The Political Economy Of International Organizations: A Public Choice Approach

The Political Economy Of International Organizations: A Public Choice Approach

by Roland Vaubel, Thomas D Willett

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The idea for this volume was conceived by Frederick Praeger, founder of Westview Press, who asked Roland Vaubel if he would put together a collection of chapters on the public choice approach to the study of international organizations. Vaubel felt it would be useful to have a coeditor from the United States, and Thomas D. Willett enthusiastically agreed to take on these duties.

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ISBN-13: 9781000304503
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/20/2019
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Roalnd Vaubel, Thomas D Willett

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments -- List of Contributors -- Contents -- Introduction /Roland Vaubel and Thomas D. Willett -- PART ONE -- The Public Choice Approach to International Economic Issues and Organizations: Theory -- 1 The Public Choice View of International Political Economy /Bruno S. Frey -- 2 A Public Choice View of International Organization /Roland Vaubel -- 3 Canons of Public Choice Analysis of International Agreements /Rodney T. Smith -- 4 International Organizations from the Constitutional Point of View /Bruno S. Frey and Beat Gygi -- 5 Approaches to the Study of International Organizations: Major Paradigms in Economics and Political Science /Patricia Dillon, Thomas L. Ilgen, and Thomas D. Willett -- 6 International Institutions and the Market for Information /Michele Fratianni and john Pattison -- PART TWO -- Applications -- 7 The GATT as an International Discipline over Trade Restrictions: A Public Choice Approach /J. Michael Finger -- 8 A Public Choice Perspective of the International Energy Program /Rodney T. Smith -- 9 U.S. Policy and the Law of the Sea Conference, 1969-1982: A Case Study of Multilateral Negotiations /Ross D. Eckert -- 10 The Political Economy of the International Monetary Fund: A Public Choice Analysis /Roland Vaubel -- 11 Determinants of Foreign Aid Under Alternative Institutional Arrangements /Hannelore Weck-Hannemann and Friedrich Schneider -- 12 Unanimous Decisions in a Redistributive Context: The Council of Ministers of the European Communities /William S. Peirce -- 13 The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Community: A Public Choice Interpretation /Tim ]osling and H. Wayne Moyer -- 14 A Public Choice View of the Delors Report /Roland Vaubel -- About the Book and Editors.

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