The Other Place: Hell 1.1

The Other Place: Hell 1.1

by William Jacobs

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"Hell 1.0 will force even the most superficial mind to question their morality and take stock of their lives. This book will challenge readers. Seriously, I'm trying to sift through my thoughts on it and it's got me going nuts."

-Shay Festa, Goodreads

Paul awakes after his car crashes into a ravine and is met by a man who informs him of his death and new home.

After more than 40 years, Paul's guide has grown weary of evil and savagery. With an unbroken innocent man's help, can the misery of Hell be defeated?

Expand the world of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit" to thousands of the damned, then take the walls away.
Let people choose their own company and discover that Hell is still a prison.

This is The Other Place - Hell 1.1 by William Jacobs.

The combination of evil and eternity in all its undiscovered, miserable facets are suffered by three men on a journey hoping to build a better society among themselves.

Ethics, religion, the role of faith and the absence thereof, in time without end, bring the reader a Hell as cruel as the brimstone and lava we expect, hidden by sadistic subtlety.

"Hell is other people," said Sartre.
Strip away the walls and that truth remains.

ADVISORY: This novel contains scenes of prejudice, profanity, graphic violence, and sexual predation.

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BN ID: 2940044641242
Publisher: William Jacobs
Publication date: 07/06/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,066,657
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

William Jacobs was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lives near Washington DC. Jacobs' first novel, "Hell 1.0" was published July 6th, 2013. (then retitled "The Other Place" when it got it's first rewrite as Hell 1.1) "Litost - Hell 2.0", a sequel to "The Other Place - Hell 1.1", was release in April 2016. The third installment, "Fury - Hell 3.0", is in progress, slated for release Winter of 2017. In the event that there is any popular interest in his writing, Jacobs plans to produce in undetermined sequence: a three-module time-travel series entitled "Time Shock", the swords and sorcery social commentary: "Ore", the ethical evolutionary tale: "Redemption", a nihilist justification for life: "Among the Slain", the medieval spy story: "Kingdom of the Heir", the non-fiction "Understanding Men (sub: Yes, it's possible.) / Understanding Women (sub: At long, f**king last.)", "Dyingman 44", a compilation of blog entries about his natural, routine, declining health from ages 39-44, the children's stories: "Reindeer Crossing Neighborhood", "The Equals Club", "Still No Eggs", and "Billy da Fish", and finally, "Diablos Ex Machina", an epilogue to Charles Dickens' "Nicholas Nickleby" revealing an unflattering secret guarded by the Cheeryble Brothers. A condensed version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) has been produced and awaits editing. with the New Testament and Koran to follow. Collaborative webisode stories may be a creative offshoot on the "Red and Gray" channel. It all started with "Hell 1.1".

Customer Reviews

The Other Place: Hell 1.1 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
rmh8402 More than 1 year ago
Paul Ourisman has just woken up in Hell. Alone and unsure if he is dreaming or dead, he wanders around hoping to find civilization or at least someone that can help him. After walking for miles, he finally decides to start calling for help. Gray and Andrew have been wandering the forests of Hell for years now. Having only recently joined up together, they eventually get to the conversation everyone does at some point: Can things get better? Is there a point in trying to help others and improve yourself? When they hear Paul's cries for help they have two choices-leave before others show up, or quiet him down and help him adjust. Gray is tired of the savagery of Hell and wants something better for his afterlife, so they decide to help Paul. Can he help them change the rules of Hell? Or will they all just sink into the despair of everything and everyone else around them? William Jacobs brings us a Hell that is terrifying in its bleakness. There is no fire or brimstone; no monsters or devils (other than the human kind.) But this is still a scary place nonetheless. The finality of your eternity is very present in this world. There is no escape from it-you heal from all wounds, even if they are mortal wounds, in a very painful way. The only way to die completely is if you are eaten. Cannibalism is the norm since food is scarce. The only other food source available are the bugs that live in the ground.Clothes are the symbol of power, and are worth more than anything. If you have clothes you are either a woman who has been given the clothes (all clothes eventually wind up with the women) or new and walking around with a million dollar target on your back. Hell 1.0 is a wonderfully written book that will catch your attention on page one. It is truly a book that will stick with you long after you have read it, and you will find yourself contemplating the nuances of Jacobs' writing many times over. The story manages to be simple in it's complexity, and complex in it's simplicity. It is easy to read, but has many layers to it. Much like the characters. Paul is one you hate almost from the beginning, and you dislike him through much of the book. Gray, on the other hand, is the character you relate to the most. You feel his pain and confusion. You go on this journey with him as he tries to see if it is possible to improve his situation. William Jacobs writes in a matter-of-fact way that causes you to not question anything he says. You accept that yes, there is a Hell and yes, this is what it is like. This is a book that I highly recommend, and one that I think many people will enjoy!!