The Perfect Father: The True Story of Chris Watts, His All-American Family, and a Shocking Murder

The Perfect Father: The True Story of Chris Watts, His All-American Family, and a Shocking Murder

by John Glatt


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In The Perfect Father, New York Times bestselling author John Glatt reveals the tragedy of the Watts family, whose seemingly perfect lives played out on social media—but the truth would lead to a vicious and heartbreaking murder.

In the early morning hours of August 13th, 2018, Shanann Watts was dropped off at home by a colleague after returning from a business trip. It was the last time anyone would see her alive. By the next day, Shanann and her two young daughters, Bella and Celeste, had been reported missing, and her husband, Chris Watts, was appearing on the local news, pleading for his family’s safe return.

But Chris Watts already knew that he would never see his family again. Less than 24 hours after his desperate plea, Watts made a shocking confession to police: he had strangled his pregnant wife to death and smothered their daughters, dumping their bodies at a nearby oil site. Heartbroken friends and neighbors watched in shock as the movie-star handsome, devoted family man they knew was arrested and charged with first degree murder. The mask Chris had presented to the world in his TV interviews and the family’s Facebook accounts was slipping—and what lay beneath was a horrifying image of instability, infidelity, and boiling rage.

In this first major account of the case, bestselling author and journalist John Glatt reveals the truth behind the tragedy and constructs a chilling portrait of one of the most shocking family annihilator cases of the 21st century.

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ISBN-13: 9781250231611
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/21/2020
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 44,915
Product dimensions: 6.37(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.14(d)

About the Author

English-born JOHN GLATT is the author of more than twenty books—including Lost and Found, Secrets in the Cellar, and Playing with Fire—and has over thirty years of experience as an investigative journalist in England and America. He has appeared on television and radio programs all over the world, including Dateline NBC, Fox News, A Current Affair, BBC World News, and A&E Biography.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Prologue 1

Part 1

1 A Star Pupil 7

2 "Very Insecure" 14

3 Courting 22

4 The Engagement 27

5 Moving to Colorado 30

6 2825 Saratoga Trail 37

7 Bella Marie 41

8 "You Are an Amazing Husband and Father" 45

9 Thrive 49

10 Daddy's Thrivin 54

11 #TeamRockStars 57

12 "He Completes Me" 61

13 Punta Cana 65

14 "Fat Burning Machine" 69

15 "A Very Active Father" 76

16 "I'll See You Next Year" 81

17 "Such a Beautiful Couple" 83

Part 2

18 "Oops… We Did It Again" 91

19 "My Daddy Is a Hero" 95

20 "Electric Woman That Takes My Breath Away" 102

21 Nutgate 109

22 Hie Bachelor Life 115

23 "Worst Summer Ever" 119

24 "You Fell Out of Love with Me" 128

25 Nico Lee Watts 135

26 "Sweet Dreams My Sexy Empanada" 140

27 "Felt the Baby Move Twice This Weekend!" 146

Part 3

28 Battery 155

29 "He's Not Acting Right" 164

30 "Please Pray!!" 175

31 "We Had an Emotional Conversation" 184

32 "The Tale of Two Chrises" 192

33 The Polygraph 203

34 "A Lifeline" 215

35 "They're in the Oil Tank?" 225

36 Recovery 234

37 "The Manner of Death Is Homicide" 243

38 "They Seemed like the Picture of Suburban Bliss" 249

39 The Funeral 257

40 A Plea Deal 260

41 "You Heartless Monster" 268

42 A Confession 277

Epilogue 285

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