The Play Book: 101 Things Every Player Should Know About Dating, Girls, and Relationships

The Play Book: 101 Things Every Player Should Know About Dating, Girls, and Relationships

by David M. Richardson III


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In the larger sense this book is for all young men, those boys who by reason of age or maturity are transitioning to manhood. I wish the absolute best for you and your futures and hope that in some small way the words and ideas that you read here will inspire, restrain and assist you to live your best life and experience your best love honestly, respectfully and with joy.

Dating and relationships may not always work out the way you hope. There may be, probably will be some hurt feelings and heart aches along the way. Relationships can be like being in a knife fight; you very likely will get cut. It will sting and may even leave a scar but you will survive and can learn from the experience. All in all, you will probably conclude like so many who have traveled this road before you, it is well worth the journey. Think of the play book as one of your guides.

A few words about the title, The Play Book: 101 Things Every Player Should Know About Dating, Girls and Relationships. Some may find offense in the use of the word player denoting its pejorative meaning of a person who toys with the affections of women and is the modern day version of the playboy. What I mean by this word is its sports and business connotation. It is a person who is fully engaged in his pursuits and is to be taken seriously by his competitors. To be a player, as I am using the term in the context of dating is a person fully engaged in learning about other people, respectful of their humanity and open to knowing how to relate to others in better more mutually fulfilling ways.

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ISBN-13: 9781466316720
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/09/2011
Pages: 122
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A former psychologist, hospital director and medical school administrator David is a Mediator and Ombudsman working with patients and their physicians to resolve conflicts that arise from adverse outcomes in their care. He is the author of numerous articles and conducts workshops and corporate training on communication and effectively resolving conflict in business, health care and interpersonal relationships. David and his wife Sharon reside in Westchester, California with their daughter, mother-in-law, and two retrievers Butta Boy and Rocket.
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