The Official ACT Prep Pack with 5 Full Practice Tests (3 in Official ACT Prep Guide + 2 Online)

The Official ACT Prep Pack with 5 Full Practice Tests (3 in Official ACT Prep Guide + 2 Online)

by ACT


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The Official ACT Prep Guide 2018 and ACT Online Prep have been combined to make the most comprehensive guide written by the makers of the ACT: The Official ACT Prep Pack.

ACT Online Prep is an adaptive computer-based learning program, which means it will adjust to your learning curve and provide you a customized study plan based on your performance and the amount of time you have before test day! An access card within the book provides your unique access code along with instructions on how to start using ACT Online Prep. Once you register, you will have access to ACT Online Prep for 6-months.

The Official ACT Prep Pack is a powerful tool providing you:

  • The Official ACT Guide 2018 bestselling book
  • 6-months access to ACT Online Prep
  • 5 genuine full-length practice tests (three in current book and two online)
  • Optional Writing tests
  • 2,400+ additional online practice questions
  • Free mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • Game center to further test knowledge
  • Flashcards customized for individual review needs
  • Custom or standard learning paths
  • Daily goals and tracking to help maintain focus
  • Advice and guidance for test day

By using the strategies and tools provided in The Official ACT Prep Pack, you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re prepared to do your best on test day.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119490784
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/31/2018
Pages: 720
Sales rank: 582,759
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

ACT (Iowa City, IA) is a not-for-profit organization providing assessment, research, information, and program management services to support education and workforce development. Known most widely as the makers of the ACT? exam—the college readiness and placement assessment taken by some 1.8 million high school students each year—ACT produces a number of assessments and services reaching more than 10 million people along the kindergarten through career continuum. ACT's rigorous research informs policy decisions and helps develop programs that boost lifelong learning potential in schools and workplaces around the world. To learn more, visit

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Table of Contents

Preface xi

How This Book Is Arranged xii

Before You Begin xii

Part One: Getting Acquainted with the ACT Test 1

Chapter 1: About the ACT 3

Description of the ACT 4

English Test 4

Mathematics Test 6

Reading Test 14

Science Test 17

Writing Test (Optional) 19

ACT Test Formats: Paper and Online 21

Using a Calculator 21

Taking the Test 22

Summary 23

Chapter 2: Preparation, Skills, and Strategies 25

Mental Preparation 26

Identify Strengths and Address Areas of Improvement 26

Develop a Positive Mental Attitude 27

Keep the Test in Perspective 27

General Test-Taking Strategies and Skills 27

Remain Calm 27

Pace Yourself 28

Know the Directions Ahead of Time 29

Read Carefully and Th oroughly 29

Choose Strategies for Answering Easier and More Diffi cult

Questions 30

Use Logic on More Diffi cult Questions 30

Choose a Strategy for Guessing on Multiple-Choice Questions 30

Choose a Strategy for Changing Answers 31

Write Notes in Your Test Booklet 31

Mark Your Answers Carefully 31

Plan to Check Your Answers 32

Learn Strategies for Specifi c Tests 32

Summary 32

Part Two: Taking and Evaluating Your First Practice Test 33

Chapter 3: Taking and Scoring Your First ACT Practice Test 35

Simulating Testing Conditions 35

Scoring Your Practice Test 101

Scoring Your Multiple-Choice Practice Tests 102

Scoring Your Practice Writing Test Essay 108

Reviewing Explanatory Answers 113

Chapter 4: Identifying Areas for Improvement 188

Reviewing Your Overall Performance 189

Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the English Test 189

Test-Taking Skills 190

Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Mathematics Test 192

Math Subject Areas 192

Test-Taking Errors 192

Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Reading Test 193

Types of Reading Passages 194

Reading Skills Tested 194

Test-Taking Errors 195

Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Science Test 196

Subject Matter 196

Types of Science Questions 197

Common Science Test-Taking Errors 197

Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Writing Test 198

Writing Skills Tested 198

Writing Strategy or Process Errors 199

Part Three: Improving Your Score 201

Chapter 5: Improving Your English Score 203

Content of the ACT English Test 203

Types of Questions on the ACT English Test 204

Strategies for Taking the ACT English Test 213

Chapter 6: Improving Your Math Score 229

Content of the ACT Mathematics Test 230

Preparing for Higher Math 230

Integrating Essential Skills 230

Modeling 231

Types of Questions on the ACT Mathematics Test 231

Basic Math Problems 231

Basic Math Problems in Settings 235

Very Challenging Problems 239

Question Sets 246

Strategies for Taking the ACT Mathematics Test 251

Pace Yourself 251

Answer All Questions 251

Answer All the Easy Questions First, Then Go Back to Answer the Hard Ones 252

Read Each Problem Carefully 252

Look for Information in the Answer Choices 252

Use Illustrations Wisely and Whenever You Can 253

Use Your Calculator Wisely 253

Th ink! 253

Show Your Work 254

Check Your Answers 254

Chapter 7: Improving Your Reading Score 255

Content of the ACT Reading Test 255

Key Ideas and Details 256

Craft and Structure 256

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 256

Types of Questions on the ACT Reading Test 256

Representative ACT Reading Test Questions 257

Strategies for Taking the ACT Reading Test 267

Pace Yourself 267

Use the Time Allotted 267

Th ink of an Overall Strategy Th at Works for You 268

Keep the Passage as a Whole in Mind 268

Find a Strategy for Approaching Each Question 268

Reading Strategies Summary 269

Chapter 8: Improving Your Science Score 277

Content of the ACT Science Test 277

Format of the ACT Science Test 278

Data Representation Format 279

Discussion of Sample Passage I (Data Representation) 281

Research Summaries Format 284

Discussion of Sample Passage II (Research Summaries) 286

Conflicting Viewpoints Format 288

Discussion of Sample Passage III (Confl icting Viewpoints) 290

Strategies for Taking the ACT Science Test 293

Develop a Problem-Solving Method 293

Take Notes 294

Pace Yourself 294

Practice Interpreting Graphs, Tables, and Diagrams 294

Make the Most of the Information in Graphs 295

Make the Most of the Information in Tables 297

Develop an Understanding of Scientifi c Investigations 298

Carefully Analyze Confl icting Viewpoints 298

Chapter 9: Improving Your Score on the Optional Writing Test 299

Content of the ACT Writing Test 300

How Your Essay Will Be Scored 300

Sample Prompt and Essays 301

Sample ACT Writing Test Prompt 301

Sample Essay Responses 303

Strategies for Taking the ACT Writing Test 327

Prewrite 327

Write 327

Review Your Essay 328

Practice 328

Part Four: Taking Additional Practice Tests 329

Chapter 10: Taking Additional Practice Tests 331

Explanatory Answers 397

Explanatory Answers 537

Chapter 11: Scoring the Additional Practice Tests 621

Scoring Your Practice Tests 622

Scoring Practice Test 2 623

Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 623

Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 2 Essay 629

Scoring Practice Test 3 632

Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 632

Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 3 Essay 637

Chapter 12: Interpreting Your ACT Test Scores and Ranks 639

Understanding Your ACT Test Results 641

How ACT Scores Your Multiple-Choice Tests 641

How ACT Scores Your Writing Test 641

Recognizing Th at Test Scores Are Estimates of Educational Achievement 641

Using Ranks to Interpret Your Scores 642

Comparing Your Test Scores to Each Other 642

Comparing Your Scores and Ranks to Your High School Grades 642

Comparing Your Scores to Th ose of Enrolled First-Year College Students 642

Using ACT College and Career Readiness Standards to Help You Understand Your ACT Scores 643

Planning Your Education and Career 644

Seeking Additional Information and Guidance 644

ACT College and Career Readiness Standards—English 645

Production of Writing 645

ACT College and Career Readiness Standards—Mathematics 652

ACT College and Career Readiness Standards—Reading 661

Text Complexity Rubric—Reading 668

ACT College and Career Readiness Standards—Science 675

Part Five: Moving Forward to Test Day 679

Chapter 13: Registering, Planning, and Packing for Test Day 681

National Testing Program versus School/District/State Testing 682

Registering for the ACT 682

Selecting a National Testing Date and Location 682

Selecting a Test Option 684

Registering 684

Registering Under Special Circumstances 685

Planning and Packing for Test Day 685

Getting to the Test Center 685

Dressing for Test Day 686

Packing for Test Day: What to Bring 686

Obtaining Additional Test Details 687

At the Test Center 687

Checking In 687

Following the Rules 688

Communicating with the Testing Staff 689

Maintaining Your Composure and Energy 690

Voiding Your Answer Documents on Test Day 690

Testing More Than Once 691

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The Official ACT Prep Pack with 5 Full Practice Tests (3 in Official ACT Prep Guide + 2 Online) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Ali Hasnain More than 1 year ago
This book is all you need if you are entering the ACT stage. It offers all the strategies you need, wonderous and eye opening tips. I do recommend that you do not stop here although this is the ALL-IN-ONE book for you. I recommend that you buy books with solely ACT questions. That you you can better your timing and answering skills. Other than that I have no complaints. There are books with just questions and they are good to get because you dont wanna bore yourself with only practice tests when there are topics you specifically need to address and there needs to be a question bank for that. I hope all those who take it a good journey on their ACT test Prep. I hope all works out. Colleges look at a lot of things, but the ACT/SAt along with your class performance and attendance carry the bulk of your admission. Colleges really do not give preference to clubs or teams IF your grades are under sea level. You can take all the clubs and do community service more than any of your peers, but in the end it is not the what you decorate your admission with, but how you choose to decorate it with.