The Organisation Shadow Side Audit

The Organisation Shadow Side Audit

by W Tate


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Organisations are not rational. Yet most managers who need to make improvements talk about the rational: resources, organisation charts, reporting channels, mission statements, committees, policies. Rivalry, fear, ambition, greed, power, lust...

In fact, most organisations' problems are more to do with inter-departmental rivalry, ambition, personal jealousies, greed, office politics, personalities, power struggles, interest groups, sexual attraction, fear and intimidation. This is the shadow-side. Its influence is pervasive, but it is also a vital safety valve. It is where we retain our individuality against the pressures of our job and the rules and requirements of the organisation. So the task of management is to not to tame the shadow-side, but to keep a balance between it and the official system.

Organisations behave tabloid but plan broadsheet

Few managers can manage the shadow-side. It is outside the scope of training, often undiscussed and undiscussible. Yet it is the backcloth for much of what goes on inside organisations. Learn to understand and manage the shadow-side Use this audit to learn how you and your fellow managers can 'read', understand and manage the shadow-side to benefit the organisation as a whole. This means achieving a balance between the rational and non-rational. The audit shows how to do this and approaches the subject at various levels:

* Understanding what the shadow-side is.

* Why the shadow-side matters in organisations, and why it is important to gain control over it.

* Developing more highly tuned antennae that help managers see the shadow-side at work.

* Acquiring the analytical skill to be able to tease out what is going on at any time.

* Improving individuals' skills in managing the shadow-side.

* Bringing benefits to the organisation in everyday performance, especially at times of change.

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Publication date: 05/01/2008
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