The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother

by Aimee Molloy


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An addictive psychological thriller about a group of women whose lives become unexpectedly connected when one of their newborns goes missing.

A night out. A few hours of fun. That’s all it was meant to be.

They call themselves the May Mothers—a group of new moms whose babies were born in the same month. Twice a week, they get together in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for some much-needed adult time.

When the women go out for drinks at the hip neighborhood bar, they are looking for a fun break from their daily routine. But on this hot Fourth of July night, something goes terrifyingly wrong: one of the babies is taken from his crib. Winnie, a single mom, was reluctant to leave six-week-old Midas with a babysitter, but her fellow May Mothers insisted everything would be fine. Now he is missing. What follows is a heart-pounding race to find Midas, during which secrets are exposed, marriages are tested, and friendships are destroyed.

Thirteen days. An unexpected twist. The Perfect Mother is a "true page turner." —B.A. Paris, author of Behind Closed Doors

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ISBN-13: 9780062696809
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/31/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 144,453
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Aimee Molloy is the author of the New York Times bestseller However Long the Night: Molly Melching’s Journey to Help Millions of African Women and Girls Triumph and the co-author of several non-fiction books. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters. The Perfect Mother is her first novel.

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The Perfect Mother: A Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
UGH! What a disappointment. This book is neither a thriller nor a suspense novel. It is a jumble of contemporary issues, characters and plots. (A "throw it all against the wall and see what sticks" approach to story-telling.) I'm not a fan of this author's writing style or story composition. I couldn't wait to finish this so I could start something else.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was nothing original - confusing characters that were not well developed. A mindless beach read for the hipster mommy crowd.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not only was this book a thriller that kept me wanting more, but there were also things in this book I could relate to as a new mother. I can’t wait to see the film adaptation.
Marla-Singer 18 days ago
I was going to give this book four stars; however the ending was very lackluster for me. The book's premise is of a child being kidnapped/lost while the child's mother is away. There are a lot of characters in the book, but because they are repeated so many times it gets easier to catch on. Personalty, I am very hard to please with endings because I am always expecting something supersizing yet witty. The ending of this book is surprising, but it is not witty/shocking/not something that can be guessed. To summarize, the ending of the book is completely different than the rest of it, and although it is well written, it does not have the depth of writing that makes you feel emotional towards the characters. What kept me reading this book is its plot, and wanting to know what happened to the baby, but in no way did this book arise any emotions in me. It is an easy, superficial, read.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Bonnie Franks More than 1 year ago
What a great idea, a club for a local group of mothers whose babies are all born in the same month. Everyone joins and they get together, with their babies in tow, at a park every two weeks to discuss progress of the babies, baby products, and all things concerning their babies. They're all strangers and don't delve too deeply into each other's private lives, as that's not the purpose of the club. They even have one member whose actual name most of them don't know. They call him Token. They assume he's gay as he's a stay at home father. They decide, as a group, that they could all use a night out , away from the babies. They even find a babysitter for the only single mom, Winnie. Unfortunately, Winnie's baby disappears from his crib while the ladies are at a bar. Truths start coming to the forefront, new facts are learned, suspicions form, and still the baby remains missing. Police and detectives have questions and suspicions of their own. The searching for the truth is the best part of this book, and, no, I didn't see it coming. Well written psychological thriller, will be enjoyed by all who like the genre.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
As I listened to this audio, I was almost jealous of the May Mothers as they gathered together. The tie that bound these mothers together was the month that their babies were to be born in. Other than that, these were mothers/women who were committed to getting together with each other, to socialize. When its finally suggested that these women take a night out for themselves without their children, the novel really picks up. Each May Mothers had their own agenda for their night out together. They’re finally getting some time to get to know each other personally, as the night starts to slip by. They’ve become a unit, these May Mothers. They’re no longer separate individuals but they’re united and they look out for one another as if they’ve been friends for years. This casual, fun-filled night comes to a halt when one of the mother’s babies is reported missing. What!?! What happened? I loved how the characters flew into action. Comforting, questioning, pondering, and investigating when it seemed like the authorities weren’t doing enough. I had a few ideas floating around in my head as the investigation was underway but the ending was a surprise to me. I hadn’t planned on that. I liked how the women came together and how their relationships evolved in the novel. This was more of a mystery novel to me than a thriller as I didn’t feel the intensity or any sinister feelings while listening to it. I did enjoy listening to it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too many characters and it was hard to like any of them.
Take_Me_AwayPH More than 1 year ago
The very first thing I heard about this book was that it was being made into a movie. I had to read it because I really needed to know what the fuss was about. But by that time, everyone else had already heard of it as well. It took awhile before I got it in my hands, but when I finally read it, I was really underwhelmed. The May Mothers met in a group online and spent so much time getting to know each other through emails and outings. But then one night, baby Midas goes missing at the same time they're at an outing. And no one seems to know what happened. At the same time they're looking for him, they learn that the same people they began to become friends with and "get to know," they realize they never really knew them at all. Ok, so the main thing I didn't like about this book was the plot. And by that I mean.... There wasn't one. The entire story is based on them finding the baby, but it's basically told in police interviews. And that got boring really quickly. There were SO. MANY. times I wanted to quit listening to this, but since it was an audio and I was listening while I was driving, it helped to force me to get through it. The other thing I didn't care for with this one is the person who it was. Ok, so this will be somewhat of a spoiler, so skip this paragraph of my review if you don't want to read the spoiler...... The person the author chose to be the person behind it all, sucked. My co-worker who also read this said it best... "the good thrillers introduce you to the characters, get them involved in the story, and then at the end you're like WTF?! This person was introduced twice and even though the secrets of everyone else was coming out, no one conveniently asked her about her secrets." And the character who did it turned out to be someone that wasn't hardly in the story. I get that it's supposed to be hard to guess who it is, but at least make it someone who I don't have to flip pages and go "Who was that again?" Because that's what happened in this story. The main reason I kept going with this story is the fact that the story was actually pretty believable and had some pretty awesome points in the writing.The way they got hold of the evidence and the way the characters began to turn on each other was definitely something that could happen were this to happen in real life. Sad, but true. Though there wasn't much that I liked, it was still strong enough for me to finish it and give it a good rating. Not saying I'm going to buy all of her other works, but I will definitely keep a look out for all the newer things she writes.
ArleneHeed More than 1 year ago
I loved the book. I loaned it to my father's wife. I am sure she will enjoy it, too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put it down until I finished reading the entire book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book. It kept me guessing from beginning to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book kept me in suspense and I did not have it figured out like I have in some books. It was a good read.
SuseNJ More than 1 year ago
Very unpleasant reading experience. The moms had a hodge-podge of hang-ups, anxieties and troubles, none of which were enjoyable to hear about. There was only one "surprise," about "who dunnit," and it was not clever at all. The book did not flow organically, but jerked in various unpleasant directions. Couldn't wait to finish it (only to find out who dunnit) and go on to something more interesting.
TiBookChatter More than 1 year ago
The Short of It: Another page-turner that keeps you guessing. The Rest of It: Motherhood is a hot topic this summer. I wonder why. Maybe because so many of us are overwhelmed, super busy, and give everything we have to our kids? Whatever the reason, I have at least three books in my stack dealing with motherhood in some way and The Perfect Mother was one of them. May Mothers is a group made-up of women who had their babies in the month of May. They meet at the park for their regular meetings but now that their infants are a couple of months old, they decide it’s time for a girls night out and head to a local bar for some drinks. Excited to be taking a night off from baby duty, they get a little careless and drink a little too much so when one of the moms suddenly vanishes from the bar, only for them to find out later that she is home, with the police, trying to figure out who took her son from his crib, things begin to escalate as the moms try to make sense of what’s happened. Mommy groups can be very supportive but also very dramatic. That is the case here. These women take it upon themselves to find the missing baby. They inject themselves into the investigation, steal evidence, put themselves in very dangerous situations, usually with their own infant strapped to their chests. It’s crazy what they do! Although the missing baby is the focus of the story, Molloy also touches on the loss of identity that can come with having a baby and how difficult it is to figure out those first few months as a mother. This, I could relate to well. The Perfect Mother is not a perfect book. It’s a little predictable and you might tire of all the “mommyness” contained within its pages but it was a quick, entertaining read and a good distraction from the headlines that continue to find me even though I have made a real effort to avoid them.
CCinME More than 1 year ago
What does it mean to be a "Perfect Mother"? That is the question asked of several women belonging to a new Mom's group called the May Mothers. There are several people to keep track of and the author did a good job making them distinct. The ending was very good! Not what I was expecting. Good debut novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good from beginning to end!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Captivating storyline. I enjoyed the characters and the bond of their friendships
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unexpected ending
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
A gripping domestic suspense story. I wanted to read this book based on the wonderful reviews I read on several blogs and goodreads. I later found out is has already been picked up to be made into a movie. Well, I can say that I was not disappointed. A group of new mothers who originally met online, decide to meet in person at the local park. They are friends during the pregnancy and continue on after their babies are born. There are about six women and one "token" male, a stay at home dad. When one of the women suggests they have a night out, a drink and some adult only company, they decide to go for it. Winnie, a single mother, accepts the recommendation of another mom in the group, and hires her nanny to watch her son, Midas. The evening progresses normally, until they get a frantic call from Alma, the nanny. Midas is missing. The rest of the story is made up of the police investigation or non-investigation if you believe the other mother's complaints. The media gets a hold of this story and it becomes a sensationalized situation. The women's pasts are put on trial as well as how new mothers could be out drinking and partying when their babies are home or with babysitters. They do not care if they ruin the lives and reputations of these women. There are some concerns about post-partum depression, child development and whether or not Winnie had her own child kidnapped or worse, killed. The narration of the story is broken with each character having different chapters. Sometimes I was not sure who was narrating until partway through the chapter. “Today’s Advice” began each chapter which was a piece of advice or information about the stages of emotional, social, or physical development. One of them was about taking advice with a grain of salt, which I thought was kind of funny. All the advice seemed helpful but it can also make a new mother crazy at times, wondering if their baby is developing at the right pace. Each of the characters wants to be “ The Perfect Mother”. The story was gripping. It had me flipping through the pages quickly. There were twists that surprised me, some I had expected. Overall I this was a very satisfying domestic suspense novel with excellent characters and a great storyline. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys suspense novels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent read!
Candice_S More than 1 year ago
Theresa B More than 1 year ago
I absolutely, positively LOVED this book! Addictive, fast-paced page-turner with lots of hooks and wonderful characters The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was a great thriller, with a mystery that I could not figure out. There were a lot of hooks at the end of chapters making me want to read “just one more” before turning out the light at night. But the thing I loved most was the relationship between the moms. I loved the bonds that were formed in this group of women brought together because they lived near each other and had babies that were born in the same month. I loved how they helped each other and were there for each other. I also loved that they each probably thought the others’ lives were perfect because they talked mostly about the babies or the missing baby and not about their marriages, careers or other insecurities. It was a reminder that we all have challenges that we are facing even if the face we show the world looks perfect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago