining more. Young widow Murian is relieved when they escape with some bounty to help them through what promises to be a bleak winter, although they still need much more. She is angry for being attracted to the prince because he associates with Loudan. She is unaware she appeals to the prince as well. Murian needs to breach the earl’s castle to prove he obtained his bounty through nefarious means. Murian is not the only one with a grievance against the wicked earl. This is a book you should read for the sheer enjoyment. The second installment of The Oxenburg Princes is a worthy follow-up to The Prince Who Loved Me. Max and Murian’s serious attempt to retrieve what rightfully belongs to her is tempered by the humorous interplay among the characters. There is a carefully place traitor among their midst and Tata’s antics will entertain even the most jaded reader.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
A Fantastic Book Historical Romance Scotland Max Romanovin is the warrior prince for Oxenburg. When he is escorting his grandmother to a house party that is deep in the Highlands they find themselves at the sword point of a group of ruffians. The group is led by a man that the locals call the Scottish Robin Hood. The prince is battle-savvy enough to instantly realize that something is off about the thief. It is isn’t the Scottish accent either. It is the fact that the “he” is actually a “she”. Lady Murian is out for revenge against the earl that killed her husband and stole his birthright. She is now living in the woods with her family’s retainers that have also been banished. She and her band of men rob the rich nobles that are visiting the evil earl just so that they can stay alive. She gets much more than she expected when she ambushes the Prince of Oxenburg’s golden coach. When the prince finds out her true identity she is no longer sure who is the thief and is afraid the prince might just be the real thief of her heart. This is the second book in a series that is proving to be a lot of fun to read. It also will have readers wanting the next book right away to see what else will happen in this series. While each book can be read as a standalone they are greatly more enjoyable when the reader reads the books in order. The story also proves to be hard to put down once the reader starts as they will want to know what is going to happen next and just how things will end for Max and Murian and if they will be able to overcome the obstacle that are in their way.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Oxenburg Princes series. Gregori "Max" Romanovin and his grandmother are stopped by highwaymen on their way to a house party. Max knows that there is something "off" about the highwaymen and is determined to figure out what it is. He soon learns that the leader of the thieves is a young widow named Murian. Lady Murian was kicked out of her home after her husband's death. With no where else to go, she and her retainers made a life for themselves in the forest. She and the others steal from the guests of the man who stole her home just to survive. When Max finds out that she is the one that robbed him, they find that they have a common enemy. Max and his men begin helping Murian and her people fix up their village while trying to figure out a plan to solve both their problems. Neither one is looking for anything permanent, but after spending so much time together they are drawn to each other. Can they vanquish their enemy and find a love they didn't know they wanted? I've read other Robin Hood re-makes, but I don't think any of them have had a woman as "Robin." Hawkins did an awesome job reversing the rolls with her latest book. I loved, loved, loved Max!!! He is definitely the type of guy to make a lady swoon!! Who wouldn't love a guy that sees something that needs fixed and rolls up his sleeves and gets busy doing it. The fact that he was a royal prince and didn't see anything wrong with it, made it that much better. Max's grandmother, Grand Duchess Natasha Nikolaevna, is just as feisty as ever. She is up to her old tricks too. Love that woman!! Murian is also a character I really liked. She is kicked out of her home and has no where to go. She and her friends make the best of a horrible situation. Most women of her station would have not known what to do. Murian took charge and helped her people survive. Definitely one of my favorite books by Hawkins and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Thanks go out to Pocket Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
RomancingTheNook More than 1 year ago
When a fiery thief meets warrior prince… In the second installment of the Oxenburg Princes, Karen Hawkins retells the story of Robin Hood. This time however, "Robin" is actually Lady Murian Muir, a widow who has been displaced from her home along with her servants who are mostly women. They target the guests traveling to the new Earl of Loudan, the man she believes responsible for killing her husband and taking over Rowallen Castle. On one fateful evening, Murian and her band of thieves hold up the carriage of Prince Gregori "Max" Romanovin. Max is known as the Warrior Prince and leader of Oxenburg's army. He has his own agenda for traveling to Rowallen Castle with his gypsy grandmother, Tata Natasha, when his entourage is held up by Scotland's Robin Hood. Max is not about to give up so easily, and a fight ensues with Robin. But his keen eye has him intrigued. After being sent on his way, he vows to find the bandits. He eventually locates their forest hideaway and is surprised to find the slender man he clashed steel with is actually a woman! From the opening scene, the interaction between Murian and Max sets the tone for the story. As they work together to bring down the Earl, the sexual tension sizzles between them. Neither one was looking for love but love weaves its way into their hearts. Murian is a fearless heroine who cares very much for those who surround her. And what's not to love about Max - tall, dark and handsome and not to mention those green eyes! *sigh* Tata Natasha is always a hoot and I can't wait for the next book of The Oxenburg Princes. Even though this is the second book, it can be read as a standalone. If you don't have Karen Hawkins on your auto buy, what are you waiting for?
samanthajayne13 More than 1 year ago
The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins is such a great book! I loved how this was a twist on Robin Hood. Lady Murian is on a mission herself in trying to get her dead husbands land back from the Earl that killed him. Max is on the way to escort his grandmother to a House Party deep in the Highlands. Max and Marian meet when she robs his entourage at gun point. I just loved the love story of Max and Marian. So full of twist and turns in the whole story.
1parkerd More than 1 year ago
As usual, I loved this book. It tells the story of Robinette Hood and her merry band of widows trying to reclaim what once was theirs. Max gets intrigued when He and his grandmother are victims of a hold up and sets out to find the culprit. Tata Natasha needs her own story. I bet it will be a doozie! She cracks me up.
JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Honestly this is now my favorite book. Tata Natasha is back and is up to more mischief. She wagered one of their national treasures in a card game and lost it. She did not share this information with Max as he is accompanying her to try to get it back from the Earl of Loudan. Before they get there, they are robbed by brigands. When Max hunts down the brigands, he finds out that they are not what they seem. Max finds a little village of people led by the "Robin Hood" that held them up. The more time Max spends with Murian, he realizes that he wants the kind of life he thinks he can't have. This book is lively and entertaining. Loved it!
ButtonNose More than 1 year ago
U 50x66 Jean White's review Aug 12, 15 · edit 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: historical Recommended for: Everyone Read from July 29 to August 01, 2015 — I own a copy, read count: 1 This delightful story is woven from the tale of Robin Hood and is an unpredictable tale full of humor, mystery, treachery and romance. Karen’s Robin Hood as actually a young widow and her band is comprised of displaced residents of Rowallen Castle (mostly widows and children). After the suspicious death of her husband at the hands of the evil and treacherous current Earl of Loudan, Lady Murian Muir has fled the castle (along with much of the furniture), and is now living in the forest. Our hero is Prince Max Romanovin , the general and leader of the Grand Army of Oxenburg. He is a confirmed bachelor and his protective nature compelled him to escort his wacky grandmother, Tata Natasha, to Rowallen Castle when she demanded a visit. Their entourage was stopped by Murian’s Merry Band and asked for a “donation”. This piqued Max’s curiosity and ultimately resulted in Max meeting Lady Murian. Nothing in this story is quite as it seems and its’ twists and turns make it hard to put down. The unpredicted twist at the end makes for a happy ending and, yes, there is a cliff hanger! The Prince and I is the second installment in Karen’s “Oxenburg Princes” series, but it can stand alone. I highly recommend The Prince and I and I can’t wait for the next installment. I was given a galley of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
zeeba More than 1 year ago
**** Wonderful**** The Prince and I is the second book in the Princes of Oxenburg series, of course it can be read as a stand-alone book. Max Romanovin, a warrior prince, is escorting his grandmother, Grand duchess Natasha to the castle of The earl of Loudan in Highlands when their coach stop by a band of unusual thieves with a mysterious leader named "The Scottish Robin Hood". Max starts to hunt down the thieves and he is shocked to discover that the Robin hood is a beautiful lady who lives in the woods with her people in a very poor conditions. Lady Murian is a young widow who wants to revenge The earl of Loudan, the man who killed her husband and throw her people out of the castle. She needs to get in the castle and finds her husband's journal in order to gain her home. So she and her people rub the earl's guests in the woods to make diversions in order to sneak in the castle and search. So when she ambushes the prince of Oxenburg coach and rubs the handsome prince belonging everything change............. This is another captivating and page turner historical romance by Karen Hawkins with a totally different heroin who dresses and acts as Robin Hood. Lady Murian is beautiful, intelligent,strong and does anything in her power to help and support her people. Max is a sweet hero with a kind heart who can't stand cruelty and work hard to help Murian's people even though he is a prince. I loved and enjoyed Max and Murian's story, It was a delightful romance with witty and sparkling dialogue, adventures, danger and passion. The plot was great with some surprises toward the end. Thank you Karen Hawkins for writing fantastic books.
MariannaC18 More than 1 year ago
Karen Hawkins has done it again! I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of her new book in the Oxenburg Princes series. The Prince and I, doesn’t disappoint! This book stars Max, the leader of the Grand Army of Oxenburg and a famed General. He everything you want in a hero. Tall and handsome with a touch of wounded soul. The heroin is the bright, fiery widow Lady Murian who has her own secret. This twist on Robin Hood captivates right from the start. How can it not when you have Max’s grandmother The Grand Duchess start off the story?! Tata Natasha always brings a smile to my face. She is not a woman to mess with! So to hold up her carriage may not be the smarts thing in the world! Max, who is traveling with his Tata, is intrigued by Robin and his group of bandits. It sets him off from daily from a house party he is forced to attend to look for his mysterious bandit. When he finds what he is looking for, he can’t stay away. Murian captivates him. Her love and compassion for her people draw him in and he can’t seem to let go. Murian also can’t seem to let him go either. They sense a shared spirit within each other (along with a good dose of lust!). As the story moves forward and they realize they have a common enemy, they work together to help each other get what they need. In the end, they realize what the greatest thing each other needs and the question becomes, can it be reached. Tata as always thinks she knows best, and as always loves to put her nose right into the mix (and seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way!). In the end, love wins out. Ms Hawkins again delivers a fun, sexy, romantic story that I can read over and over again. Now, to wait for the last Prince story (hint: it involves Tata again!) and hope and pray that Ms Hawkins will write a back story for the wonderful side character of Tata Natasha!! So, get out and get this book when it’s available. And if you have never read a Karen Hawkins book, pick up the first book in this series The Prince Who Loved Me. Along with the Duchess Diaries Series. Believe me, you won’t regret it!!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
An adventurous story filled with unexpected thrills, fascinating characters and hidden agenda's. Under Karen Hawkins skillful hand The Prince and I became a glorious romance full of triumph, determination and intrigue. As I read through every page the images were so vivid I almost felt like I was there. The experience was so captivating I felt the emotions as if they were my own. Murian's convictions lead her down a dangerous road but she did not pull back. She refused to be rescued by anyone but herself. That is a heroine I can look up to. Gregori is thrust into a situation that he never saw on the horizon. Will he follow his head or listen to his heart? I received an ARC of the Prince and I in exchange for an honest review. Amidst all the chaos Karen Hawkins has created a romance that sticks in the mind and entrances the soul.
Tinalou70 More than 1 year ago
General Gregori "Max" Romanovin, Warrior Prince of Oxenburg, has been tasked to accompany his grandmother into the Scottish Highlands for a house party. He does not believe for one moment that it's only for that purpose, knowing his Tata Natasha so well, but as he has his own hidden agenda and is still suffering a great personal loss, he's willing to humor her, but only for so long. When they are accosted by a band of highwaymen, Max is determined to find them and make them pay. Lady Murian Muir has a mission of her own. Prove that her husband's death was no accident and re-claim the home that was stolen from her and her people. But the new lord of the castle is determined to crush them before they can find the proof they need so they've had to be very creative in their search and their survival. A once-in-a-lifetime passionate love grows amidst the intrigue, deceptions, secrets and dangerous plots but they are destined to follow different paths...or are they? I'm always thrilled to read a new book from Ms. Hawkins and she delivers a unique take on the classic Robin Hood tale that I found to be refreshingly sexy, insightful and humorous. While there were several subplots unfolding, with wonderfully fleshed out main and supporting characters, I was never confused because the pace was steady and each plot point was revealed when it should to keep me glued to the pages to see what would happen next. This series keeps getting better and I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment. Well done, Lady Hawkins! I received an ARC for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With The Prince and I, the second installment in her Princes of Oxenburg series, Karen Hawkins weaves a delicious tale set in the wilds of Scotland. Lady Murian Muir was once the mistress of Rowallen Castle and its people after having found love in a marriage arranged by her guardian. After a very suspicious duel, she loses her husband and is forced to flee her beloved home. Doing everything she can to gain back what is rightfully hers, she dons a “Robin Hood” disguise and along with her band of “merry men” (the displaced members of her household), they hold up guests travelling to Rowallen. One particular evening finds them attempting to rob General Max Romanovin, the prince of Oxenburg. Sparks fly and they end the hold-up with a sword fight, with Max unmasking the highwayman after Murian slips and falls. At the request of his Tata Natasha (who deserves a novel all on her own), Max finds himself travelling with her to stay as guests of Lord Loudan at Rowallen but, it isn’t until after they arrive that he realizes his grandmother has lost a very important heirloom to the blackguard Loudan that belongs to his country. I was so excited to read this story. The chemistry between Max and Murian is palpable from the beginning and it was so refreshing when they didn’t spend over half the book denying that chemistry. Murian has loved and lost, but she doesn’t allow it to affect her negatively and cause her to be bitter as I’ve seen before in romances. She also isn’t too proud to accept Max’s help with the repairs and Max isn’t as arrogant as one would think given that he is a prince. Both Max and Murian are down to earth which made reading all that more enjoyable and the verbal sparring between them, and the secondary characters, had me laughing out loud several times. The secondary characters were just as large as the hero and heroine; with the widows helping alongside the prince’s men, and Tata Natasha threatening to turn people into goats and arguing that she doesn’t snore. The Prince and I was a thoroughly fun romp into Scotland and I’m already sorry that it’s over! *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*